Top 10 Best Wiffle ball Bat review 2022

Wiffle ball is a great recreational sport that is typically played during the summer. This is a good sort of sport to develop the skills of your kids in softball and baseball. Wiffle ball is played with a lightweight ball and a plastic bat. To have the best performance you need to choose the best Wiffle ball bat.

That's the reason I have come with a review of the Wiffle ball bat for you guys. In this list, I have kept Wiffle Bat & Ball, 32" at the top position. This is a 32 inches plastic bat, which is lightweight and also easy to swing. To know more about this product and the other ones you need to continue reading this article. 


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Best Wiffle ball bats

1. Wiffle Bat & Ball, 32"

This is a 32 inches Wiffle ball bat designed for the kids. That kid who wants to learn the basics of softball and baseball can go with this 32 inches Wiffle ball bat. The bat is constructed with plastic materials. That’s why it is quite a lightweight product and perfect for the kids.

The lightweight construction of the bat allows the kids to pick up and swing easily. Undoubtedly this helps them a lot in adopting the methods of hitting through perfect swings. This wiffle ball bat comes in yellow color, which is the commonly used color for Wiffle ball bats. This bat is not only for the kids; it is also suitable for the rookie and advanced baseball players.

Key Features

  1. Lightweight plastic construction
  2. Easy to swing
  3. Convenient for younger learners
  4. Suitable for rookie and advanced baseball players.

2. Louisville Slugger Replica Bat and Ball Combo

This is a combo pack of Wiffle ball and bat from Louisville. The bat of this combo pack is an exact replica of the genuine C271, 34 inches big-league baseball bat. But the difference is that this bat is made of plastic. This combo set of Wiffle ball and bat is great fun for backyard games. 

The bat comes with an authentic wood grain look, though it is made of plastic. The plastic construction of the bat made it a lightweight product and perfect for the younger players. The combo pack includes a ball, which is also made of plastic. So you don’t need to worry about the safety of the learner.

Key Features

  1. Combo pack of bat and ball
  2. Hard plastic construction
  3. Authentic wood grain look
  4. Durable and long-lasting.

3. 32" Wiffle Bat (E.A.)

 This is another 32 inches Wiffle ball bat made of plastic material. The construction of the bat made it a lightweight product and a perfect choice for the kids. You don't have to worry about the longevity of the bat because it is constructed with durable plastic.

The bat is perfect for backyard games and fun. The kids learning the basics of baseball with this bat has almost no chances of being hurt because of the durable and lightweight design. The bat is a bit heavier than the regular ones but still safe enough for the young learners and also can serve you well with regular Wiffle balls.

Key Features

  1. Latex-free item
  2. Can handle regular wiffle balls
  3. Durable plastic materials used
  4. 32 inches long.

4. WIFFLE Ball U.S. A Set 

This is a set of official Wiffle ball and bat. The bat is 32 inches long and yellow color that meets the official demands for Wiffle ball. The set includes 3 different colored Wiffle balls with the Wiffle ball bat. All these balls and bat are made of keeping the standard of quality on top.

The set includes 1 red Wiffle baseball, 1 blue Wiffle baseball, and 1 white wiffle baseball. This set of Wiffle ball and bat is great for any outdoor party or event. The younger guys can have a lot of fun through this set. But at the same time, this bat and ball set is suitable for all ages. 

Key Features

  1. Official Wiffle ball and bat set
  2. Exclusive red and blue Wiffle balls
  3. Fun for all ages
  4. Great for outdoor party or events.

5. Franklin MLB Pro-Elite Thin Bat Swing Trainer

This is a set of swing bat and wiffle balls manufactured by Franklin Sports. The set of bat and ball includes a 30 inches swing trainer bat. The bat is made of aluminum, but it is quite a lightweight one. The lightweight construction of the bat allows more swing and less fatigue. 

The bat comes with 1.125 inches of barrel, which makes it easier to make shots for the young guys. The set also offers you P.U. Bat grip. This set of ball and bat also includes 3 mini white color balls. All these balls are 5.5 inches in diameter.

Key Features

  1. Aluminum constructed bat
  2. 3 mini balls
  3. Lightweight bat allows more swing
  4. P.U. Bat grip.


Easton sports manufactured this 33 inches bat and ball set for Wiffle ball. This set is perfect for Wiffle ball or practice sessions. The bat of this set comes with a professional wood bat design. But this 33 inches bat is ultra-light and perfect for the young guys.

This bat and ball set is a fun element for all ages of people. The ball included in this set comes with an authentic seam pattern. This set can be used in both backyard and the field. The bat comes in black color and the ball in white.

