Can you use candle wax on a pool table (pool table wax)

Yes, you can use candle wax on a pool table, but it would make the table slate fragile and easily breakable. While joining the slate pieces together to form a complete pool table, one needs to fill the seam. And waxing is the best solution for a home pool table or professional pool table.

However, candle wax isn't a soft material to use to fill the seams. Rather, the hard texture of the wax creates an unfamiliar situation that affects badly on the gameplay. If somehow the ball falls upon the wax, it has every chance of cracking. Now let’s break into the details about putting wax on a pool table.

Can you use candle wax on a pool table

Using candle wax on a pool table

When you are thinking of using wax on a pool table, you might think of candle wax. It is easy to put on, and the texture seems soft. It also means the wax won't crack in terms of hard shots. But it seems that you are wrong about candle wax.

  1. Although it is easy to apply candle wax to a pool table, it creates the chance of shattering and cracking.
  2. The fragile nature of candle wax makes the table slate inappropriate for hardcore playing.
  3. While making hard shots, there is always a chance of falling the ball in the waxed area. But it can't take these hard shots and suddenly breaks.
  4. Due to the use of candle wax, it could create obstacles in the middle of the game and it could damage the playability.
  5. The seam-filled spot doesn't last long when you have put candle wax on it.
  6. However, there is something good about candle wax. It is a better option than rock-hard putty because putty has far more chances of breaking due to hard shots.

What kind of wax do you use on a pool table slate

Are you asking for one particular type of wax, which you can use on a pool table slate without any second thought? Then, there isn't any alternative of beeswax to use on a pool table slate. The most liked side of beeswax is the texture.

  1. The hardness of beeswax ensures a smoother playing surface and without increasing the pool table weight.
  2. Instead of the hardness, it is flexible enough that leaves no chances behind of cracking or breaking of the table slate.
  3. The flexibility of the beeswax allows the user to level the table slate even after completing the installation process.
  4. Beeswax is also an ideal option to fill chips and cracks on the pool table slate.
  5. After applying the wax to seal the seams of the table slate, it ensures a leveled playing surface.

How to wax a pool table

To have a smooth and level playing area, you should wax a pool table. It generates a complete pool table slate, which doesn't create any distraction during the game. But you shouldn't rely on any waxes other than beeswax. There are some simple steps to wax a pool table.

You can apply wax on a pool table by melting the beeswax bar, and the process isn't that tough if you follow the basic steps. Now let’s talk steps in detail.

  1. Before starting the process, you need to collect a few things. This includes a beeswax bar, stove burner, a hot melting sprayer, a pot, a stainless steel scraper.
  2. First of all, you need to cut a small piece of beeswax from the bar, and it will be enough to complete the process.
  3. Now put it inside the pot because you have to melt it first.
  4. To melt the bar, you can either use the stove burner underneath the pot or simply hold the hot melting sprayer over the pot.
  5. After the wax is melted, it's the perfect time to apply it on the tabletop slowly. You will notice it won't take too much time to get cool.
  6. Now, again use the hot melting sprayer over the wax to spread it on the seam for complete coverage.
  7. After you have spread it properly, take stainless steel scraper. You need to apply it one the wax to scrap it thoroughly.
  8. Apply the hot melting sprayer again to spread the wax.
  9. Then to bring perfection on the slate and ensure a smoother playing surface, scrap it several times.

How to melt wax for pool table

To apply wax on a pool table, it is mandatory to melt the wax first. However, you can also melt them after putting on the seams. There are common ways to melt wax for the pool table.

  1. To melt the wax, you need a big and a small pot, some water, a stove burner, and a beeswax bar.
  2. Set the bigger pot on the stove burner and put some water in it.
  3. Then start heating the pot using a stove burner.
  4. Now cut one smaller piece from the beeswax bar and put it inside the smaller pot.
  5. Then place the pot into the larger one.
  6. Continue providing heat to the larger pot until the wax completely melts down.
  7. You can quicken the process by stirring the wax bar occasionally.

How to wax pool table seams

One should wax pool table seams to get rid of the unwanted wear or tear of the table felt or cloth. It may seem a bit tough for the first-timers applying wax on pool table seams. Here we are to help you do it more conveniently.

  1. To begin the process, you need beeswax pellets, a hot melting sprayer, and a scraper.
  2. Put the pellets on the seam in a straight order first up.
  3. Then take the hot melting sprayer and start to move it over the pellets slowly. It will constantly melt down the pellets, but not as quickly as the beeswax bar.
  4. After the pellets are melted, they will cool down soon as well.
  5. Use the scraper on the melted wax to remove it and bring a smoother surface.
  6. If you hold the sprayer on the wax again, it will spread further. Then, you have to repeat the same thing using the scraper.
  7. Finally, you have successfully sealed the seams on the slate and also ensured a smoother playing surface.

How to remove wax from a pool table

The procedure of removing wax from a pool table is an easier task compared to applying wax. One needs turpentine oil, rags, and scrubber for this.

  1. Take the table slate in a well-ventilated area.
  2. You need to apply the turpentine oil with rags on the seams.
  3. Then thoroughly use the scrubber on the slate to remove the wax.

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