Best tee ball bat

Best tee ball bat and batting tee for baseball and softball reviews 2023

Are you searching for improving your hand strength and bat speed in baseball or softball? But you don’t know how to do this. Then this article is going to help you in finding the best solution for your problem. Tee ball bat and batting tee will provide you with the opportunity to improve your skills in both baseball and softball.

The batting tee is a kind of practicing equipment that helps you to practice hitting and batting without the help of a pitcher. You just have to place the batting tee on the perfect place for your hitting practice and then through hitting and batting improve your skills of hitting in baseball or softball.

Today in this article I’m going to discuss about few best batting tee and tee ball bat. This product reviews will help you to choose the best batting tee and tee ball bat.

Best tee ball bat

How to choose?

If you are seeking a baseball batting tee or tee bat, which is perfect itself, then you have to look at some certain facts before purchasing for a batting tee or tee ball bat. I’m going to point out those facts in below.

1. Durability

Durability of a product also ensures the longevity of it. A younger baseball player, especially who is improving his hitting technique in baseball, will surely want to have a bat that lasts long and can take his hardest hits easily. So keep this in mind when you are buying a batting tee or tee ball bat.

Durability is crucial for both tee-ball bat and batting tee. Also, it depends typically on the construction. A high-grade bat, which has aluminum construction, can help the younger ones improving their performance.When the construction is low-grade, you can’t imagine the bat to last longer and come in handy for the young ones. The batting tee is more or less flexible and that is why it must have a durable construction. Without being durable, it can’t take the continuous hits from the batter.

2. Adjustability

Adjustability of a batting tee affects the covering of the strike zone by the player. The highly adjustable bat can easily cover the strike zone as it offers free swing of the bat. You will also find easiness in storing the bat that has adjustability.

It is better to buy a tee ball that offers height adjustability. It is a useful addition in the practice sessions for the beginner because it offers him finding the most suitable height. Consequently, the user can improve his hitting zone.

On average, most tee balls have an adjustable height from 25 to 40 inches. Changing the height means, changing the shot types and doing better in the games.

3. Base design

If you want a training session without any kind of interruption then you have to look out for a stable base for sure. Unless you won’t find comfort during practice hours.

Having a sturdy base is undoubtedly a much-needed feature in tee-ball. It is because the stable design doesn’t disturb even if there is continuous hitting from the batter. The stability depends on the base structure.

There is no better alternative to a metal tee-ball base in terms of stability. It ensures you the tee ball will stay in its place and provide proper swing to the batter.

4. Level of player 

There are basically 3 levels of players in baseball. Beginner or kids, intermediate or young players and the professional level or advanced players. Before purchasing for a batting tee or tee ball bat you have to think once that for whom or which level of player you are going to buy this.

Knowing about the users’ age is a key thing to consider before you purchase a tee ball bat and batting tee. The construction won’t be different in batting tee in terms of players’ level, but you should check out the bat construction.

Beginners’ bats are lighter and convenient to handle compared to professional ones.

5. Types of tee

There are different types of tee you might find in the market. Such as, regular tees, concept tees, hybrid tees, trainers tee. Advanced level players can use any kind of tees. But for the beginners, regular tees or training tees are better.

You shouldn’t ignore this feature while selecting a batting tee, because the improvement in the performance depends a lot on it. Beginners are good to go with regular and trainers tee. It provides accurate swing to the batter letting him do better with the performances.


Materials of a batting tee or tee ball bat affects the durability of the item a lot. You will find tees made of rubber, plastic or steel. It seems that steel is going to be the strongest but it’s not the most durable one. So it is better for you to buy a durable product whose top end is made from rubber.

You need to consider the construction materials of both tee-ball bat and batting tee to have a long-lasting service. Typically, professional tee ball bats come with a metal construction of aluminum or alloy. Both these form a durable structure to enhance the performance quality.However, beginners bat can have a plastic build as they tend to get comfortable with a lightweight one. And a plastic bat is way lighter than an aluminum one. Sometimes, the handle can come with a rubber covering for better grip.

Talking about batting tee, you shouldn’t compromise the base construction. It should have a metal construction for better stability. The upper part needs to be flexible to cope with the batters’ swings. Rubber is mostly used to make the upper body of a batting tee.

