Tetherball court and pole size and height

Tetherball is an outdoor game, which requires minimum pieces of equipment for playing. To play tetherball you need a tetherball set, a stationary pole, which needs to place sturdier in the ground, a regulation size rope, and a volleyball or tetherball.

Well, questions like what is the regulation size of tetherball court, how high I should set up the pole, and what type of ball can I use in the tetherball or how long the rope needs to be a rise in the mind of newcomers in this field. So here I’m with all the things you need to know about the equipment you need in your tetherball court. Stay with me then.

Tetherball court size

Tetherball pole size

Tetherball 10 feet high pole

I think this is the most important equipment you need to play tetherball. Why it is? It’s because, the court you are going to draw for tetherball is measured from the center, where the pole is set up. The size of the court depends on the height of the pole. And most importantly, you need this pole to hang your tetherball and start the game.

Pole height: A regulation size tetherball pole measures 10 feet in height. The height mainly depends on the age and height of the players. For adults, a 10 feet high pole is perfect. But this pole won’t provide your kids or smaller guys the same amusement. So you have to reduce the height of the pole to seven or eight feet and sometimes even to six feet. That’s why before choosing the height of the pole, decide what type of players are going to play.

Pole material: For sturdiness during the game, you need to watch out the materials that are used to construct the pole. You will find poles made of aluminum at a cheaper price, but I would suggest not going for it. Poles made of galvanized steel will serve you in even rough playing conditions.

Installation of the pole: You can install and set up the pole in by digging in the ground or by the help of a tire. Buy a pole, which is at least 2 feet more than what would be the height after installing it. I would suggest you dig a hole and set up the pole by filling it with a bucket of concrete. It will serve you in a better way than using a tire.

Length of tetherball rope

There is no regulation length for tetherball ropes. The length of the rope depends on the height of the pole. The rope needs to be long enough that keeps the ball 2 feet above the ground. You can buy a long rope and make a knot to reduce the length in case you are using this on a smaller pole. And loose the knot to make it suit in a regulation size pole.

Tetherball court size

The first thing you need to ensure for playing tetherball is a regulation size tetherball court. So I’ll discuss everything about tetherball court first.

Court shape: Tetherball court is played in a round shape court. But do you know why? Well, it is a kind of sport, where the players have to hit the ball hung with a rope one way and other player has to do the same thing on the other way. So it will create something circular in the game, of course. That’s why the court is round in shape.

How the court is drawn: There’s a pole set up in the middle of the court and in that, a rope is used to hang the tetherball. The court you are going to make for tetherball need to be encircled or drawn depending on the pole. You must keep in mind that, the pole has to be in the middle of the court unless it will degrade the playability.

Court measurement: As the circular court is drawn depending on the pole, the measurement of the court also depends on the height of the pole. The regulation size of the tetherball court measures 20 feet in diameter, but the condition is your pole must be 10 feet high.

If you are making the field for the adults, then set up a pole of 10 feet high and make a circular court of 20 feet in diameter. Small size courts are made when you have set up a pole less than 10 feet high. A 7 or 8 feet pole doesn’t require such a big circular field, of course. So first set up the pole and then draw a regulation size tetherball court depending on the height of the pole.

Playing zones in a tetherball court

In a tetherball court, there are four playing zones. They are the main court, the playing zone, the foul zone, and the neutral zone. Now let’s have a deep look at these areas of the court.

  • The main court: As I have already said that, a regulation size tetherball court measures 20 feet in diameter and it is round-shaped. The size of the court depends on the height of the pole you have set up in the middle for hanging the tetherball.
  • The playing zone: It is the area, which is divided into two sections and it is 180 degrees from the whole court. The game is played between two players and it is the zone where they stand in opposite directions and play the game.
  • Neutral zone: This zone is 60 degrees from the whole court and it is an area where both players can stay. But no single player can stay here at a time.
  • Foul zone: This is another circular are within the circular tetherball field. This area is drawn six feet in diameter from the pole. No players are allowed to stay in this area during the game unless it would be called a foul.

Final words

So are you ready to have some backyard fun with tetherball? I think after reading the whole article, you will face no problem in making a regulation size court by setting up a regulation size pole and have fun with a tetherball.

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