How long is a tennis court- Court dimensions

I believe that in sports like tennis, badminton, pickleball, volleyball, etc. you need to know the size of the court before going to play inside the court. That’s why I’m writing this article for you to give you a clear idea about the size or dimension of a tennis court. A tennis court is 78 … Read more

Best tennis racket grip and tape reviews 2022

For better control on your tennis racket, I always prefer to use racket grip and tape on the gripping part. You will find only a few players who are satisfied without over griping on their tennis racket handle. But most of the world-class players use grips around the handle for better gripping. That’s why I’m … Read more

What are the tennis ball and racket weight

By throwing the ball from your hand up in the air and just before making the serve did your mind ever gone through a question like, what could possibly the weight of this tennis ball? I think it sounds a bit funny to you. A regulation tennis ball weighs from 56 – 59.4 grams. And … Read more

How many sets in tennis – Know Tennis sets rules

A tennis match is played in two types of set format. One is the best of five set format, and the other one is the best of three set formats. Set formats depend on the tournaments basically. The grand slams are typically played in five-set format, and the other minor tournament can arrange matches of … Read more

How does tennis scoring work-Tennis scoring rules

Tennis scoring system works a bit weirdly. Probably you won’t find any sports where the scoring is counted in such a way, 0 (love), 15, 30, and 40. It may be looking a bit awkward for you if you are not very familiar with tennis. But actually, there are not 40 points. Rather it’s only … Read more

What are ping pong table, ball and paddle made of

what are ping pong tables made of

Ping pong is played with a paddle and ball on a table. So these are the three things that are must play in ping pong. Ping pong table is the platform, which is used to play a ping pong game. The surface of the tables is made of plywood, plastic, metal, or particleboard type materials. … Read more

How old is Roger Federer (Full Bio)

Roger Federer is 40 years old now. He was born on 8 August, 1981 in Basel, Switzerland. This swiss tennis player has gain name and fame in this sports day by day. And now he is the most grand slam winner in men’s singles tournament. This 38 years old guy is a real genius. If you are … Read more