7. Portability

Every batting tee won’t offer you portability. But if you want to have this feature in your tee then you have to buy a product that is easy to assemble and dissemble.

It doesn’t mean that a metal-based batting tee should be heavy enough that prevent easily portability. A portable one has always been suggested if the practice spot isn’t the same every time. A portable tee makes it much convenient for the user to take it on the go. However, tee ball bats are always portable.

8. Weight of tee 

Both lightweight and heavyweight tees have good and bad sides. Lightweight tees are easy to carry, but can’t give you proper service in the rough weather as it is not stable enough. On the contrary, the heavyweight tees give you high stability but it’s hard to carry around.

The average weight of a batting tee ranges from 12 to 20 pounds. However, some tees also weigh around 3 to 5 pounds. The mistake most buyers do is they ignore one between weight and stability.

If portability is what you are looking for in the tee, it should be lightweight. And for professional use and permanent setup, a heavier tee won’t matter a lot.

These are the few facts that you need to consider before buying a batting tee or tee ball bat.

Best Tee Ball Bat

Name image

Sports type





1.RAWLINGS 2018 Quatro USA T-Ball Baseball Bat (-11)


25-inch0.875 pounds Aluminum Rawlings
2. Marucci Cat USA -11 Tee Ball Bat


24-inch5 pounds Composite Marucci
3. EASTON Beast -10 (2 1/4″) USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat


24-inch0.875 Aluminum Easton
4. Mizuno B20-HOT METAL – Tee Ball USA Baseball Bat


24-inch1 pounds Aluminum Mizuno
5. Easton Beast X Hyperlight Tee Ball Bat -13


25-inch0.85 pounds Aluminum Easton
6.Rawlings Ash Wood T-Ball Bat/Ball Combo


25-inch1.45 pounds Wood Rawlings
7.Louisville Slugger 2020 Prime (-12.5) 2 1/4″ USA Tee Ball Baseball Bat


24-inch1 pounds Composite Louisville Slugger

Batting Tee chart

item image h/weight4 materials brand perfect for view


 4.35 pounds

Composite Tanner Expert
2.MacGregor Batting Tee 20”-40”11.25 pounds Rubber components MACGREGOR Teen
3. Jugs T – Pro Style Batting Tee 26”-43”12.2 pounds Steel and rubber Jugs All level
4.Franklin Sports MLB Spring Swing No Tip Batting Tee 27”-32”3.05 pounds Fiberglass/Aluminum Composite Franklin Sports Teen
5. Oscar Millers Swing Rite Batting Tee (EA) 21”-35”

15 pounds

Cell Schutt Expart

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1. RAWLINGS 2018 Quatro USA T-Ball Baseball Bat (-11):

This T-Bat ball is designed for the youth sluggers of baseball. Young players who are new in the baseball game and struggles a lot in making up the best of shots, this T-bat ball is made for them. They can do better in their performances through the help of this T-bat ball.

This bat is designed with a big barrel bat design, which provides the younger player to make contact with the ball easily. With an optimal weight facility, he can easily deliver a balanced playing environment. This bat is made of aluminum. It has the approval of using in all T-ball leagues. Its length is 25-inch or 14 oz. Weight around 15 ounces.

Key features

  1. Optimal weight distribution
  2. Delivers premium performance for youth sluggers
  3. Big barrel bat design
  4. Made of aluminum. 

2. Marucci Cat USA -11 Tee Ball Bat

Marucci, a well-known baseball company providing the baseball players with the equipment they need to do better in baseball. This Tee ball bat is such a bat from them. This bat is made of quality products. It provides you a great taste of craftsmanship of the company and the player using this bat will feel comfort.

For ensuring consistency in the shots making this Tee ball bat is not going to disappoint you. You will find this bat fulfilling your demands nicely. This bat comes to you in black color. It weighs around 5 pounds and this bat is 24-inch or 13 oz in length.

Key features

  1. Provides consistency in shots making
  2. Built based on Baton Rouge
  3. Guaranteed quality
  4. Nice craftsmanship.

3. EASTON Beast -10 (2 1/4″) USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat

Easton designed this Tee ball bat for those young baseball players who are looking to improve their contact and power skills in the game. The bat is quite a lightweight product as the young players would find comfortable in hitting the ball with this bat. The barrel of the bat is designed with lightweight and durable ALX50 aircraft grade alloy.

