Sudoku Board game reviews 2022

How can you solve your problems logically and simply, or how to train your brain for solving complex problems? Well, I have one common answer to both of these questions, and it is by solving the puzzle in Sudoku. I have brought a great idea for you guys to simply get ready for Sudoku puzzle games.

Grab one of these Sudoku board game sets from the list, and you are always ready for the gameplay. Bohs Wooden Sudoku Board Game with Drawer comes with a high-grade wooden board, game pieces, storage drawer. Read out the buying guide carefully to know what you need to look for when buying a Sudoku board game set.

Best Sudoku Board game

Best Sudoku Board game

1. Bohs Wooden Sudoku Board Game with Drawer


Brand: Bohs

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Now you can solve the Sudoku game without requiring any paper or pencil by purchasing this wooden Sudoku game board from Bohs. The game board comes with a built-in storage drawer, where you can conveniently store all the Sudoku pieces.

Besides, there are all 1 to 9 numbers drawn at the edge of the drawer by which you can easily take up whichever number of tiles you need for your next move. There are a total of 81 wooden number pieces included in an in-game set. The wooden pieces are double side to help you set up the tile for a trial, and you can flip the other side when you are sure about your move.

The red side is used for the trial move, and the black side is used for the final move. The game set contains a booklet with 100 puzzles and answers, which lets you enjoy Sudoku gaming with a lot of variety. So overall this Sudoku board game will help you to think clearly, relieve stress, and strengthen your analytical skills.

Key Features

  1. Sudoku game board with a storage drawer
  2. There are 81 wooden number pieces.
  3. The wooded pieces are double-sided.
  4. A booklet with 100 puzzles and answers.
  5. WE Game Wooden Sudoku Board

2. WE Games Wooden Sudoku Board


Brand: WE Games

Weight: 2.7 games

You can play any kind of Sudoku puzzle on this medium-stained wooden Sudoku game board. The game board is 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches in dimension, and it is made of natural wood. This medium-stained wooden construction makes the Sudoku board last for years.

There are a total of 180 tiles included in the game set, where 90 are large tiles, and 90 are small tiles. You will use the large tiles as the number of tiles for your final move and the smaller tiles for thinking or trial move. The wooden board has built-in slots to store the tiles to make it easier for you to your favorite one when you need it.

You can set four thinking pieces in one square block of the board and wait for the final move to replace them with a large tile. Also, the game set comes with a drawstring bag to let you conveniently store the wooden pieces after the game, and it is also great for taking on the go.

Key Features

  1. A medium stained wooden game board
  2. Built game pieces storing slots in the board
  3. The set includes 90 large pieces.
  4. There are 90 small thinking pieces.
  5. Bits and Pieces Deluxe Wooden Sudoku Board

3. Bits and Pieces Deluxe Wooden Sudoku Board


Brand: Bits and Pieces

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Bits and Pieces have come with this deluxe wooden Sudoku game board for puzzle lovers. The board relieves you from the stress of collecting paper and pencil and making a Sudoku game board. There is a booklet included in the game set with 100 puzzle problems and solutions with 4 difficulty levels.

The wooden game board is 10.5 inches by 10.5 inches in dimension. You will find a total of 162 wooden game pieces included in the set. 81 are number pieces, and the remaining 81 pieces are used as memory numbers. You can place 4 memory pieces in one block of the board.

All the big and small game pieces come double-sided with red and black numbers on each side. Besides, the board has a storage drawer to store all the game pieces conveniently during the game and also when you are looking to carry the whole game set with you. On one side of the board, you can store the number of pieces and the other side of the storage drawer will contain the memory marker. 

Key Features

  1. 10.5 inches square deluxe wooden board
  2. A booklet with 100 puzzle problem and solutions
  3. There are 81 large and 81 small pieces
  4. There are storage drawers on both sides of the board.
  5. VATOS Dinosaur Sudoku Puzzle Game

4. PP-NEST Wooden Sudoku Board Games


Brand: VATOS

Weight: 9.6 ounces

If you want your kids to improve their problem-solving skills, then you can choose this Sudoku puzzle game set instead of a number game set. You will find 36 dice with different dinosaurs images in the game set instead of the conventional digits drawn in the Sudoku game pieces.

