Board games terraforming mars in the market

Scientists have been trying to make the mars habitable for human beings for a long time and landing on mars has been a dream for them. Taking the idea from NASA to make the mars a habitable planet for human beings the game terraforming mars is created.

If you have a desire to see the mars worth for human beings, at least you make this possible through this board game. I’m going to help you by discussing the best terraforming mars board games. Indie Boards and Cards Terraforming Mars Board Game is occupying the first position in this list. Well, you can’t leave here without knowing more aspects of this game and about landing on Mars.

Best Terraforming Mars board

Terraforming Mars board game reviews

1. Indie Boards and Cards Terraforming Mars Board Game


Brand: Indie Boards and Cards

Weight: 0.5 kg

Key Features

  1. An accurate map of mars
  2. Include five player boards
  3. 403 plastic cubes
  4. 230 cards with 80 tiles.

This terraforming mars board game from Indie Boards and Cards come with an accurate map of mars. The map includes Valles Marineris, three great volcanos out of four. It also shows that the Viking site where the first man-made lander touched down.

The game set comes with five-player boards, which will keep track of the production and money of each player. It also includes 200 transparent plastic cubes used for player markers, 200 metallic plastic cubes as resource markers and three white plastic cubes as game board markers. It comes with 230 cards, 80 tiles and a rulebook.

2. Stronghold Games Terraforming Mars


Brand: Stronghold Games

Weight: 1.1 ounces

Key Features

  1. Two new areas
  2. New ways of winning
  3. Includes mars’ south pole
  4. Seven hex Hellas.

It is an expansion game set for terraforming mars from Stronghold Games. The game set comes with two new areas. You will also find several new ways to win the game.

The game set includes mars’ the South Pole and the enormous seven hex Hellas. Elysium takes the players almost to the opposite side of Mars’ equator with vast lowlands for oceans. The particular map of this game set will show you the view of mars.

3. Smonex Wooden Terraforming Mars Board Game


Brand: Smonex

Weight: 3.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of high-quality birch plywood
  2. Sturdy and lightweight components
  3. Five player boards
  4. Requires a bit of assembly.

This complete wooden terraforming mars game set comes from Smonex. The pieces of equipment of this game set are made of high-quality materials. Birch plywood has made them sturdy and lightweight at the same time.

The game set comes with five-player boards to track the production, to keep the resources and personal cubes. The game board is designed in such a way that allows each type of tiles, markers and card place comfortably.

4. Stronghold Games Terraforming Mars Turmoil


Brand: Stronghold Games

Weight: 14.7 ounces

Key Features

  1. Turmoil version
  2. For expert players
  3. Comes with new corporations and project cards
  4. New card type and global event affect.

This turmoil version of the terraforming mars game comes from Stronghold Games, which will provide enhanced fun to the hardcore players. The game set comes with new corporations and new project cards.

The new card type and global events of the game can help or hinder players. This thing largely depends on whether they have taken initiative to change the political climate on mars or not. So those who are expert in this game can go for this game set.

5. The Broken Token Box Organizer for Terraforming Mars


Brand: The Broken Token

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. 12 removable token tray included
  2. Made of engineered wood, wood and plastic materials
  3. Acrylic generation, temperature and oxygen markers
  4. Supports sleeve cards.

This terraforming mars game set from The Broken Token comes with 12 removable token trays. The game components are made of engineered wood, wood and plastic materials.

The first player going in the game starts with the rocket taken. This game set comes with the acrylic generation, temperature and oxygen markers. It supports sleeve cards. To start the game you have to do a bit of assembly.

6. Stronghold Games Terraforming Mars The Colonies


Brand: Stronghold Games

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. Colony version of terraforming mars game
  2. Perfect for four players
  3. The components are made of paper
  4. Colony tiles to build a colony.

This is another version of the terraforming mars game from Stronghold Games called, the colonies. The game is perfect for four players. To make or build the game board and other components, Stronghold Games used papers.

Setup the game and follow your strategic mind to progress in the game. The game set features colony tiles where you can build colonies. It also includes new cards and corporations. 

Terraforming mars board game

Terraforming Mars is a science fiction game, which is built on the idea from NASA to land on Mars and make it a habitable planet for human beings. Before knowing what the game actually is, let’s know what it means by the word terraforming. The word terraforming means to change the whole environment of a planet and make it just like the earth, where human beings can easily survive.

So what does the game indicates to you? Or after knowing the meaning of terraforming, what do think about what the game is? Yes, the game is all about changing the environment of mars and making it habitable for the people on earth. This science-fiction game will provide you the same thinking as NASA, who are trying to land on Mars and create an environment, where human beings can survive. If you have an interest in this type of thing, then you would love playing this excellent sci-fi board game for sure.

