What does OPS mean in baseball- Good OPS and claculate

OPS is a measurement states in baseball which determine how effective a player is in playing baseball. You may think that you are a great player in baseball. But what does your ops define about your profile?

Okay, OPS stands for the measurement of on-base plus slugging average. That means how often a player can reach the base and how often a player can hit a big hit.

What does ops mean in baseball

OPS mean in baseball

Let’s discuss on-base and slugging average a little briefly.

Okay, in baseball, you need to score runs, and for scoring runs you need to run towards the base. You may go to the first base; you may go to the second base or who knows it can be the third base. If, after hitting the baseball, you can manage to go to the base, that means that you are scoring runs for your time. As a baseball player what defines as your first priority. That is why o stands in ops. O means on base. It prioritizes how often and how effectively you can go to the base. As in different types of sports, there are different types of measurement for selecting the best and capable player, OPS in baseball is such kind of measurement. It decides how effective or enthusiastic a player is in baseball.

On the other hand, s in ops stands for slugging average. Slugging percentage or average is a little different. It’s kind of like batting average. It determines how often you can hit the ball in baseball. You maybe can hit a big hit that can take the ball out of the ground, or you may can hit a little blooper that can give you a chance to take a step to the base. If you are a professional baseball player, then you should have the ability to hit the ball, but it’s also true that not all the players can hit a big hit, and also not all the players can hit a little blooper. After hitting a ball out of the ground, you can take a free run towards the base, and also, after hitting a little blooper, you also can try to take a run though with risk. But both these two will be counted on your profile. You may now ask if it is fair or not. A big hit also getting one point, and a little blooper is also getting one point.

Okay, for some instance, it may not look like as a fair thing. But that’s how a game actually runs. Not every player is suitable in every position, and not every player can make contribution in every field. Giving every player the opportunity where they fit the best is the real fair thing.

So ops in baseball explained how effective and worthy a player is in time of reaching the base and how frequently and effectively a player can hit the ball. If somehow you get to know that you have ops score around 800, then we would like to let you know that you are ready to compete on an international level.

What is a good ops in baseball?

An average international player can have an ops score of around 800. Below 800 is known as a low average score. But the players who are making their steps to the leader board can manage to score ops around 950-1000+.OPS is, in general, better than only batting average. Batting average only counts down if you can hit properly or not, but in contrary ops will both count down your ability to reach the base and the ability of your hitting.

But if you are starting playing baseball, then probably you should not look at ops. That will demoralize your way of playing. At the beginning, concentrate on your hitting ability and try to increase the ability to reach the base. That will ensure that you get a perfect ops score in baseball. Keep in mind that near 800 is average, and a leader board scorer manages to score near 1000 and very often above 1000.

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How to calculate ops in  baseball

Okay, before calculating ops, let’s remind for some moment what actually ops is.

We know that ops stand for on-base average + slugging average. Now, it’s quite easy to understand that we need to find out for how many times a player has reached on base and what was his slugging average in a season. Now, if a player manages to reach 1 base lets count it as 1B. If he manages to reach two base, lets count it 2X2. As because reaching two base means reaching first base for two times. Same as triple will be counted as 3×3, and home run will be counted as 4×4.with this measurement, we can count down the total reaches of the bases done by a player. Now calculating the slugging average is easy.

Slugging average = total bases/balls on bate

After finding out the slugging average, it’s quite easy to calculate the ops.

Ops = on base average + slugging average. So after finding out the slugging average and adding it with on-base average will ensure the total ops of a player on a calendar year.

Baseball ops leaders

Players that are leading on the leader board have managed to score ops around 950 plus in a calendar year. For your better good, we are providing some of the best ops leaders and their score:

  1. 1Babe Ruth – 1.636
  2. 2Ted Williams – 1.115
  3. 3Lou Gehrig – 1.0798
  4. 4Barry Bonds – 1.0512
  5. 5Jimmie Foxx – 1.0376
  6. 6Hank Greenberg – 1.0169
  7. 7Roger Hornsby – 1.0103
  8. 8Mike trout – .9999
  9. 9Many Ramirez – .9960
  10. 10Mark Mcgwire – .9823

Scoring ops around 1000 is not an easy task to accomplish. A great effort is required for being a perfect baseball player. As ops measurement count down your average in both of the hitting and base reaching abilities so consistency is the most required thing for achieving a great ops score in baseball. Around 900 is a great achievement. But if somehow you manage to go past 1000, then we would like to let you know that you are going to be a leader for sure.

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