The Offensive Game Changer Understanding Offensive Win Shares (OWS) in Fantasy Basketball

Offensive Win Shares (OWS) is a metric used in basketball analytics to evaluate a player’s offensive contribution to their team’s success. It quantifies the number of wins a player contributes to their team solely through their offensive performance.

OWS takes into account various offensive statistics such as points scored, assists, offensive rebounds, and efficiency metrics like field goal percentage and true shooting percentage. It assesses how effectively a player contributes to their team’s offensive output relative to their playing time.

Importance of Offensive Win Shares

For fantasy basketball managers, understanding OWS can provide valuable insights into a player’s offensive impact and help in making informed roster decisions:

Scoring Efficiency

OWS reflects a player’s ability to score efficiently while considering factors like field goal percentage and free throw shooting. Players with high OWS values are typically efficient scorers who contribute significantly to their team’s offensive production.

Playmaking Ability

OWS accounts for assists and playmaking contributions, recognizing players who not only score but also create scoring opportunities for their teammates. Players who excel in facilitating offense and creating scoring chances for others tend to have higher OWS values.


While primarily an offensive metric, OWS also considers offensive rebounding, acknowledging players who contribute to their team’s scoring opportunities by securing additional possessions through offensive boards.

Usage and Efficiency

OWS provides insight into how effectively a player utilizes their offensive possessions. It considers a player’s usage rate (the percentage of team plays used by a player while on the court) and evaluates their offensive efficiency relative to their usage.

How Do Offensive Win Shares (OWS) and Defensive Win Shares (DWS) Work Together in Fantasy Basketball?

When building a winning fantasy basketball team, it’s important to consider both offensive win shares (OWS) and defensive win shares (DWS). While OWS measures a player’s offensive contributions, DWS accounts for their defensive prowess. Finding a balance between the two can lead to a well-rounded and successful fantasy basketball team.

Fantasy Impact

In fantasy basketball, OWS can help managers identify valuable offensive contributors who may not always receive recognition based solely on traditional counting stats like points and assists. Players with high OWS values are likely to contribute significantly to fantasy points through scoring, playmaking, and efficient offensive performance.

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