Turning Over a New Leaf How Turnover Percentage (TOV%) Affects Fantasy Basketball Strategy

Turnover percentage (TOV%) is a statistical measure that quantifies the rate at which a player or team turns the ball over per offensive possession. It’s calculated using the following formula:

TOV% = (Turnovers / (Field Goal Attempts + 0.44 * Free Throw Attempts + Turnovers)) * 100


  • represents the total number of turnovers committed.
  • represents the total number of field goal attempts.
  • represents the total number of free throw attempts.

Evaluating Turnover Impact

Evaluating Turnover Impact involves considering how turnover percentage affects a player’s fantasy value and overall contribution to a fantasy team. While low turnover percentages are desirable, particularly for ball-handling positions like point guards, it’s essential to balance this with other statistical categories and a player’s overall role within their team’s offense. For example, a player with a slightly higher turnover percentage may still provide significant value if they contribute heavily in scoring, assists, and other statistical areas. Fantasy managers should assess turnover percentage alongside other relevant metrics to determine a player’s overall fantasy value and impact on their team.

How Does Rebound Percentage (REB%) Tie into Turnover Percentage (TOV%) in Fantasy Basketball Strategy?

Understanding fantasy basketball rebound percentage is crucial when factoring in turnover percentage. Players with higher rebound percentages tend to have more opportunities to turn the ball over. It’s important to consider both stats when crafting a winning fantasy basketball strategy.

Mitigating Turnover Risks

Fantasy managers can mitigate turnover risks by strategically drafting or acquiring players with lower turnover percentages and emphasizing ball security in their team’s roster construction. Additionally, managers can employ roster management strategies such as streaming, where they rotate players in and out of their lineup based on matchups and performance trends, to minimize the impact of turnovers on their team’s overall performance. By prioritizing players with lower turnover percentages and implementing sound roster management strategies, fantasy managers can minimize the negative impact of turnovers and maximize their team’s chances of success in fantasy basketball leagues.

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