Volume Shooter The Double Edged Sword in Fantasy Basketball

A Volume Shooter in fantasy basketball refers to a player who consistently takes a high number of shot attempts during games, regardless of their shooting efficiency. These players often serve as primary scoring options for their teams and are relied upon to generate a significant portion of the team’s offensive output.

The term Volume Shooter highlights the emphasis on quantity rather than quality of shots taken by these players. While they may accumulate impressive point totals due to their high shot volume, their shooting percentages, particularly field goal percentage and three-point percentage, may suffer as a result.

In fantasy basketball, Volume Shooters can be both a double-edged sword. On one hand, their ability to generate points through sheer shot volume can lead to significant fantasy production, especially in scoring categories such as points and three-pointers made. Managers who roster volume shooters may benefit from their consistent scoring output and the potential for explosive scoring performances.

On the other hand, the inefficiency of Volume Shooters can negatively impact fantasy teams in categories such as field goal percentage and turnovers. High shot volume combined with low shooting efficiency can result in poor overall fantasy value and drag down a team’s performance in these categories.

Is Being a Volume Scorer in Fantasy Basketball Similar to Being a Volume Shooter?

In fantasy basketball, volume scorers play a crucial role in racking up points for your team. Similarly, in real basketball, a volume shooter takes a high volume of shots to score points. Both rely on the same principle of consistently putting up points to contribute to their respective teams’ success.

Understanding Efficiency Metrics in Fantasy Basketball

Efficiency metrics play a crucial role in evaluating player performance in fantasy basketball. Here are two key efficiency metrics to consider:

  1. Field Goal Percentage (FG%): This metric calculates the percentage of field goals made out of total attempts. Players with high FG% are efficient scorers, while those with low FG% may be Volume Shooters who take a lot of shots but struggle to convert them efficiently.
  2. Three-Point Percentage (3P%): Similar to FG%, this metric measures the percentage of three-point shots made out of total attempts. Players with high 3P% provide valuable contributions in three-pointers made category while maintaining efficiency.
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