What size snowboard should I get – Snowboard size chart

Are you new sat snowboarding? So you might be looking for a snowboard to buy. But the main problem you are facing is regarding the size of the snowboard. That’s why this article is for you because I’m going to discuss the sizes of snowboards and what facts actually affects the sizes of these snowboards.

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Snowboard size chart

Now, I’m giving you the size chart of snowboards depending on the height and weight.

Rider height (cm)

Rider weight (lb)

Snowboard size (cm)


100- 130

139- 145


100- 140

139- 147


110- 150

142- 150


110- 150

143- 151


110- 160

144- 154


120- 170

146- 155


120- 170

147- 156


120- 180

148- 157


130- 180

151- 158


130- 190

151- 159


130- 190

152- 160


140- 200

155- 162


140- 210

156- 163


150- 210

158- 164


150- 220

159- 165


160- 220

162- 166


160- 230

163- 168

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Women’s snowboard size chart 

The size of women’s snowboard also varies depending on the height and weight of the rider. So you can use the same chart for the women riders for getting the right size of the snowboard.

Kids snowboard size chart

Except for the height and the weight, the age of the kids also affects the size of the snowboards. So there’s the chart for kids snowboard.

Height (cm) 

Weight (lb)

Snowboard size (cm)

Less than 47

Less than 50


47- 57

50- 79


57- 59

80- 90


59- 61

80- 100


62- 65

100- 120


How to size a snowboard

The size of the snowboard you are looking to buy mainly depends on two things, your height and weight. Look, each and every rider of snowboard is not of the same height or even the same weight. So you cannot think of having a definite size of snowboard, which is usable for every snowboard riders. That’s why the size of snowboards varies depending on the height and weight of the player.


A player who is 5 feet and 5 inches won’t be comfortable riding on the same snowboard that 6 feet and the 4-inch tall guy use. So the shorter guy needs a snowboard that is shorter in length than of the snowboard of that tall guy. A rider of, who is 5 feet and 5 inches or 165 cm in height, will fancy using a snowboard sizing from 145 to 152 cm in length. But the comparatively taller guy needs to use a snowboard sizing from 160 to 170 cm in length.


 Talking about the weight of the rider, the size of the snowboards also varies here. Just imagine yourself a fat guy and your friend who is thin guy, won’t were the same size as shirt, pants, shoes or even you guys don’t need the same space for standing, sitting or even for sleeping. Yeah, the example might sound a bit funny. But I’m just trying to make you understand that just like these things, the size of snowboard depends on the weight of the rider.

A rider who weighs only around 110 to 120 pounds and the rider who weighs around 200+ pounds is not having the same kind of health. That’s why their weight differs, and that’s the size of their snowboard should be different. The first guy I mentioned need to use a snowboard sizing from 142 to 148 cm in length. And the second healthy guy should use a snowboard above 160 cm in length.

Width of the snowboard

I have only discussed the length of a snowboard and how it differs depending on the height and weight of a rider. But you should also take a look at the width of a snowboard before buying. In earlier times, how wide a snowboard is, that was not a big issue. Because of that time, there were not such kind of variations regarding the shape of the snowboards.

But at present, we see there are different styles and different shapes of snowboards in the market. That’s why the width of a snowboard also matters a lot now. The width of the snowboard you are going to buy depends on the boot size. Can you remember when I was discussing about the variation of the size of snowboards depending on the weight of the riders, I gave an example of two guys of different weights and also mentioned about their not using the same size of shoes. You may have already understood why I’m telling this again.

Guys having a boot size of 10 or less can use the normal width of snowboards. But whose boot or shoe size is more than 10 demands a wider snowboard. So first, make the size of the shoe or boot the rider uses and then select the right size of snowboard for him or her.


1. How to measure snowboard size?

First, measure the height and weight of the rider. Then match the height and weight with the size of the chart of the snowboard and select the right one.

2. What size snowboard for 5’10”?

The perfect size of snowboard for 5’10” is 154- 159 cm

3. What size snowboard for 6ft man?

For a guy who is 6 feet tall, needs a snowboard sizing from 156 to 162 cm.

4. What size is snowboard bag?

The sizes of the snowboard bag have also got a variation. But always try to buy a bag, which is bigger than the snowboard and has got enough space to store all the gears.

So what size of snowboard do you need depends on your height, weight, and also the size of your shoes. Measure these things and then choose the right snowboard for you.

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