What size of tarp is used for slip n slide?

The sliding fun on a slip n slide becomes much better with a long tarp. For this reason, most buyers look for large-sized tarps to set up in their backyard and make the hot summer day a fun day for the family members. The tarp used for slip n slide can go up to 100 feet long typically.

It becomes more crucial to choose a bigger size when you have a large family and several kids. There isn't any alternative to a giant-sized tarp to ensure continuous sliding fun for these kids. To make it easier for you guys to choose the tarp's size, we have come up with this article.

slip n slide tarp size

Tarp size for slip n slide 

Typically, the size of the tarp used for slip n slide is measured by its length. However, the width of the tarp is also essential to notice before you make the final purchase. The safety of the inflatable water sliders depends a lot on the width of the tarp as well.

While talking about the size, we should include both the length and width of the tarp. Most tarps are lengthy up to 100 feet. And these giant size tarps have a width of more than 10 feet as well. So now, let’s break into the length and width of the tarps.

Length: The tarp's length is one buyer first checks out while buying it for slip n slide. The longer it is, the more slides it will offer the users. The minimum length of a slip n slip tarp should be 30 feet. Tarps under this length are never a suitable option for sliding.

However, do you think there is any definite maximized length used for the tarps? Actually, there isn’t any definite length. But lengthier tarps come 100 feet in length, and people mostly love to slide on lengthier tarps. All in all, the length of these tarps ranges from 30 feet to 100 feet approximately.

Width: Many buyers might not even notice the width of a tarp when they have already founded a perfect length for them. The safety during the slides depends a lot on the tarp's width, and this is what most buyers ignore.

The minimum length of a tarp shouldn't be less than 5 feet, and the maximum length could conveniently go up to 15 feet as well. The wider it is, the safer slides you will enjoy. Wider tarps also allow more kids to slide through at the same time.

Thickness: Another merely noticeable side while talking about the size of a slip n slide is the thickness. The thickness impacts the durability of the tarp, and it also provides safer slidings every time. The thickness of these tarps ranges from 4 mils to 6 mils typically.

Because of continuous sliding, the tarp is supposed to get wear out. But a thicker one will wear out slowly than a thinner one and ensure a long-lasting service as well.

Do larger tarps work better

Yes, larger tarps do work better as they increase the playability in the backyard. While choosing any tarp, one buyer first looks at the size of the tarp. The length should be higher enough to accommodate the number of kids in the home. There are few crucial reasons why I think large-sized tarps work better for sliding.

Accommodate more persons: A giant-sized tarp takes a lot of space in your backyard, and it also allows more persons to go and slide at the same time without thinking twice. Whereas in smaller tarps, you might not see all of your family members sliding at the same time.

So in terms of accommodating more persons, giant slip n slide tarps are the most suitable option for large families.

Safer: A bigger tarp doesn't only mean it has more length. But it also comes with a good bit of width, which makes the sliding much convenient for the sliders. When all the kids are sliding on the tarp, some of them might go out of the tarp because of the compact design.

But the extended width of the tarp will keep them inside and ensure a much safer sliding fun throughout the whole day.

Longer slides: The more length, the longer slides you are going to have from this. And the longer slides, the more fun it will produce. So don’t you think large tarps are better to provide more slip n slide fun. You can never have the same fun time from a 30 feet tarp, which one 100 feet tarp offers.

Compact design: You may have already become confused seeing the points because how can a large tarp offer a compact design? Regardless of the size of the tarp each one of them comes with a roll-up design, which allows the user to easily roll down and set up.

After use, you can easily roll it up again and store it conveniently at any suitable place without worrying about the giant size of the tarp. This means you don’t have to choose a smaller tarp to have compact storage.

Do tarps work for slip n slide?

If the tarp offers any slippery surface, it can anytime and every time work for slip n slide. Without having a slippery surface, it won't produce any type of sliding. Even after choosing the correct length of a tarp, one has to ensure the slippery surface it offers.

Some tarps work on mere water, but some require soap or lubricant to get the slippery behavior on the surface you are searching for. Due to the lack of a slippery surface, the sliders might stick on the surface. This will never provide enough fun on a hot summery day; rather than create an annoying situation for the users.

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How to make slip n slide with a tarp

It is not a tough task to make a slip n slide with a tarp if you follow the below steps carefully.

  1. First of all, you need to purchase a long tarp with the proper length and width. Without perfect sizing, it won't provide adequate slip n sliding fun.
  2. Then choose a downward place in your backyard or somewhere else, where it is easy to produce slides.
  3. Roll down the tarp along the grassy surface.
  4. Use some pegs around the tarp to ensure a proper setup of the slip n slide.
  5. When the setup is complete, it is time to ensure a slippery surface to begin the sliding fun. Apply water flow on the tarp and see whether it's enough or not. Most tarp requires additional lubricant to make the surface exactly slippery.

What are slip n slide tarps are made of

The tarps used for slip n slides are made of plastic or polyethylene. However, the quality of these tarps varies. Some tarps have a thicker and durable structure, which can withstand even concrete or asphalt surfaces. For continuous sliding or more sliders, it is better to go with a thicker and qualified one.

However, low-quality tarps are not used for long-time services. Even on grassy surfaces, they seem to wear out after some continuous usage. If you need a lengthier performance like the lengthy structure, then try to ensure the quality.

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