True Shooting Percentage (TS%) Decoding the Ultimate Efficiency Metric for Fantasy Basketball

(TS%) emerges as a crucial metric for evaluating a player’s scoring efficiency. Unlike traditional field goal percentage (FG%) or free throw percentage (FT%), which focus solely on two-point field goals and free throws, TS% accounts for the value of three-pointers and free throws, providing a more comprehensive measure of scoring efficiency.

TS% is calculated using the formula:

\text{TS%} = \frac{\text{Total Points}}{2 \times (\text{Field Goal Attempts}) + 0.44 \times (\text{Free Throw Attempts})}


  • Total Points: The total points scored by the player.
  • Field Goal Attempts (FGA): The total number of field goal attempts.
  • Free Throw Attempts (FTA): The total number of free throw attempts.

Importance in Fantasy Basketball

In fantasy basketball, TS% serves as a valuable metric for assessing a player’s offensive impact. Managers can use TS% to:

Evaluate Scoring Efficiency

TS% helps managers identify players who efficiently contribute to their team’s scoring output, regardless of their volume of shots taken.

Compare Players

TS% allows for fair comparisons between players of different playing styles and positions, enabling managers to assess their scoring efficiency on an equal footing.

Make Informed Roster Decisions

By considering a player’s TS%, fantasy managers can prioritize players who offer high scoring efficiency when making roster decisions, leading to more effective team compositions.

How Do True Shooting Percentage (TS%) and Shot Selection Quality (SSQ) Impact Fantasy Basketball Performance?

True shooting percentage (TS%) is a key metric in fantasy basketball, reflecting overall shooting efficiency. However, shot selection quality precision (SSQ) is equally important, as it takes into account the quality of shots taken. Players with high TS% and SSQ tend to have a more impactful fantasy basketball performance.

Identify Hidden Gems

Players with high TS% but lower overall fantasy rankings may represent undervalued assets, presenting opportunities for managers to capitalize on their efficiency in drafting or trading.

In summary, True Shooting Percentage (TS%) stands out as a fundamental metric in evaluating player performance and making informed decisions in fantasy basketball.

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