Summer bulletin board game ideas

When the sun is shining brightly outside, it turns out difficult for the teachers to keep the students concentrated on their studies in the classroom. But there is an excellent method of keeping the kids inside the classroom and providing them the summer environment.

Yes, I’m talking about creating a summer bulletin, and throughout this article, I’ll discuss different ideas for summer bulletin board games.

Summer bulletin board game idea

What is the summer bulletin board?

A Bulletin board is basically a corkboard used in schools, colleges, or universities for posting any notice, important announcements, or so on. However, when this board is used for fun purposes by attaching some summer objects, it is then called a summer bulletin board.

A summer bulletin board is a matter of fun for the kids as they find various summer objects in one place, which provides them a lot of thrill. Besides providing fun, it also has an educative value because the little kids can get introduced to the unknown aspects of nature during the summer.

A few products you might need for the bulletin board

1. Quartet Corkboard, Framed Bulletin Board, 2′ x 3′ Cork Board

It is a 2 by the 3-foot board that comes with a cork surface. It features a wooden finish frame. You can secure the items with pushpins or thumbtacks as the cork of the board is fully trackable. You can mount the board vertically or horizontally as it offers flexible mounting.

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2. Paper Die Cuts – Summer Fun – Over 60 Cardstock Scrapbook Die Cuts

 This summer fun pack features Hi-Definition print technology. It includes 60 different die-cut pieces that include beach ball, sunglasses, pools, floats floaties, tubes, flip flops, popsicle, watermelon, banners, clouds, sun, beaches, splashes, beach, umbrella, etc.

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3. 45 Pieces Suns Accents Colorful Happy Suns Cutouts

 The set comes with 5 different styles of sun cutout face smile faces. The cutouts are made of quality paper cuts, and each of the pieces measures 5.9 by 5.9 inches. They are made of sturdy card materials and printed on durable card stocks.

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4. Flip-Flop Accents Colorful Flip-Flop Cutouts Bulletin Board Cutouts

 With vibrant colors and adorable designs, all of these flip flops can be used to decorate your summer bulletin board. There are 12 different styles of flip flops included, and each consists of 5 pieces. They are made of sturdy card stock with a smooth surface. The cutouts measure 6.3 by 2.8 inches approximately.

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Requirements for summer bulletin board game

Summer bulletin board

There are not many things you require for making a summer bulletin board. But you must have the below things for a successful project.

The board

It is the first thing you need for the project. Basically, bulletin boards are made of cork material that makes it easier for you to conveniently remove the objects or paper pieces whenever you need them. The board can be 3 by 2 foot, 4 by 2 foot, 4 by 3 foot, 7 by 4 foot, etc. in dimensions.

So there is no standards size for bulletin boards. You can also use fabric or flannel cloth over the board. However, if you don’t find any corkboard, you can use a blackboard or whiteboard instead. 


 If you want to decorate the board with handmade objects, you need a lot of paper. The papers should come in different colors and your task is to draw the object and then cut it.


 For drawing objects on paper, you need pencils.

Painting colors

Just drawing the objects on paper and cutting them won’t provide your kids great thrill if you don’t color the objects. You should use paint colors to bring a realistic look to the objects.


 Cut the drawn objects on the paper with the scissor. If you are a kid, then do this under the guidance of an adult one.


 Use the glue to attach the small paper pieces to make a proper object and lastly use it to attach them to the board. You can also use pins instead of glue for attaching the objects on the board.

How bulletin board game is created

Creating a summer bulletin board is not a difficult task, as it is made of keeping the fun fact on priority and it is mainly made for the kids. If you are making this for the first time, you need to know the things needed for creating this board and how the board can be created.

  1. To make a summer bulletin board game, first, you need to collect a few things and gather them before starting the process.
  2. Now you need to make up your mind regarding what objects you are going to include on the board. However, the objects you are adding must relate somehow to the summer season.
  3. Then you should set up the board on the wall.
  4. Now there are two options for making the collection of the objects, whether by a full pack of summer bulletin board objects from online, or take paper, pencil, and scissors and make the objects on your own.
  5. You need to attach the objects or cut pieces of the objects on the board with glue.
  6. When you have completed filling the board with different summery objects, the summer bulletin board is ready.

Ideas about summer bulletin board game

Summer bulletin board

If you have a corkboard and the other required materials, you can make different types of summer bulletin boards quite easily.

Into the beach

 You can create an environment of the beach where the sun is brightly shining and you guys are relaxing near the shore. You can make a couple of palm trees, the waves, a shining sun, a colorful umbrella and a few persons for this.

Banana trees with monkeys

 Again, you can use the seashore situation or other situations and attach a few banana trees on the board. Then draw different parts of the monkey’s body and then attach these parts before attaching them on the board.

Play between cloud and sun

 Take white paper and draw the clouds. Use sky blue color to draw the sides of the clouds. Draw a sun and then attach it all into the sky. You can also add a few birds in there.

Using the flip flop

 You guys are walking towards the sea and now show your footprints by attaching the flip-flops on the board.

Digging for water

 The extreme sunlight above your head is burning you and you are digging for water to quench your thirst. You need to draw a few buckets and shovels for this. You can add a large brown paper on the down part of the board to show the soil.

Sun smiling

 You can draw the large sun with a smiley face and draw a lot of rays around the round-shaped object. What is the most interesting aspect of this smiling sun is that you can add different quotes inside pieces of rays, which have some educative values.

Wave and the boat

 Riding on the boat against the wave in hot summer can also be a nice scenario. You can need to draw waves of blue, sky blue, or such colors and then draw the boats. Attach the boats on the waves to complete the scenario.

Cold ice-creams

 The kids really love Ice-creams during summer, and you can show a confrontation between ice cream and sun on the board as well.

You can create a summer bulletin board in your home or in the school to provide the kids with some fun. Add some educative aspects to get double profit from the board.

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