Tee-ball bat and gloves size chart

Tee-ball is an excellent sort of pastime sport all over in the USA. This sport is very popular among the young guys or the kids. Those kids who have started understanding baseball and also have love for this sport need to be involved in tee-ball in his/ her young age. But as you kids need to have the right size of tee ball bat for playing tee-ball.

tee ball bat size

tee ball bat size

Tee-ball bat size chart

 Depending on the height and weight of the users I’m going to provide a size chart for tee-ball bat.

Kid’s Height

 Kid’s Weight

36 – 40 inches

41 – 45 inches

46 – 48 inches

Bat length (inches)

~40 pounds




41 – 50 pounds




61 – 70 pounds




71 – 80 pounds



81 – 90 pounds



Tee-ball glove size 

To have a comfortable tee-ball gaming experience your kids need to wear a pair of gloves in their hands. The size of the glove depends on the hand size of your kids. As they are at a young age, this is quite sure that the hand size of even the same age kids won’t be the same.

So you need to measure the hand size first and then make a choice. You should use your dominant hand for measuring. Then put the gloves on the hand of your kids and make sure if he/ she is feeling comfortable or not. If he/ she doesn’t feel comfortable then without any delay change the size and took the right one.

Tee-ball glove size chart

For making it easier to choose the right size of glove, I’m providing you a size chart of tee ball gloves depending on the age of the user.

Tee-ball glove size chart


Glove size (inches)

3 – 6 years

8.5 – 10

7 – 8 years

9.5 – 10.5

9 – 11 years

10.75 – 11.25

12 – 13 years

11.25 – 11.75

Why right size of tee-ball bat is needed

 What size of tee-ball bat should I buy for my kids; this type of question often rises in parents minds when they go to buy a tee ball bat. I have seen many guys who bought the best tee ball bat for his kid but the kid is not satisfied with that bat. So what’s the reason? The reason is the wrong choice of size. So to satisfy your kid you need to choose the right size of tee-ball bat.

That was only the primary reason for buying the right size of the tee-ball bat. What would happen if your kid finds that the bat he is carrying is too heavy or long, which is creating a lot of problem during hitting the ball. If such happens then the kids won’t be able to make a single perfect shot, so there will be no chance of learning baseball or having fun.

Things to consider before buying

 To choose the right size of tee ball bat you need to consider two main things. That is the height of the kid and also his weight. Depending on the height of the kid you have to choose the right length of bat. How much weight the bat should depend on the weight and strength of the kid. Now let’s talk about the length and the weight of the tee-ball bat in detail.

Tee-ball bat length

 The length of the bat depends on the height of the user. The smallest tee ball bat has a length of 24 inches and the longest bat is 29 inches in length. You can choose one of these sizes by measuring the height of your kid. The mostly used size for tee ball bat is 25 to 27 inches.

To have the most control over the bat the length is the main fact to consider. You need a proper long bat that helps your kid to learn the basics of baseball. If the bat is shorter then it will become very difficult for him to connect the ball. And if the length is more than usual then he will be able easily to connect and swing the bat to make shots, which will provide him fun but he’ll be unable to learn proper baseball tactics. So always choose the right length of bat for your kid.

Tee-ball bat weight

 With the length you there is another important thing you need to consider and that’s the weight of the bat. A heavier or lighter bat won’t help you kid to learn proper baseball batting. The minimum weight of a tee-ball bat is 13 ounces and the maximum weight is 18 ounces.

Mostly used tee ball bat weighs around 14 to 16 ounces. The weight of the bat depends on the weight and the strength of the user. If he can handle a heavier bat then provide him with a heavier now. But first choose the right length and then let your kid grab different bats and choose the right weight.

How to measure tee ball bat size

To measure the right size tee ball bat you can do certain things. You can place the bat in the center of the kid’s chest. Then tell him/ her to outstretch his arm and if he/ she can touch the top part of the bat with the palm then it the right length. Again, you can stand the bat straight to the side of his/ her legs, and if the length of the bat reaches the palm then it’s the right size of bat. Thus you can measure a tee ball bat and choose the right size.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article and you can also look Best tee-ball bat and batting tee for baseball and softball reviews . I think now you guys will be able to choose the right size of tee-ball bat and gloves for your kids.

tee ball gloves size charttee ball bat size chart

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