Top10 Best lacrosse heads(attack,defensive and middies ) review 2022

Lacrosse head is one of the essential parts of a Lacrosse stick. A lacrosse stick has mainly two parts. One is a shaft, and the other is Head. Head is a kind of plastic object which is attached at the top of the shaft. The Head has few parts. Such as scoop, sidewall, ball stop, shooting string, pocket and throat. This lacrosse head is used to carry, throw, shoot, pass and catch the ball. Although the Head is an indispensable part of a lacrosse stick, but every lacrosse head is not perfect for everyone.

best lacrosse heads

It actually depends on the position of the player and also on the skills. Depending on the position, you will find three types of heads basically. Attackers Head, defenders head, goalies head. You will also find separate heads made for face-off. The attack head is more light and flexible, whereas the defense head is durable and hard. A perfect lacrosse head will make your passes smoother and shots faster.

Best defensive lacrosse heads

1. Maverik Lacrosse Tank Universal Unstrung Head

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used level 5 bottom rails to construct this lacrosse head. 
  2. It comes with a new 4-strut design.
  3. There is a mounting screw included.
  4. The head is available in three different colors, black, grey and white. 

This Head is designed especially for the defenders. It is a kind of defense machine. It offers a player to show his power and agility in the field. It is very useful to interrupt your opponent and intercept the passes. This Head also offers a wide mouth. This Maverik lacrosse tank universal unstrung Head will offer furious checks and can easily scoop the ground balls.

This Head is made by level 5 bottom rail, offering a player to feel ease in case of clearing the ball or scoop the ground balls. To ensure maximum rail support, this Head has a new 4-strut design. This 4-strut design also enables more hardness. It also offers 3 different colors of black, grey, and white.


  1. It offers maximum rail support with the 4-sturt design. 
  2. It provides adequate power and agility to the user.
  3. It is a sturdy and durable head. 
  4. It provides enough accuracy for passing. 

2. STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Unstrung Head

Key features

  1. It is constructed with a new stallion-700 design. 
  2. The manufacturer used C-channel technology in the construction.
  3. It has a stallion’s iconic two-sidewall design.
  4. There are leather ball stop, metallic accents, and bold details available.
  5. It meets NCAA and NFHS rules. 

STX, a reputed brand in the field of making lacrosse products. This lacrosse head can be used for attack, midfield and defense at the same time. STX brand used new STX speed scoopTM for easy and fast up taking of the ground balls. The iconic Stallion sidewall design with two braces makes the Head more stable on shots, ground balls and checks. Using a new stallion 700 design has made the Head 25% harder and 5% lighter than the previous models. The use of C-channel technology in the sidewalls provides more strength. This product also meets NCCA and NFHS rules.


  1. It provides quick and effortless scooping. 
  2. The user will find enough stability during shooting, checking, and on-ground balls.
  3. It is 25% stiffer and 5% lighter than previous stallion models.
  4. The distribution of stress on the sidewalls provides extra strength and stability. 

3. Maverik Havok Lacrosse Head

Key features 

  1. It comes with a tighter face shape and a lightweight 3-sturt design. 
  2. The manufacturer used X-rail technology with Duratough materials in the construction.
  3. It has a level 4 bottom rail design.
  4. There are multiple stringing holes available. 

This Marvenik Havoc lacrosse head is specially designed for the defensemen. A new ground control system is included in this product to make it easy for the players to scoop the ground balls. This Head has a 3-strust design that offers the perfect in class strength to weight ratio. You can use this Head in all weather as it made of durable materials. For a mid-high pocket delivering power and consistent hold, the Head is designed with the level-4 bottom rail. It also offers X-rail technology. The all-new ground feature added in this Head will ensure you dominate the GB battle.


  1. The use of Duratough materials improves stiffness. 
  2. The head provides consistency in any weather condition.
  3. It distributes the stress to the opposite rails for having a lightweight and stiff design.
  4. The mid-high pockets offer added power and consistent hold. 

4. WARRIOR Regulator Max Warp Pro

Key features 

  1. The manufacturer used Loc-throat technology to construct the head. 
  2. It comes with a MAX design.
  3. There are varying diamond patterns available in the head.
  4. It is equipped with a stiff and lightweight handle. ‘
  5. They are available in black and white colors. 

The regulator max wrap pro stick is offered with warrior's hardest Head. This Head has been attached to Warrior's most durable carbon fiber shaft. They used mid-high pocket in this Head which is ideal for a defender who wants to gain control of the ball after catching or scooping a ground ball. Loc-throat technology is also now added to the new warrior heads. It provides a secure head attachment that is rattle free. Whip level 2 with Tru offsets allows a player to clear passes more accurately and consistently. It also allows better control over the ball.

