Sorry board games reviews 2022

Do you know how to take revenge on your opponent sweetly? If you don’t, you will know after playing the sorry board game. You can bump your opponent’s pawn into his starting zone and say have an act of sweet revenge by telling him sorry. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

In this review, I have brought several versions of this classic sorry board game and of course, kept Hasbro Sorry! Board Game on the top position. You have to draw a card on your turn from the deck kept at the middle of the board and move your pawns accordingly clockwise around the game board.

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Knowing about the cards used in the sorry board game

Sorry board game requires a total of 44 game cards, which are used to move the pawns around the game board. In these 44 cards, there are 11 different types, which are indicated by the numbers and they offer different tasks.

  • Card 1: It is a starting card and you are allowed to move the pawn one step forward.
  • Card 2: Another starting card and it allows moving the pawn two steps forward.
  • Card 3: You can move a pawn three steps forward with this starting card.
  • Card 4: Move pawn four steps backward.
  • Card 5: Move pawn five steps forward.
  • Card 7: Move seven steps forward or split the movement. You can return to the safe zone and make move with the remaining steps.
  • Card 8: Move pawn eight steps forward.
  • Card 10: Move ten steps forward or one step backward.
  • Card 11: Move eleven steps forward or switch your pawn with one of your opponent’s pawns.
  • Card 12: Move twelve steps forward.
  • Sorry card: You can bump one of your opponent’s pawns into their starting zone by drawing this card, but you must have a pawn on your starting zone.

1. Hasbro Sorry! Board Game


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Weight: 1.6 pounds

Let your kids enjoy the classic sorry gameplay with this board game set from Hasbro Gaming. The board game set comes with a game board to the layout at the starting of the game. As it is a 2 to 4 player’s game, it is equipped with a total of 16 pawns of 4 different colors. Each player will pick up four pawns of the same color at the beginning of the game.

The game set is perfect for kids of 6 years or above. To win the game, you need luck, strategy and determination. As the game set contains small pieces of equipment like pawns, it has some choking hazards for the kids. Well, you will also find 11 types of cards equipped in the game set. The cards will be shuffled and kept facedown at the center of the game board at the starting of the game. Each player will draw one during their move.

Key Features

  1. Classic sorry board game
  2. 16 pawns in four different colors
  3. 11 types of cards
  4. It is a 2 to 4 player game.

2. Winning Moves Games Sorry Classic Edition Board Game


Brand: Winning Moves Games

Weight: 0.032 ounces

Enjoy the sorry board games by bumping, sliding your opponent’s pawns with the iconic pawns included in the game set. The objective of the game is to move all of your four pawns to the home from the starting zone after moving around the board clockwise. The game set includes a heavy-duty quad fold game board that comes with original artwork.

You will also find 16 iconic sorry pawns in the game set, which comes in four different colors as the game is playable between a maximum of four players. There are 44 cards included in the game set as well, with eleven different tasks. To bring your pawn to the starting zone, you have to draw 1 or 2 numbered cards. This board game is recommended for 6 years or above kids.

Key Features

  1. Heavy-duty quad fold game board with original artwork
  2. 16 iconic pawns
  3. 44 game cards
  4. It is recommended for 6 years or above kids.

3. Hasbro Retro Series Sorry! 1958 Edition Game


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Weight: 2 pounds

Hasbro Gaming has come up with this sorry board game set, which is similar to the 1958 edition. The game board comes with bold vintage sorry graphics. The game set includes a complete deck of cards to play the game and the cards also come with a retro graphic design. In the game set, there are 16 sorry pawns.

The pawns are made of wood and they come in four different colors. As these are small parts of the game set, it has some choking hazards. You have to move these classic wooden pawns according to the number of the card, you have drawn during the move. There is also a gaming instruction included in the game set.

Key Features

  1. Similar to the 1958 edition
  2. Game board with bold vintage sorry graphics
  3. 16 wooden sorry pawns
  4. There is a gaming instruction.

4. Sorry! Disney


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Weight: 2.1 pounds

This version of the sorry board game from Hasbro Gaming comes featuring 16 Disney characters. Kids, who are fans of Disney characters, might find this game set very suitable for them. In the game set, you will find characters like Cruella De Vil, Bambi, Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, and Tarzan, etc.

The game rule is though similar to the classic sorry board game, kids will find extra thrill as it includes their favorite characters. The game set allows 2 to 4 players to participate in the gameplay at a time. Each pawn is designed with one Disney character and you will find them all in four different colors. Players at the starting of the game will choose one color of pawns and they will move them according to the drawn deck of cards.

Key Features

  1. 16 Disney characters
  2. Playable between 2 to 4 players
  3. Adequate deck of cards
  4. It is recommended for 6 years or above players.

5. Parker Brothers Sorry! Sliders


Brand: Parker Brothers

Weight: 2.2 pounds

You can customize the track and board coming out from the conventional way of playing the sorry board game with this game set from Parker Brothers. The game set comes with two-sided boards and it offers you two ways of gameplay. In the game set you will find, four tracks, four scoreboards, eight side rails and three blockers rails.

