What is a field goal in basketball? Know good field goal percentage

There are two ways a player can score in basketball and these are field Goal and free throws. In basketball, except free throws any shot made is a field goal. The name field goal is nothing special. It just for the good hearing they use the term “field goal”.

A field goal can be made by three ways, by a dunk, or layup or jump shot.

What is a field goal in basketball

Kareem Abdul Jabber is the former player of Los Angeles Lakers center, he has the record of the most field goals in NBA with total goals of 15,387 goals and also the most field goals attempted with the number up to 28,307 attempts.

A shot made from inside the 3-point line is worth 2 point. If the shot was made from outside of the 3-point line, then it worth 3 points. But it depends on if both feet were outside of the line at the time of the shot, if not then it will worth 2 points. All free throws are 1 point.

So, there are a few ways of counting field goal.

A field goal that goes into the basket is a Field Goal Made (FGM)

Any field goal shot made is Field Goal Attempt (FGA)

A players FGM/FGA is a players’ field goal percentage (FG%)

Points of field goals

All field goals have a point. These points are 2 point and 3-point field goal. The points are given depending on the type of goal you made. Like from what distance you made the goal and how you made it.

2-point field goal

A player earns 2-point field goal when they make the field goal from or within the 3-point line. The 2-point field goal is also called as 2 pointer. Making a two pointer is easy then three pointer. If you attempt to make a three pointer from or within the three-point line it become two pointer because you cannot make it from or within the line.

3-point field goal

The 3-point field goal or the 3 pointer is a field goal made from behind the 3-point line. If you attempt to score a 3-point field goal, you have to be careful about your feet because you have to keep bath of your feel behind the 3-point line. If any of your foot is on the line or within the line, then you will not get 3 pointer. You have keep your feet outside of the line before jump to score and land inside the line.
If you get fouled while making a 3 point, then you will be awarded 3 free throws but if you score the three pointer and be fouled then you will get one free throw.

What is a good field goal percentage?

Now you might have a question what is a good field goal percentage is. But before going to that let me tell you what is a field goal percentage is. A field goal percentage is the value count of your total number of field goals after dividing it by the number of your field goal attempts and then multiplying by 100.

This percentage is good for the benefit of the team and players.

A good field percentage is whatever you score above 50%. If you want to know if a player is good or bad, then you need to check if his field goal percentage is 50% or above that in NBA and NCAA basketball games.

The field goal can be a real confusing thing for a new basketball player or a fan. But you will get to understand it by time to time.

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