The game is safe for kids as it has come to meet all the safety regulations of international and domestic institutions. The game board is red in color and measures 14.6 inches by 14.6 inches. The game is perfect for kids of 6 years to adults as well.

Except for the game board, the game set comes with an instruction manual that helps your kids understand the game's basic rules. To win the game, you have to fillip the square grids keeping three things in mind. You can put the same dices in one square, can't put the same dices in one row, and can't put the same dice in the same column. The game set includes 24 logical thinking puzzles.

Key Features

  1. 36 dices with different images of dinosaurs
  2. 24 logical thinking puzzles
  3. 14.6 inches square Sudoku board
  4. Perfect for six years old and up.
  5. PP-NEST Wooden Sudoku Board Games

5. VATOS Dinosaur Sudoku Puzzle Game


Brand: PP-NEST

Weight: 1.7 pounds

If you are looking for a Sudoku game board that can give you relief from the stress of drawing a game board, you can look for buying this game set from PP-NEST. The game board is made of durable wood that will last longer to serve you with puzzling fun, and it measures 8.85 inches square.

There are double-sided 81 game pieces included in the game set. On one side of the game piece, you will see a red color digit, and on the other side, there will black color digit was drawn. You can use the red side of the piece on the board when you are confused about the move.

And when you have become sure, you can replace it with the black side. Moreover, there is a storage drawer that is built-in with the game board. You can store the game pieces securely there during the game and also when you have finished playing the game.

Key Features

  1. 8.85 inches square board
  2. 81 game pieces
  3. The game pieces are double-sided
  4. There is a storage drawer on the game board.
  5. Andux Land Wooden Sudoku Puzzle Board Game

6. Andux Land Wooden Sudoku Puzzle Board Game


Brand: Andux

Weight: 1.7 pounds

Train your brain with this Sudoku game set from Andux. The game board included in the set is made of beech wood, and it relieves you from the stress of making a Sudoku game board. That's why you can easily set up this wooden board and solve the different puzzles given in the booklet.

The booklet included in the game set contains 100 different puzzle problems and solutions. So you are going to get a large variety in the game. There is a built-in storage drawer on the game board. The storage drawer has separate slots for each number of tiles to store conveniently, and they are indicated by a number drawn at the edge of the board.

In the game set, there are a total of 81 game pieces included, and all of them are double-sided. The game pieces feature red-color digits on one side and black-color digits on the other. When you are not sure about the decision, you should use the red side of the piece and flip the black when you are sure.

Key Features

  1. The booklet contains 100 puzzle problems and solutions
  2. There are 81 game pieces
  3. All the piece are double-sided
  4. There is a built-in storage drawer.
  5. KAILIMENG Wooden Sudoku Board Game

7. KAILIMENG Wooden Sudoku Board Game



Weight: 1.5 pounds

The Sudoku game board included in the game set from KAILIMENG is made of premium quality wood, and the manufacturer has designed the board with eco-friendly paints. This premium game board measures 8.9 inches by 8.9 inches, and it is a yellow color, which is a bit different from most wooden Sudoku boards.

A storage drawer is constructed underneath the game board that allows you to store the small game pieces and booklet securely inside so that these don't get lost. You have to set up the game board with some game pieces according to the solutions given in the booklet and then try to solve them.

The game set includes a total of 100 wooden square pieces. There are 81 game pieces, 9 digits for spare, and 10 operational symbol pieces. The game pieces are double-sided, allowing you to use the red side when you are not sure about your move and when you have become sure, you can simply flip over the black digit side of the square piece.

Key Features

  1. The game is made of premium wood and eco-friendly paint.
  2. There are 81 game pieces.
  3. The game set contains 9 spare digits and 10 operational symbol pieces.
  4. There is a built-in storage drawer.