These are my suggested lacrosse heads for the defenders. You can choose depending on your demands and choice. But hopefully, these heads may fulfill your demands.


  1. The Loc-throat technology provides a secure and rattle-free head attachment. 
  2. It increases overall stiffness and durability.
  3. The user will find a traditional feel and smooth release in it.
  4. The head provides an aesthetic look to the stick. 

Best attack lacrosse heads

1. Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse Sticks

Key features 

  1. The head comes with a bottom rail design. 
  2. The manufacturer used a new tilt-tech string hold design to construct the head.
  3. It is a universal head for lacrosse sticks.
  4. It is available in five different colors including black, navy blue, vibrant blue, red, and white. 

Warrior brand designed this stick for the attackers and the midfielders. It is a kind of offensive machine that can perform well in the college and high school level lacrosse. Warrior included tilt tech string setup in this Head. So a player releasing the ball needs not to worry about the pocket. It has a bottom rail design for mid to low pocket placement for ball controlling the ball and releases quickly. Loc-threat technology in it removes shaft rattle and increases stability. Sym rail offers improved hardness and releases extra weight from the Head.


  1. It improves pocket tension and ultimately improves ball release. 
  2. It offers adequate ball control and quick release.
  3. It removes extra weight and provides better stiffness.
  4. It is a durable and reliable product. 

2. Maverik Optik 2.0 Lacrosse Head Unstrung (White)

Key features 

  1. It comes with a 2-strut design. 
  2. The manufacturer used X-rail technology to build this lacrosse head.
  3. It has a level 2 and bottom rail design.
  4. There are multiple stringing holes available in it. 

This lacrosse head is designed especially for the elite attackers of this game. Who wants to play offensive and make scores frequently, this Head is for them. 2-strust design used in it makes it the lightest Head of marverik brand. The tension lock used in it allows finding the shooting point more accurately. Duratough material increases the hardness of the Head. X-rail technology creates light and hardness in the Head by distributing stress to the opposite rail. For low-mid pocket target level-2, bottom rail is being used here. It also has multiple stringing holes for custom pocket options.


  1. It provides precise performance with great accuracy. 
  2. The stringing holes create custom pocket options for the user.
  3. The tension point allows finding the shooting point more accurately.
  4. The use of Duratough materials increases the hardness of the head. 

3. Maverik Kinetik Lacrosse Head-White

Key features 

  1. The manufacturer used DuraTough materials to construct the lacrosse head. 
  2. It is constructed using X-rail technology.
  3. It comes with level 4 bottom rails that are paired with 17 stringing holes.
  4. There are tension pulls with optimal release points available.
  5. The lacrosse head meets NCAA specifications. 

It is a perfect unstrung lacrosse head when a game is on the line. Players can easily define the shooting channel by using this Head with more accuracy and consistency. This Head shows it's consistency in any weather conditions. Because Marverik brand used duratough and x-rail technology in this Head to increase the consistency and also makes durable in any weather. For targeting mid-high pocket these heads are built with level-4 bottom rail design. It also has 17 stringing holes for custom pocket options.


  1. It offers a precisely defined channel with increased accuracy. 
  2. The optimal release points increase the shot velocity of the head.
  3. It is usable in any weather with increased stiffness and consistency.
  4. It comes with a lightweight and durable design. 

4. East Coast Dyes - Rebel Offense Strung Lacrosse Head 

Key features 

  1. It is a universal lacrosse head. 
  2. It comes with an optimized face shape and sidewall profile.
  3. It comes in an octagonal shape.
  4. There are two screw holes available in the head.
  5. It comes in meeting NCAA and NFHS specifications. 

ECD rebel offense strung lacrosse head is designed for the offensive players of the field. This Head has superior hardness for hard checks. It features a new slightly rounded and pinched scoop with aggressive flare. The increased hardness in it also raises the durability level. Optimized face shape and sidewall profile generate powerful ball control while running through checks during the game. This type of heads makes groundball look so easy to pick up. Elite pocket in it gives you the opportunity to release the ball accurately and consistently.


  1. The universal design makes it fitted to any lacrosse shafts. 
  2. It is usable by players of all skill levels.
  3. The user finds depth control with the easily adjustable bottom.
  4. The semi-soft mesh mid pocket provides adequate control. 

5. STX Lacrosse Ultra Power Unstrung Men's Attack Head

Key features 

  1. The manufacturer used EnduraForm technology to construct the head. 
  2. It comes with a channel lock stringing system.
  3. The head is built with a speed scoop design.
  4. It meets all the specifications of NCAA and NFHS.
  5. It is available in black and white colors. 

