What are hockey sticks and pucks hockey made of

Hockey sticks are one of the fundamental equipments needed to play hockey. And if you have watched hockey games ever then you must know that a ball is used to play hockey with that stick. But in ice hockey, instead of ball a black color puck is used in the field. In this article, I’m going to discuss what are hockey sticks and pucks made of.

what are hockey pucks made of

what are hockey pucks made of

Hockey sticks made of

Let’s start with hockey sticks. The sticks are typically made of using from the very beginning of this sport. But nowadays, many manufacturing companies use materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass or any composite materials. These materials are a bit expensive than hardwoods or laminate woods and they also produce a more durable hockey stick.

Now I’m going to briefly discuss different hockey sticks and about the materials used to make these sticks.

Field hockey sticks

Field hockey sticks are typically made of wood. But aluminum or composite materials are also being used highly nowadays. A hockey stick consists of two main parts. These are the shaft and the body. If the hockey sticks are made using the conventional material wood then, both the body and the shaft part would be made by using wood. But there should be a fiberglass fabric-reinforced on the blade.

The size of the stick should be accurate regarding the height and controlling capacity of the player. One important thing you should consider is the weight of the stick. The materials used to make the stick should be providing you a lightweight hockey stick, which will serve you well on the field. Your stick should also be flexible to provide the best shots with power and control.

Ice hockey sticks

Ice sticks are very much similar to the field sticks in case of materials. They can be made of using different materials like wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or composite materials. But recently, carbon fiber has become the most used material to make ice hockey sticks. They are highly used in place of other raw materials because of the lightweight feature of the sticks.

Ice sticks also have two parts, the shaft, and the blade. But the design of the blade is different from those of the field sticks. The blade is more flat than the field hockey blades. The hockey sticks look like l size. There is a bit difference in the goalie’s stick. The bottom part of the stick is a bit wider to stop the puck from touching the goal line easily.

Wooden hockey sticks

Wood as the material for making hockey sticks is very common. Though the other materials like composite or carbon fiber has become very popular to use for making hockey sticks nowadays, but the wooden sticks are still very much popular among many hockey players.

The sticks are typically made of using a laminating layer of wood together with thin plastic or fiberglass. Both the shaft and the body part are mainly made of wood but the blade is covered by a layer of fiberglass or plastic to provide better shots. These sticks are strong and also provide you to use it for a long time without any serious damage. But one of the disadvantages of these sticks is that, it is a bit heavier than the other sticks.

Aluminum hockey sticks

 If you are looking for hockey sticks that come with huge strength, the aluminum sticks are the best ones. These sticks are made of completely aluminum. But to make the blade they need wooden or composite materials a bit. These sticks are durable and also long-lasting. You can go playing with these strong sticks for maximum strength. But don’t worry about the weight of the sticks. They are naturally lightweight and you can use them with comfort. 

Composite hockey sticks

The name of the sticks defines the materials used to make the sticks. Yes, these sticks are made of using various materials like wood, fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc. Because of using different materials these sticks are the most popular hockey sticks at present.

These sticks are lightweight and can serve you in possibly the best way by providing fast shots to the goalpost. The shaft and blade part of these sticks can be made separately or you can find them in one piece. Overall composite hockey sticks are the first choice of the modern players for sure.

Hockey pucks made of

 In ice hockey, in place of balls a round type black color disk is used, which is known as hockey pucks. These hockey pucks are made of solid, vulcanized rubber, which comes in black color.  The pucks measure 1 inch of thickness and 3 inches in diameter. The size and design of these pucks are definite. But the weight varies a bi. The official weight of hockey pucks is from 154 to 168 grams or 5.5 to 6 ounces.

At past wooden pucks are used for ice hockey games. But wooded pucks didn’t seem to be moving well on the ice. That’s why rubber has been chosen to make ice hockey pucks. The rubber used to make the pucks is not bouncy. They are non-bouncy rubber that allows the puck to run faster along the surface and not provide any unwanted bounce.

So these are the materials used to make hockey sticks and hockey pucks. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the article and got a clear idea about different materials used to make hockey sticks and pucks.

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