Trump playing tennis

Trump playing tennis, Is trump good tennis player

Donald Trump, the present US president, was seen playing tennis at Mar – A – Lago. It was on February 13, 2000, and that time a photographer was taken of him while playing tennis. The photograph was featuring the backside of the US president. Due to some reason it got viral soon and earned a lot of views and comments.

Trump playing tennis

Trump playing tennis

When Trump played tennis

Well, as that photo was taken on February 13, 2000, it is obvious that it was the date when Trump played tennis. In this photo, we see that Donald Trump is wearing an all-white outfit. As in Wimbledon tennis, players usually seem to wear an all-white outfit. But definitely Trump was not participating in a Wimbledon match that’s quite sure.

What made the photo viral

 There was a thing about his white outfit that made this photo viral very easily. As I mentioned earlier that the photo was featuring the backside of the US president and Trump was also wearing a white t-shirt and shorts. In the photograph, the outline of his underwear was clearly shown through his white shorts. That thing caught the eye of the viewers of the photo easily, and this photo earned a lot of views and comments after being uploaded.

The photo was clicked in 2000 but didn’t get viral then. That time social media was not like these days. And the photographer himself wouldn’t have even thought of something like this will go on to happen now and this man in the photograph will become the president of the US once. But you can’t say anything about the future. So this man in the picture becomes the president of the US and ruling the country now. 

When the photo was introduced first

It was June 22, 2017, the photo was introduced to the world through social media for the first time. Deadspin posted an article titled, “This shitty tennis player would one day be president”. The photograph clicked in 2000 was also included in the article. Thus this photo came to the public and got viral. 

Just imagine a photo which was clicked about 17 years ago inside a tennis court got viral in 2017 and also with such title. He is the president of one of the strongest countries in the world. So it’s obvious that social media won’t let him go simply with this photo. Soon after the photo came into social media, there were a lot of likes, comments, and sharing of this shitty tennis player.

Social media:

The outline of Trump’s underwear shown through the white short is the eye-catching fact of the photo. Viewers of this photo got increased in minutes. Redditor santorum sandwich, on June 22, 2017, invited viewers to post photoshops of this photo on photsopbattles. There this photo earned 1300+ points and 170 comments within just a week. People started to make different photoshop works of this photo and posting on social media.

After that, Redditor NachoLawbre also posted the photo of the shitty tennis player wearing the all-white outfit. This photo also gained a lot of points and comments, which is much more than that of Redditor santorum sandwich. Viewers of this photo started showing their photoshop talents through this photo. On June 25, 2017 an Instagram user posted a photoshop selfie taken by civil rights activist Al Sharpton edited with Trump’s tennis photo. This photo gained over 70,000 likes within just four days.

A YouTuber posted a video using this photo of Donald Trump on June 26, 2017, and that also gone viral by earning a lot of views. Twitter was also not behind in gathering likes by sharing this photo. On June 28, 2017, someone tweeted a parody illustration that shows a female anime character just posing like Trump in that image. This tweet also didn’t take much time to gather likes and views. Within 24 hours, there were 990 retweets on this photo and around 6,000 likes.

Is Trump a good tennis player

 Well, Donald Trump is 6 feet and 3 inches tall. He wasn’t a professional tennis player. I would rather call him a recreational player. Though his photo during playing tennis got viral to people and eared more views for a weird reason, but he was not a that bad tennis player. And it would have been better if the photo got lot of views because of the better tennis playing of the US president.

If you ask me, is Trump a good tennis player? I would answer yes; he is but needs more improvement to become a professional one from a recreational player. He is such a tennis player who can be a good partner in the doubles game. But for singles matches, he needs more patience. He can provide quick and fast shots with forehand and backhand, but there is a lack of accuracy. Another fact that proves him a recreational player is that frequent faults while serving the ball.

Though he has some lacking but there is something good in his playing. He is a good forehand player, and his net shots are also praiseworthy. So if he can keep patience and make less error in services, he can gain points easily with his forehand and netplay. But with his current playing condition he can be a good partner on the court of course.

So Donald Trump played tennis at Mar – A – Lago on February 13, 2000. And he is a good recreational player who needs to be more patient on the court.

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