STX has a good reputation in the field of making various lacrosse products. It is designed for attackers and midfielders. STX used revolutionary power ramps in it, which improves shot speeds and also increases consistency for the elite offensive players. Deep offset used in this Head provides inimitable ball holding and feel. Speed scoop design imposed in it enhances groundball play with more comfort. It also has a channel lock stringing system, which allows advanced control of the pocket shape. Another important aspect of this Head is, it fulfills the rules of NCCA and NFHS.


  1. The user will experience improvement in shot speed and accuracy. 
  2. It offers quick scooping by minimizing drag.
  3. It improves toughness in a wider array of temperatures.
  4. The makers ensured advanced control of the pocket shape. 

Five lacrosse heads discussed above are my suggested heads for the attackers. You may find comfort in shooting and scoring by using one of these heads in the field.

Best middies lacrosse heads

1.Maverik Tactik 2.0 Special Colored Lacrosse Head

Key features 

  1. It comes with level-3 and a bottom rail design. 
  2. The manufacturer constructed it using control core technology.
  3. They used DuraTough materials for the construction.
  4. It comes with optimal release points.
  5. There are 20 stringing holes available in the head. 

Marverik brand designed this special colored lacrosse head for the mid-range shooters and precision passers. For mid pocket delivery level-3, bottom rail design is imposed on it. This Head helps you to scoop the ball from the ground perfectly. It is also made with duratough materials, which allows more hardness and increases durability in any kind of weather. Makers of this Head used X-rail technology here to allow lightweight. It also has twenty stringing holes for ultimate custom pocket options. This new product from Marverik is updated with control core technology.


  1. It increases stiffness and enhances ball control. 
  2. It allows scooping ground balls with ease.
  3. It offers consistency in any weather condition.
  4. There are custom pocket options available. 


Key features 

  1. It comes with a universal pinch design. 
  2. The manufacturer designed the head asymmetrically.
  3. There is a hexagon-shaped attachment connected to the head.
  4. It meets the standards of NCAA, NFHS, CLA, and FIL. 

This Head is specially designed for the face-offs. It has a universal pinch design. So it is appropriate for any kind of face-off. It has got more hardness in the throat of this Head and this hardness allows toughness during 50/50 battles. Warrior designed this ball asymmetrically to balance keep balance between flexibility, strength and recovery. This ball includes a wedge to keep your sidewalls legal when it is not in use. Another remarkable thing about this Head is, it meets all NCCA, NFHS, CLA and FIL field specs.


  1. It supports face shape recovery. 
  2. There is a balance kept between flexibility, strength, and recovery.
  3. The sidewalls offer to gain position and control in 50/50 games.
  4. There is an addition of leverage and control because of the short throat design. 

3. Warrior Noz 2 X Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Key features 

  1. The manufacturer used NOZ technology to construct this lacrosse head. 
  2. It comes with a patented flare design.
  3. The makers also added a bottom rail design in the lacrosse head.
  4. It also has an offensive-oriented face shape. 

This can be a good choice of Head for an offensive player. In this Head, Warrior has used NOZ technology which reduced the weight of this Head a lot. So it is now considered as one of the lightest Head on the market. For mid to low pocket placement this Head offers the design of bottom rail. This Head also offers to create easy passes and laser shots. It has 17 sidewall hole options allowing endless pocket options. This Head from Warrior also meets all the legalities of NCCA and NFHS.


  1. It is one of the lightest lacrosse heads available there. 
  2. The design of the head improves the flex profile.
  3. The user will enjoy superior ball control and quick release.
  4. It offers easy passes and laser shots. 

4. ECD Lacrosse - DNA Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used Flexform materials to construct the head. 
  2. It comes with a round scoop shape.
  3. It is a universal lacrosse head.
  4. It has an aggressive face shape. 

East Coast Dyes made this lacrosse head thinking about the beginners actually. Players who are still learning out of their mistakes, this Head is completely suitable for them. They used new Flexform materials to increase the durability of the Head. Offensive players can control their shots with the help of aggressive face shape. This Head has a round scoop shape; it offers a player to ground the ball smoothly. The DNA unstrung lacrosse head also offers to play all around the field as an offensive player and sometimes as a defensive player.


  1. The universal design fits almost any type of lacrosse stick. 
  2. The makers offer shape retention.
  3. The head eliminates warping.
  4. It allows the user to ground the ball smoothly.