Buying guides

After knowing the features of the game and knowing it is a kind of sci-fi game, you are getting yourself prepared to buy one of these game sets. However, you won’t be ready until you know the things you should consider before buying a terraforming game set.

Materials use to build the components: There are different game sets made of different materials like paper, wood or plastic. But to have the classic feel of the game paper is the first choice. Wooden or plastic pieces can also serve you well, but each material needs to be of high quality.

Enough number of cards: Typically these game sets come with more than 200 cards. Among these cards, there are mainly two types, corporation cards and project cards.

Tiles: To change the environment of the mars you need to set up the ocean and built cities near them. And to do so, you need to have enough tiles in the game sets. These tiles will indicate different oceans and cities.

Player boards: I think, a terraforming mars game set should consist of five-player boards. These boards will help to keep the count of resources and income of each player.

A rulebook: This game is not an easy one to play. You need to have a strategic mind and impose some tactics to go on well in the game. A rulebook will help you in a great way to understand the rules of the game and also inform you of how the game advances.

Terraforming mars game strategy

To win the game of terraforming mars, you need to follow a few strategies. These strategies will make sure you do better in the game than your opponents.

Focus on the mars: The name of the game indicates that the main task is to make the mars suitable for the people living on earth. So except for doing other things, you should focus on changing the environment of the mars. Planting forests and then building one or two cities will give you rewards and will also make the mars better for living.

Outscore your opponents: Remember this is a competitive game. So, playing just thinking of your own won’t help you win the game. You have to read the mind of your opponents and guess what they will do in their next move. Suppose, they have planted forest and the best thing you can do here is by building a city near it. Oh! Intelligent move though.

Offer your opponents: You can apply a few tricks to score more points by offering your opponent to do things the same way you want.

Think before taking actions: This is I suppose, one of the main strategies you need to follow although I have kept it down! I have seen many players taking two actions in their every move. What they think, I don’t know. But such moves won’t make you win the game. You have to keep patience and let your opponents do whatever he wants to do. You should go for one action and pass the move to the next one.

Number of cards in terraforming mars game

One of the main requirements for playing a terraforming board game is the cards. Without an adequate number of cards, you can’t progress in the game. There are mainly two types of cards used in the game. One is a corporation card and the other one project card. At the beginning of the game, players start with corporation cards.

During the game different project cards are used by the players. These cards allow them to do their activities and help them to make the mars suitable for the next generations. In a terraforming mars game, there are more than 200 different cards used. Each car has its specialty and you will watch out for them during the gameplay.  

Other aspects of terraforming mars game

This sci-fi board game requires a board, a few player mats, several cubes in three different colors, more than 200 cards. The board is set in the middle of the table, where you guys are going to play the game. The game boards I’ve discussed above will show you what kind of design you will find in them.

The number of player mats you need depends on the number of players are participating in the game. Typically, it is an enjoyable game when it is played between two to five players. You can also play it solo, but won’t get the same amusement as playing others. The game continues for 90 to 120 minutes. The cubes and the cards help you a lot in doing those things, which will transform the mars into a habitable planet for the upcoming generations.

Terraforming mars game history

Terraforming game was created (wikipedia) in 2016 and it was regarded as one of the sensational games of that year. This sci-fi board game was developed by Jacob Fryxelius. FryxGames published the game in 2106. The idea of this game was taken from NASA, who is trying to make the mars habitable for years. To play this game you need to have a strategic mind, logic and tactics.

How to play game

It’s a game that requires a strategic mind, which can progress in the game with his tactical and logical moves. The game has a lot of rules .pdf and let’s have a brief look at some of them.

The first thing you need to do is to set up the board of the game in the middle of the table and place the other needed components on the board.

Decide which player is going for the first move in the game.

The main task here is to make the mars habitable for living by completing three terraforming conditions on the mars, raise the oxygen level to 14%, raise the temperature to +8 degrees Celsius from -30 degree Celsius and create 9% ocean in the mars.

The game progresses in a few generations and players take actions in their move to continue the game.

They will earn rewards and collect money from the things they have created or built in the mars area.

The game will come to an end as soon as the three conditions are fulfilled. The players having higher points will win the game then.


So, ready for the mission of changing the atmosphere of mars? At least one of these game sets will provide you a virtual feel of landing on mars and making it suitable for living. Readout product discussions and select your game set. The buying guide section will be loved by all for sure. If you have read this article top to bottom, I think you have known a lot about this sensational board game.

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