How Much Does A Slip N Slide Cost?

The cost of slip n slide depends on the design go the slide, and mostly that’s why the cost ranges from $15 to $450. There are several types of these slides available, which also impact the cost. A complete slip n slide costs the most compared to a sliding tarp.

In this article, we will go through everything about the cost of different slip n slides, which are made to enhance the fun of the kids and also adults during a hot summery day. If you are new in this field and want to buy this type of slide for the first time, you are definitely in the right place.

Slip N Slide Cost

Cost of slip n slide

While talking about the cost of slip n slide, one has to first know about the types of these water slides. After you have decided which type of slip n slide you want to buy, you can also have a clear idea about the pricing of the slides.

There are mainly three different types of slip n slides available depending on the design and functionalities.

Slip n slide: There are slip n slides with different designs and functionalities, and the cost of these slip n slides ranges from $25 to $80. The cost could increase and decrease depending on the design of the slider and the extra features it offers.

JOYIN 20ft x 62in Slip and Slide Water Slide comes with two water slider bodyboards. It makes the ride safer, especially for the kids. It also reduces the tension from the parents and allows them to let their kids have safe sun without their direct supervision as well. Some slides also have an extra border that enhances safety.

Inflatable slide: It is the most loved type among all types of slip n slides because of the inflatable structure. Inflatable water slides are typically the most expensive ones on the list because of the functionalities they offer. The cost of these slides ranges from $150 to $450 approximately.

The most promising side of ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide is that one can deflate this giant waterslide into a small one after every use. So if anyone has any issue with the storage slip n slides, he should go for an inflatable one.

Another great advantage of inflatable waterslide is that it offers a comparatively larger area than normal slides. Except for the straight downward design, they come in various designs and difficulties to enhance the fun of sliding.

Sliding tarp: When someone is worried about the budget and wants to have sliding fun spending the least amount of money, a sliding tarp is the best option for him. The cost of sliding tarps typically ranges from $15 to $35. It is easy to set up by rolling down the tarp in a downward place.

But what one needs to ensure before buying B-Air Grizzly Tarps – Large Multi-Purpose is the strength of the tarp. Depending on the level of strength, it shows whether it can take the continuous sliding from the users or not. These tarps are typically plastic or polyethylene build and blue.

Like inflatable slides, these are easy to set up and store after every use. You need to take the tarp out of the box and roll it down. There are typically some pegs included in the package for a secured, locked setup. Again, roll it up after the end of the play.

The safety is least compared to the other types of slider, and also you have to add some lubricant with the water to make the slider slippery.

Bodyboard: While talking about slip n slide, it is necessary to ensure the safety of your kids first. When they slide down the slider, they could hurt their chest or belly area by doing a similar thing. You can ensure safety by spending around $12 to $15 for a pack of bodyboards.

Vizor Inflatable Body Board Slide Rider comes with two colorful inflatable bodyboards, which makes the sliding fun, safe, and secure for the younger ones. It becomes mandatory to buy these boards when the slider package doesn’t come equipped with them. But, quality slip n slides do have bodyboards.

Lubricant: Add some money to your expense because you need to add some lubricant on the sliding tarp to make it more slippery. These lubricants won’t cost you more than $15, and they will provide a long-lasting slippery service on the tarp as long as the game goes on.

Haokanba 50ml Lubricating Fluid Ultimate Slip and Slide Solution is an eco-friendly lubricant, allowing the user to put it on the slider surface without any doubt in mind. Mere water isn’t enough on plastic tarps for extra slippery behavior. And these lubricants come in handy in such situations.

Another great option for you, if you find water slide alternative you can chose Jumping Castles.

Slip n slide repair cost

Typically, you don’t have to spend anything at all to repair a slip n slide. And even if you need to spend, the amount isn’t that big to mention here. Most repair is needed in inflatable slides. When you notice the air is leaking somewhere from the slide, it is sure there is a minor leakage.

Now, what can you do to fill that leakage? The solution is simple here, and it is to find out a patch in the package of the slide. You just have to put the repairing patch just on the leakage spot. Certainly, the leaking of air will be stopped, and look this task is completely cost-free.

Are slip n slides dangerous

When kids are continuously sliding on a slip n slide without any safety measures, it becomes a bit dangerous for them for sure. It could hurt the chest and whole body area of the kids through this continuous sliding.

Safety measures while using slip n slide

To ensure the safety of the young sliders, one could do a certain thing. This could ensure safety even if they slide on the slider for the whole day.

  1. If the kids are too small, you should let them do the sliding on their own, rather than keep a close look at them.
  2. Then try to buy bodyboards for each of the younger sliders, not letting them hurt their chest and belly area.
  3. Sliding tarps are never a good option for kids as they come with a thinner structure.
  4. Ensure side rails around the slider, which safes the kids from falling on the ground now and then.

Why my slip n slide isn’t slippery

There isn’t enough lubricant used on the slip n slide, and that is the main reason why it is not slippery enough. To make it slippery manually, you can add any slippery lubricant or soap. Especially in tarps, applying lubricating ingredients become mandatory.

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