What are the tennis ball and racket weight

By throwing the ball from your hand up in the air and just before making the serve did your mind ever gone through a question like, what could possibly the weight of this tennis ball? I think it sounds a bit funny to you. A regulation tennis ball weighs from 56 – 59.4 grams. And the racket you use to serve that ball weighs from 280 to 310 grams approximately.

tennis ball weight

Why you should know the weight

Though many of you might be thinking, my question was a bit weird. The reason behind asking about this type of question is that I always believe that before going to participate or become part of any sports you should keep a basic idea about that sports and the equipment used to play the sport. That’s why knowing about the weight of a tennis ball and racket is not a weird thing.

Weight of tennis balls

Well you can of course find tennis balls of different weights. The balls must be made between a definite range of weight to meet the basic regulations of ITF (International Tennis Federation). That’s why ITF approves the weight of tennis balls that ranges from 56 – 59.4 grams or 1.98 – 2.10 ounces. You can also consider it as the official weight of a tennis ball. For a top-class playing environment, the tennis balls should meet the basic regulations of ITF.

Other facts

Let’s talk in detail about the tennis balls. It’s not only about the weight of tennis balls that are needed to meet the ITF regulations, but there are also some other facts to consider. Before the tennis balls are used in the tennis court for a match, it must meet the demand of ITF, unless there will be several problems during the match and the players also fall in danger of being injured by using the wrong tennis balls.


The official diameter of a tennis ball ranges from 6.54 – 6.86 cm or 2.57 – 2.70 inches. This is the diameter that meets the basic regulations of ITF. As a tennis player you won’t want your balls to be different in diameters and they remain to confuse you with your shot-making during the game. So the diameter of the balls used inside the court during the match comes in this range.


Another important fact about tennis ball that should be kept in mind before manufacturing is that, what amount of bounce it will provide. According to ITF, a tennis ball should provide a bounce between 53 – 58 inches or 135 – 147 cm. For a smooth playing this amount of bounce is necessary in the court. That’s why before manufacturing the tennis balls the manufacturing companies put a lot of importance on the bounce that it is going to provide on the court.


Talking about the color of tennis balls, there is bit confusion. Though the balls come in one definite color, but if you ask what actually the color of these balls is, makes it difficult for someone to explain. According to ITF, the balls come in a fluorescent yellow color, or you can also call it optic yellow. Many ones also claim this as green or lime green type colors. However, as ITF‘s approval, you can say that the color of the tennis balls is optic yellow.

Tennis racket

 Another equipment that is mandatory to play tennis is a tennis racket. For making the best shots inside the tennis court and score points to win the match you need to have the right type of tennis racket in you grip. Well, how can you choose the right racket? Few things will help you in choosing the right kind of racket for you. Among these, the weight of the racket is very much important.

Weight of tennis racket

You will find tennis rackets coming off different weights in the market, but the weight should not be more than 310 grams or less than 280 grams. It means that the range of tennis racket weight is 280 – 310 grams or 9.8 to 10.9 ounces. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no lighter or heavier rackets than these rackets. Depending on the weight variation, you can classify the rackets into three categories.

  1. Lightweight rackets
  2. Mid-weight rackets
  3. Heavyweight rackets.

Lightweight tennis racket

If you are a beginner in this sport then you must be looking for such rackets that provide you easier control. That’s why as beginners player lightweight rackets are the perfect choice for you that come with easier control. Although you are going to get control of your shots, this racket won’t provide you great power. These rackets weight from 255 to 270 grams or 9 to 9.4 ounces approximately.

Mid-weight tennis racket

To me, mid-weight rackets are perfect for any tennis player. This type of rackets provides you a combination of power and control. So you can produce powerful shots also with keeping control over your shots. Mid-weight rackets weight from 280 to 310 grams or 9.8 to 10.9 ounces approximately.

Heavyweight tennis racket

Players like Rafael Nadal, who always look for powerful shots heavyweight rackets are the best choice for them. But before using you, you must become an experienced guy in the tennis court who can also keep control of his powerful shots unless the power behind your shots goes to vain every time. This racket also helps in maintaining control over a player’s swing. Heavyweight rackets weight from 315 to 330 grams or 11 to 11.7 ounces approximately.

So the weight of a tennis ball ranges from 56 – 59.4 grams or 1.98 – 2.10 ounces, and tennis racket ranges from 280 – 310 grams or 9.8 to 10.9 ounces.

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