These four heads mentioned above is my suggestion for the midfielders. They are the main players of a lacrosse team. So their heads need to be the perfect. These heads will surely be helpful for the midfielders in the field of lacrosse.

Buying Guide

A lacrosse stick is a fundamental element of a lacrosse game. Being a vital element, its part is also considered to be an essential part of the game. Therefore, lacrosse head is an important part of a lacrosse game. Before buying a lacrosse head you should consider a few things. Keeping those things in mind, you should make a choice. Here I'm going to point out some things that will help you to buy a lacrosse head. Select a lacerosse heads some diffrent for man vs women.

1. Position of the player

There are three types of lacrosse head we will find in the market. It depends on the position of the player which kind of stick is for them. Attackers generally use offensive lacrosse heads. Midfielders also prefer these types of heads but sometimes they use less offensive heads too. But the defenders like to use defensive heads for their lacrosse sticks. Those heads would be a bit wider than the heads of the attackers or midfielders. 

2. Level of the game

Which level of player you are is also an important fact while buying a lacrosse head. There are differences between the beginner’s lacrosse head and the skilled player's lacrosse head. Beginners should choose simply constructed Head. They have to learn the basics first, so their heads must be wider than general lacrosse heads. The skilled players basically choose their heads depending on their comfort.

3. Mouth/scoop of the Head

It is the upper part of the Head and the most important part also. This part of a head is used to pick the ground balls and also catch the balls. The mouth/scoop of a head can be wide or narrow. Defenders use the wider mouth/scoop. Because they have to collect the ball and gain possession of it. On the contrary, the attackers use narrow mouth/scoop to grip the ball easily and score comfortably. Skilled players prefer this type of narrow heads for creating better scoring chances.

4. Pinch of the Head

Pinch is the lower part of a lacrosse head. It is a kind of dimension between the two sidewalls of a lacrosse head. A pinch can be narrow or wider depending on which kind of player is using it. It is good for a beginner to use a wider pinch that allows him to catch the ball easily and throw it. Whereas, the skilled players prefer more narrow sticks for better shooting. So you must decide what kind of pinch you want for your lacrosse head.

5. The sidewall of the Head

Sidewall is a kind of plastic used on both sides of a pocket of your lacrosse head. You need a heavier sidewall or a lighter sidewall in your lacrosse head depends on your position on the field. And the weight of the sidewall depends on the use of plastics in it. If you are an attacker then you would fancy using a lighter and less hard sidewall. But in case of a defender, the harder the sidewall is the better it is them to play.


1. How to dye a lacrosse head?

At first, you need to wash the lacrosse head with hot water and dish soap properly. Boil some water in a kettle and mix the dye in it. After that sink, the Head in the boiled water, remember to take off the strings before sinking the Head in the water. Continue to sink it for 30 seconds. Then use a spray to make the color fix. If you want to add more colors do it in the same way.

2.How to attach a lacrosse head to a heads to a shaft?

Fix the position on the shaft where you want to set up your Head. Then make a hole there with the help of a drill machine. Try to set up the Head according to the hole. For a better attachment, you can use tape and make a few wraps around the Head. 

3. How to pick a lacrosse head?

Pick a lacrosse stick depending on your own choices. But there are few facts that you have to look at. Positions of a player, level of a player are the two important facts one has to look at before picking up a lacrosse head. If he is a beginner, he needs to choose a wider lacrosse head. But for a skilled player narrower lacrosse head is preferable. Again a defender might fancy a wider lacrosse head for gaining the control of the ball easily. But an attacker always likes to have a narrow head in his Head for better creating better shooting chances. 

4. What are lacrosse heads made of?

Lacrosse heads are basically made of nylon. The nylon is used here to string the Head. The sidewall we see in the lacrosse head is made of plastics. To attach the Head and shaft part users sometimes use tapes around the Head. And the basic parts of a lacrosse head are sidewall, pocket, and scoop. These make a complete lacrosse head.

5. What size screw for lacrosse head?

To have a fine lacrosse stick in the field, screws are a must. Screws attach the Head of the sticks with the shaft. If it gets loose or damaged, then you won't be able to play your natural game. So you need to have perfect screws used in that position. 1/8 inches screws are perfect for using in lacrosse heads.


I have given you some suggestions for buying a lacrosse head. One of these products that I mentioned above will surely become your choice. Having certain qualities, these products will fulfill your demand. But before buying a lacrosse head, you must think about some aspects that I told in the buying guide. Without having the idea of what kind of Head you need, you won't be able to buy the right product or a product that is suitable for you. So I hope this buying guide would be helpful to you in case of buying a lacrosse head.

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