Slip n Slide Soap or Lubricant What Equipment Do You Use

Slip n Slide is a fun element for kids and any age of people, but without being slippery, the enjoyment fades away soon. The easiest solution to make the slip n slide slippery is to use soap or lubricant on it. In the summer season, most users love sliding on watery slip and slide.

The continuous water flow can make the slip n slide slippery. However, if you mix a bit of soapy water in place of normal water, it could easily enhance the slippery nature. Except for watery slip n slide, it becomes mandatory to use any sort of lubricant to make the slide worth having sliding fun.

Slip n Slide Lubricant

How to make slip n slide more slippery

There are a few things you could do to make the backyard water slide slippery and also follow some basic steps to do the work accordingly.

  • You need few things for the process. Any type of lubricant, normal soap, dishwasher soap, vegetable oil, or any other lubricating element. Also, you need a soft cotton cloth, or brush and wax paper.
  • After collecting the things you need for the process, start with cleaning the slip n slide. Take warm water and mix any dishwashing soap or other lubricating things with it.
  • Use the mixture of warm water and soap to clean the surface of the slider removing all the dirt from it.
  • Then take the soft piece of cloth or rubbing brush. Use it on the washed surface to make the surface dry.
  • And after rubbing it for a while let the slip n slide surface get dry.
  • The last task to make the surface slippery is to use wax paper on it. Grab the wax paper and simply rub it over the surface.
  • Rubbing the slip n slide surface for a while will make the surface slippery again letting you enjoy the sliding.

Best soap and lubricant suggestions

You guys might be thinking about which soap and lubricant should be appropriate to apply on a slip n slide. Don’t worry, here I’m going to suggest you three top-class soap and lubricant to use on the slip n slide.

1. Haokanba 50ml Lubricating Fluid Ultimate Slip and Slide Solution

This lubricating fluid can be applied on giant sizes tarp or backyard lawn slides. It is easy to apply on the surface by simply pouring the lubricant on it. The eco-friendly lubricant reduces the requirement of water in the process. It ensures a long-lasting water flow to the surface.

2. D-XinXin Water Slide Slide Fuel by Float -Slip and Slide Solution

It is another eco-friendly lubricant to offer you a long-lasting slippery result on the slip n slide surface. The user needs less water flow because of using this lubricant. By applying the lubricant, the sliding fun becomes more safe and more fun. But remember to clean the target spot of the slide before applying or pouring the lubricant on.

3. Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Soap Tablets, Citrus, 45 Count

This dishwasher soap comes equipped with biodegradable, mineral-based, and plant-based materials. The liquid of the soap cleans the surface of the slip n slide with a lot of efficiency. It also enhances the slippery nature of the surface. With more water flow, the more enjoyable the sliding becomes.

What is soap and lubricant on slip n slide used for

The main reason for using soap and lubricant on slip and slides or Inflatable water slide for adults and kids is to make the surface slippery and make the sliding faster. Without having quickness on the surface, it is impossible to enjoy sliding on any slip n slide surface.

But soap and lubricant can easily enhance the fun of sliding by making the surface more slippery. There are mainly two types of slip n slide used for sliding fun. The first one is used in watery conditions and the second one is used in dry conditions.

Watery slip n slide

Watery slip and slides are mostly used during the summer season to get rid of the excessive natural heat. A slip n slide tarp is typically used to create the slide. In most cases, the user provides continuous water flows on the tarp surface to make the surface slippery.

Here, it is not mandatory to use any lubricant or soap to make it slippery manually. But to extend the slippery nature of the surface, one can mix lubricant or soap with the water.

Dry slip n slide

Using lubricant or soap for making the dry slip n slide slippery is a mandatory thing. Unless the surface will remain less slippery and won’t provide the fun you are thinking to have. You can apply the lubricant or soap after cleaning the slip n slide.

Follow the above steps to put on the lubricant and soap accordingly on the surface.

How to use soap on slip n slide

Putting soap on the slip n slide surface is a necessary thing to make it more slippery. The process is a lot easier although you might think it a difficult one.

  • First, you need to water the surface with clean water to make remove the dirt.
  • Then take a bucket of warm water.
  • Take dishwash soap and pour it with the water.
  • Then apply the mixture of soap and warm water on the slip n slide surface.
  • This will create a slippery surface on the slide allowing increment in the fun.

How to use lubricant on slip n slide

The process of applying lubricant on a slip n slide is almost similar to applying soap. Both these things are used to make the surface more slippery and enhance the sliding fun. Let’s follow the below steps to use lubricant on the slip n slide.

  • The starting process is similar to apply soap on the slip n slide. Make the surface clean with water first.
  • Then dry the surface with a soft brush before it is prepared to apply the lubricant on it.
  • After making it fully dry, you can apply the lubricant on the surface conveniently.
  • After putting lubricant, one should rub the slip n slide surface to get the best slippery feel.

Making the slip n slide work faster

There’s one and the only solution to make the slip n slide work faster. The solution is to apply soap or lubricant on the surface to make the surface more slippery. The slippery surface will work better in any condition. And the users will get faster performance from the slip n slide.

Follow the applying steps of soap and lubricant. Also, the products mentioned should help you in this regard.

Increase the amount of fun by using soap or lubricant on the slip n slide. The formula of applying these ingredients isn’t much difficult as I mentioned above.

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