What is a double-double and double dribble in basketball

Double double is achieved in a basketball when in a single match; a player reaches double figures 10 or more than 10 in two of these categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. The most common double double combination is points and rebounds. Any other combination is much hard to achieve.

What is a double-double and double dribble in basketball

Rules of a double double

In a basketball game making double double is quite a difficult achievement to earn. But it is good for a player’s ranking. Double figures in three categories in a game are triple-double, and double figures in all five categories in a game are quintuple double. These achievements are rarer than double double.

The record for most double doubles in the basketball history holds Tim Duncan, who led the National basketball association NBA in 1983-84 season with the points-rebounds combination of 841 double doubles. In the same game, John Stockton hold the combination of points-assists with 714 double doubles, and Russell Westbrook has a combination of rebound- assists with 142.

Special double doubles, which are also called 20-20, double-20, or double doubledouble are also rarer. When a player achieves double figures 20 or more in two or more main categories, then it is called a 20-20. Another similar achievement is 30-30.

What is a double dribble?

A double dribble is an illegals dribble made when a player dribbles the ball twice with both hands, or if he ended his dribble but starts dribbling again then it is a double dribble and if a double dribble occurs the team loses the possession of the ball and the opponents gets the ball.

Rules of double dribble

In basketball, there is a rule of the submission of the ball, that a player cannot hold the ball for more than five-second without dribbling. If a player of the team is closely guarded, he cannot hold the ball without dribbling, passing, or shooting for more than five seconds.

In double dribble rule, once a player gets the holding of the ball with both hands, he either have to pass it or have to shoot the ball but instead if he dribbles the ball with both hands then it’s a double dribble.A player only can dribble second time after ending the first, if he shoots the ball unsuccessfully to the backboard or to the ring or the opponent player touches the ball, and he gets it back than he can dribble even if he ended the dribbling.

If a player dribbles the ball second time after ending it once, than the referee would call it a dribble violation and call for a penalty, and the ball will pass to the opponent team, then will start from the place where you dribbled violently.

What is a carry?

While dribbling, your hands need to stay on the top of the ball, but if it goes under the ball than it’s a carry and when you carry a ball you lose the possession of it and the ball goes to the opponents.Without any doubt, you can dribble the ball as high as you can even above your shoulder high, except you just cannot hold the ball with your own hands. It is considered as an illegal effort in basketball.

What is a double foul?

A double foul is an illegal interruption in the basketball game. When two players of opponent teams foul each other and the same time it is called a double foul. The fouls are recorded as the players personal, the game resumes from where it was, no free throws are given and the team had the possession of the ball when the foul was occurred get back the possession of the ball and the ball inbounds from the sideline. If a player found doing a double foul two times in a game, he or she shall be rejected from the game right away.

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