The young players will find comfort in gripping the bat as it is made with a rolled end and All-sports grip. As it is made or designed for the younger players or kids, the makers designed the bat keeping the comfort of the players in mind. It is usable for both male and female players. You will find it in multiple colors and it weighs around 12 ounces.

Key features

  1. Lightweight and durable ALX50 aircraft grade alloy
  2. All-sports grip used
  3. Rolled end design
  4. Comes in multi color option.

4. Mizuno B20-HOT METAL – Tee Ball USA Baseball Bat

This Tee ball bat from Mizuno provides you maximum comfort while practicing. The materials used in the bat are durable and lightweight. This durable and lightweight design of the bat makes it an excellent choice for the baseball players because every player wants to have such a bat that ensures comfort while making shots.

The bat is built with one-piece construction to add maximum mobility and comfort to the product. To ensure comfort and durability in the grip, the grip is made of speed helix grip design. The handle of the bat is constructed of aluminum. The length of this bat is 24-inch or 11 oz. It weighs around 1 pound.

Key features

  1. Speed helix grip design
  2. One-piece construction
  3. Lightweight product
  4. Come in two colors of red and navy

5. Easton Beast X Hyperlight Tee Ball Bat -13

The young players who are trying to improve their power of hitting in the baseball ground this Tee ball bat is made for them. Easton designed this bat for the young players who are looking to make their shots with more power. The bat is made of aluminum materials.

It offers you an ultra-thin 29/32 tapered handle. The handle of this bat is cushioned and tacky with all-sports grip. It ensures the comfort of gripping for the player. The barrel is 2 ½-inches in diameter. This bat weighs around 14 ounces. The length of this bat is 25-inch or 12 oz.

Key features

  1. Ultra-thin handle
  2. All-sport gripping
  3. -13 lightweight speed design
  4. Come in two colors of black and yellow.

6. Rawlings Ash Wood T-Ball Bat/Ball Combo

Rawlings designed this T-ball bat for the players of age 6 or less than that. Adults also can use this bat but its ideal for the kids. It is constructed with 25-inch ash wood. It is going to help the beginners of this game who are looking to perfect their swings and contact the ball perfectly.

This product also includes a T-ball, which is made with a sponge-rubber center. Makers used a synthetic leather cover over the ball to make it more durable. This bat and ball are usable both in the indoor and outdoor practice sessions, as it is a lightweight product overall. It weighs only around 1.5 pounds and comes in black color.

Key features

  1. Made of 25-inch ash wood
  2. Includes a TVB software training ball
  3. 2-inch handle
  4. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor practice sessions.

7. Louisville Slugger 2020 Prime (-12.5) 2 1/4″ USA Tee Ball Baseball Bat

This slugger Tee ball bat from Louisville is designed with one-piece construction. This design has made it a lightweight product indeed. Again it has given the player the opportunity to swing the bat easily and comfortably. It is made of 100% alloy design. Players can use this Tee bat with any approved tee ball.

This bat is designed with a durable HUB 1-shot end cap design. This surely makes this bat more durable than the other bats. It also gives a better controlling option. The grip of the bat is shaped with standard synthetic leather material. Both male and female players can use this bat. This bat comes in yellow color. It weighs around 1 pound, and the length of this bat is s24-inch or 11.5 oz.

Key features

  1. 100% alloy design
  2. Durable HUB 1-shot end cap design
  3. One-piece construction
  4. Synthetic leather grip. 

Best baseball batting Tee

Best baseball batting Tee


It is an original pro-style batting tee form, Tanner. They introduced this pro-style batting tee for college and professional-level players with more traveling comfort. This batting tee offers you an adjustable height option. You can adjust the height from 26 inches to 43 inches. The top part of the batting tee is made with original rolled rubber.

This batting tee from Tanner comes to you in metal and black color. It is built with composite materials. The rolled flexible rubber ball rest allows hitters of baseball feel the ball not the tee at contact. This batting tee weighs around 4.5 pounds. You can use this tee in baseball, softball and slow-pitch softball.