Key Features

  1. Ideal for Wiffle ball or training sessions
  2. Ultralight 33 inches bat
  3. Seamed plastic training ball
  4. Fun for all ages.

7. BSN Polybat

 BSN sports manufactured this polybat for heavy recreational plays. The bat is 29.5 inches long, which is a bit less than the commonly used Wiffle ball bat length. It is hollow with a taped grip and weighs around 7 ounces. The taped grip allows players to have a firm hold on the bat when stepping up to the plate. 

The hollow construction of the bat makes it easier to swing and also makes it easier for young players to hit most of the balls. The lightweight design of the bat makes it ideal for recreational events, and it can be used by players of all ages and skill levels.

Key Features

  1. 29.5 inches polybat
  2. Hollow construction with taped grip
  3. Lightweight design
  4. Ideal for recreational games.

8. Franklin Sports MLB 30" Authentic Plastic Bat & Ball Set

 Franklin sports manufacture this authentic plastic bat and ball set. The authentic shape of the bat makes it ideal for backyard baseball or training. The bat is designed in such a way that it makes perfect for both young players and the advanced players.

The bat is 30 inches long and made of plastic. So undoubtedly it is a lightweight product. This bat and ball set includes a 9 inches plastic ball. The solid plastic ball allows for batter to get a flight on the ball. The bat is offered in a variety of colors with an authentic wood grade look.

Key Features

  1. 30 inches plastic baseball bat
  2. 9 inches plastic ball
  3. Suitable for both adult and younger players
  4. The solid plastic construction of the ball allows a great flight.

9. WIFFLE Bat and Ball Combo

 This is a Wiffle bat and ball combo pack. The bat is 32 inches long, which is the regulation or mostly used size bat for Wiffle ball. The bat comes in yellow color and is made of plastic. So it is of course a lightweight product. 

The combo pack includes a white color ball. Both this ball and bat meet the official demands. As the set of bat and ball is made of plastic materials and is quite lightweight, it is perfect for young learners of baseball or kids for recreational games.

Key Features

  1. 32 inches Wiffle ball bat
  2. Includes one white ball
  3. In-floor display

Buying Guides

I have discussed some great Wiffle ball bat for your easiness in choosing the right product. But to choose the right wiffle ball bat, you also need to consider a few facts before purchasing. I'm going to discuss about these facts, which will help you in choosing the right bat for a Wiffle ball.

Durability: The first thing you won't want with your bat is to get damaged after a little use. Though the plastic construction of these bats doesn't ensure much durability, but some products are quite sturdy and durable. So try to buy a bat that is lightweight but also durable enough to serve your kid for a long period.

Length: You must pick the length of the bat, depending on the height of the user. Every kid is not of the same height, so they won't be able to handle a bat of any length. That's why, as a learner or beginner, you should select the bat depending on their height.

Weight: Typically, Wiffleball bats are lightweight as they are made of plastic. But there are also comparatively heavier bats available. You have to choose the right weight of bat depending on the ability of the user.

Grip: If there is a chance of slipping your bat from the hands then it turns difficult for a learner to learn. That's the reason you need to buy a bat that provides you tight gripping. For this you can have a knob on the gripping area.

Barrel: For a learner or a kid, the larger barrels makes it easier to make shots. Kids are learning the basics of softball and baseball through Wiffle ball, so let them learn through a lot of perfect hitting. 

Individual bat or set: You can buy individual ball and bat for Wiffle ball or can also look for a set of wiffle ball bat, which allows you to get all equipment in one time. It's all up to you then. 


What is a Wiffle ball bat?

Wiffleball bat (wikipedia) is such a kind of bat that is used to play Wiffle ball. It is made of plastic and comes of typically in yellow color.

What is the best Wiffle ball bat?

I have already discussed about some excellent Wiffle ball bats in the beginning part of this article. And in my opinion Wiffle Bat & Ball, 32" is the perfect among them.

What are Wiffle ball bats made of?

Wiffle ball bats are made of lightweight and durable plastic. Because of this construction, these bats are perfect and also safe for kids. 

What size is a Wiffle ball bats?

Wiffle ball bats are typically 30 to 34 inches long. Among these sizes, 32 inches bats are mostly used size for Wiffle ball.


You guys might have already found this article helpful if you are looking for a Wiffle ball bat for your kids. I have given a description of some Wiffle ball bat that you might love to look at. Then for thinking your easiness in choosing the right bat, I have written a buying guide that will give you the idea of what facts you need to consider before purchasing for a Wiffle ball bat. Again I have answered some frequently asked questions by you. Overall, I think you guys will find this article very helpful and can easily choose the right wiffle ball bat for your kids.

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