How to play Sudoku

Before playing a game like Sudoku, you should at least know the basic rules of this game.

Sudoku Board game
  • First set up the game board and make the problem with the puzzle, which you are going to solve.
  • There are 81 small squares in total on the Sudoku board and you have to fill up all the empty squares on the board with numbers. You can do it with a pencil, which is the conventional way, or by putting the wooden tiles in the right place of the wooden board.
  • The large board is divided into nine blocks and each block contains 3 by 3 grid squares.
  • Now while filling up the empty spaces, you have to keep three things in mind. Each block must contain all numbers from one to nine; each row must contain all the numbers from one to nine and so as each column.
  • When you have completed filling up all the empty spaces successfully, you are going to win the game.
  • You can also use thinking tiles or four smaller tiles before making the final move in one small block when you are playing on a game board.

Buying guide: You shouldn't skip

play Sudoku Board game

If you have become bore of making a Sudoku game board every now and then with different puzzle problems, it's the perfect time to try a Sudoku game board. But you need to check out some important things before purchasing.

The game board

 The first and thing you need in your Sudoku game set is the game board. Most of the game boards are made of high-quality wood, and they simply come in natural wooden color. Although, you will also find some kid's game sets that are made of plastic. However there are different sizes of these boards, but all of them are square-shaped.

Game pieces

 The second thing you need to look for is the game pieces. A minimum of 81 game pieces is required to play the game as there are a total of 81 small square grids included in the game board. You should look for double-sided game pieces, which also allow you to make your move when you are not sure. Some game set comes with small tiles as thinking pieces, and you can place four of them together in one small block. Besides, you can also find spare digits or operational pieces with some game set as well.

Puzzle solution and problem

 Typically every Sudoku game set comes with a booklet that includes around 100 puzzle problems and a solution that allows the user to try a new one every time. This variety helps them to train their brain to a great extent. If you have puzzle board table you can play this game comfortably.

Storage drawers

 The board game storage drawers are very handy in keeping the game pieces securely in one place when you are playing the game and even when you are taking the set on the go. It can come with separate slots for each number of tiles, or it can have drawers on both sides that allow storing the smaller pieces on one side and larger pieces on the other sides.

Gameplay instructions

 If the game is new to you or your kids, you must need gaming instruction. Following the instruction will make things easier for you during the game.

History of Sudoku game

Sudoku is basically a Japanese game, and the word Sudoku originated from a Japanese word, which means solitary numbers. Outside Japan, it is also known as number puzzles, and the number puzzle game first appeared in the late 19th century in a newspaper. From then to now on, the game is one of the most popular puzzle games. In 1979, the world got a modern form of Sudoku. It is not only popular offline; it has now become one of the favorable games for kids online.

Can you make a Sudoku game (DIY)

Sudoku Board diy

If you want to play Sudoku conventionally, you can make one by simply using paper, pencil, and ruler.

  • First take square paper, though it's not necessary to be square. But ensure the paper is enough for drawing a Sudoku game board.
  • Now take the pencil and ruler to draw 3 by 3 big blocks.
  • Then in each bigger block, you have to draw more 3 by 3 smaller grids. The game board will contain a total of 81 small square blocks.
  • Now create the problem and let the player start solving it.
  • Remember, the more empty spaces you keep, the more it will be difficult to solve.

Where to buy Sudoku board games

If you are ready to buy a Sudoku board game set, read out the products, I have given above. This will certainly give you a clearer idea of which one of these products is likely to be suited to you. Then click on the like of the products to purchase them online. But why online, you might be thinking this. Well, buying a product online will save your time, money and you can have your product in hand without any stress as well.

Concluding words

If you like puzzle games and want to make your brain sharper, Sudoku is the best possible choice for you. The game sets I have mentioned are mostly made of premium quality wood and they are equipped with adequate game pieces. Now it's your turn to choose one and purchase for that.

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