Key features

  1. An original pro-style batting tee
  2. Hand-rolled flexible rubber top
  3. Adjustable height
  4. It comes in metal and black color.

2. MacGregor Batting Tee

MacGregor designed this batting tee with featuring a solid metal base. This metal base keeps the tee sturdy and in place. This provides the heavy hitters of baseball to enjoy a better gaming experience with this tee. This product is constructed with durable rubber components. It is quite well usable in any weather conditions.

Any level of players can use this batting tee in their practice sessions. This bat also has an adjustable height from 20 inches to 40 inches. It offers you a multi-color option. The tee weighs around 13 pounds.

Key features

  1. Solid metal base
  2. Constructed with durable rubber components
  3. Adjustable height
  4. Usable in any weather conditions.

3. Jugs T – Pro Style Batting Tee

Jugs sports designed this durable, portable, and stable batting tee with a flexible top part. It offers you a pro-style tee at the lowest price. This batting tee also provides you with an adjustable height range from 24 inches to 46 inches. They designed the tee with a patented internal interlocking bolt design that prevents slippage of the upper tee stem.

This batting tee is usable for baseball, softball, and slow-pitch softball. It comes in black color for you. The base of this tee is rubber covered with rounded edges that won’t scuff the gym floor. It weighs around 12 pounds.

Key features

  1. Flexible top
  2. Adjustable height
  3. Patented interlocking bolt design
  4. The base is rubber covered.

4. Franklin Sports MLB Spring Swing No Tip Batting Tee

Franklin sports designed this bat to prevent the tee from tipping. They used PVC materials to build this batting tee. This batting tee comes with an adjustable height range from 23 inches to 33 inches. This bat is highly recommendable for players aged between 5 to 15 years.

For providing better ball contact Franklin sports used a flexible PVC ball holder in this tee. You can continue your training session without any kind of interruption because of the patented spring mechanism in it. This tee offers an easy snap and twisting assembly system. It weighs around 3 pounds.

Key features

  1. Adjustable height
  2. Twist assembly
  3. Patented spring mechanism
  4. Flexible PVC ball holder.

5. Oscar Millers Swing Rite Batting Tee (EA)

The Swing Rite tee comes with a dual-hitting system. You can use it on the outside as well as the inside. At the same time, it provides you to continue your training sessions in the low and high pitches. It has got an easy folding system.

This batting tee is usable for both baseball and softball as it includes all training exercises of these two games. It is a good tee for traveling and carrying. This tee weighs around 21 pounds.

Key features

  1. Dual hitting system
  2. Folds up into a compact package
  3. Nice tee for traveling with the team
  4. Easy to carry and store.


1. How to size a tee ball bat?

The size of a tee ball bat depends on the level and age of the players. Typically the size of a tee ball bat starts from 24 inches and goes to 28 inches. Depending on the strength and height of the player, you have to size a tee ball bat.

2. How long is a tee ball bat?

Most of baseball players use a tee ball bat of 25-inch or 26-inch. You can find a longer and a shorter bat too. The shortest bat length 24-inch and the longest one is 28 inches.

3. How much is tee ball bat?

The price actually differs depending on the materials used in the bat. But you can find tee ball bat in the price range of $15- $210 approximately.

4. How to make a batting tee?

To make your own batting tee you can use PVC materials. You also need electric tape, rubber materials, wood, screws, scissors etc. things. These items will help you to make a batting tee.

5. How to measure tee ball bat size?

First, you have place the bottom of the bat in the center of the chest and then stand the bat up against the side of the legs. Thus you can measure the size of a tee ball bat.

6. Is it necessary for a batting tee to be flexible?

Yes, the flexibility on a batting tee is necessary to let the batter swing his bat in different directions. It allows one to get rid of weaknesses by hitting the ball in some particular direction.

7. What should the batting tee base be made of?

A batting tee base should be made of metal, because of the extra stability and sturdiness it offers.


You guys might have already found this article helpful if you are looking for a batting tee or tee ball bat. I have given a description of some best products that you might love to look at. Then for thinking about your easiness in choosing the right product for you I have written a buying guide that will give you an idea of what things you need to consider before buying a batting tee. Again I have answered some frequently asked questions by you. Overall, I think you guys will find this article very helpful.

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