However, as the original sorry game, this game set is equipped with 16 pawns of four different colors. Also, there are 16 scoring pawns of four different colors as well, but they are smaller than the rolling pawns. The game set doesn’t include any cards to draw, because you just have to slide the pawn from the start to the center of the board and see how much you score.

Key Features

  1. A double-sided game board
  2. Four tracks with four scoreboards
  3. 16 rolling pawns with 16 scoring pawns
  4. It also has eight side rails and three blocker rails.

6. Sorry SpongeBob Squarepants Edition


Brand: Nickelodeon

Weight: 1.1 pounds

You can have similar classic gameplay with some added twists with this game set from Nickelodeon. The game set features your favorite SpongeBob Squarepants characters and your task is to return your chosen character home before anyone does the same. The game set includes 16 cardboard pawns with stands. The game board is nicely designed with the characters included in the game set.

The stands indicate the different colors and at the starting of the game, each player will choose one color to start the game with. You will also find a deck of cards, which will allow you to move your pawns accordingly during the game. The game set is perfect for kids of 6 years or above and you will find an instruction book included in the game set to make the kids understand the gameplay easily.

Key Features

  1. Favorite characters from SpongeBob SquarePants
  2. 16 cardboard pawns with stands
  3. Deck of cards
  4. A playing instruction is included.

7. Sorry! Game: Rustic Series Edition


Brand: Habro

Weight: 2.8 pounds

Habro has designed the game set with a rustic look and the kids will find it amazing if they want to come out of the conventional game board. The manufacturer has designed the game board and the deck of cards with a rustic design. The game set includes 16 colorful plastic pawns, which you have to return to the home before your opponents.

Talking of the opponents, the game is playable between 2 to 4 players. The whole game set comes in a wooden box. There are 11 different types of game cards, which show what you have to do in which move. During the move, one player draws a card from the deck and he moves the pawn according to the instruction and makes way to win the game.

Key Features

  1. Game board with a rustic look
  2. Deck of cards with rustic design
  3. 16 colorful plastic pawns
  4. The game set comes in a wooden box.

8. Sorry! Classic Hasbro Game Road Trip Travel Edition


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Weight: 0.019 ounces

This trip edition of the classic sorry board game from Hasbro Gaming comes with a sleek and portable carrying case. With this game set, you are always ready to play the game on the go. Inside the case, there is a spinner, 16 pawns and gameplay instruction included. Players will have to spin the spinner during their turn and move one of their pawns accordingly.

The pawns come in four different colors and each player will choose one color of pawn at the starting of the game. Like the original gameplay, this game is also playable between 2 to 4 players. The pawns are capable of clicking in the place. If you want you can pause the gameplay and start from where you have left before.

Key Features

  1. Sleek and portable carrying case
  2. A spinner included
  3. 16 colorful pawns
  4. The game set comes with a gameplay instruction.

You need not skip the buying guide

Unless you have bought a complete sorry board game set, you are not ready to have the full fun of this classic game. So, skipping this buying guide won’t be a wiser thing then.

Game board

 From the very few pieces of equipment the game requires, the game board is of course one of the most important ones. The original game board is square and in the middle of the board, the deck of cards is kept. At each corner of the game board, there is a starting point and players will begin moving their pawns clockwise from this point and try to return to the home before anyone does.

Game pieces

 The game pieces included in the game set are well known as pawns. The game is playable between a maximum of four players and each player requires four pawns. So the game set you are buying should be equipped with 16 pawns of four different colors. Unlike the conventional colorful pawns, some other game version can offer you pawns with your favorite characters.

Deck of cards

 To move your pawns clockwise around the game board, you need to draw a card in your every turn. A complete game set needs to have a total of 44 cards, which will be equipped with 11 different types. The different types will show different moves during the game, which increases the fun of the game. Nowadays, most sorry game sets come with 45 gameplay cards; one type of card has 5 cards. However, some game sets don’t come with game cards.


 The original game set is not good for taking on the go. However, Hasbro Gaming has designed a portable game set that is always ready to play. The game pieces remain inside the portable case and you can always pause the game and start from where you have left.

Gameplay instructions: When you are buying a game set for the kids, you should look for the gameplay instruction to make it easier for them to understand the basics of the game.

Is Sorry a popular board game

This classic game was first introduced to the world on 21st May 1929 by William Henry Story and co. The game was first sold in the United Kingdom by Waddingtons and then Parker Brothers took this right of publishing the game in the USA in 1934. At present, Hasbro Gaming is continuously publishing different versions of this game.

It has always been a popular pastime game during vacations. In the last five years, it has been mostly played during November and December. However, due to the pandemic Covid-19, the game raised its popularity throughout the whole year of 2020.

Concluding words

If you are still confused about having some board game set during this vacation, you can easily choose a sorry board game. I have included some other versions of this game with the original version in this list and the last choice is yours.

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