What is a lacrosse ball made of

What is a lacrosse ball made of also know how to made stikes and helmet

One of the fundamental elements that are needed to play a lacrosse game is a lacrosse ball. It is used with a lacrosse stick to produce goals and win the game for their team. A lacrosse ball is made of solid rubber. Though silicone or polyurethane type products also can be used to make lacrosse balls, the most used product is rubber.

How to made laceross ball?

 Curious minds will want to know what is actually used to make these balls? What is the weight of this ball going to be? Some may also ask about the diameter or circumference of the ball. You will find all of these answers in this article.

There’s a history of the making of a lacrosse ball. Not much history, but I actually want you to inform how a lacrosse ball was made in the past. In the earliest time, lacrosse balls were typically made of various natural elements.

  • Used buckskin stuffed with hair, grass or sand to make lacrosse balls.
  • Used wood to make another kind of lacrosse balls.
  • Sometimes rocks were also used to make these balls.

That time the diameter of the ball was 3 inches.

The game lacrosse has already earned popularity as a team sport in the world, particularly in North America. In the past, though various natural elements were used to made lacrosse ball. But at present, solid rubber is the main element to make the balls.

Except for solid rubbers, some other kinds of materials are also used to make the balls.

  • Silicone.
  • Polyurethane.
  • Various types of vinyl.

But among all these materials, solid rubbers are used mostly nowadays to make a lacrosse ball.

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Except for the materials that are used to make a lacrosse ball some other information we would love to know about a lacrosse ball. For example, color, weight, dimension, etc.

Talking about the ball’s colors there’s a color that is mostly used in a men’s lacrosse game and that is white. Meanwhile, in the women’s lacrosse, the yellow color of the ball is used. Depending on the gender the color of the balls varies. There’s a list of the colors of the balls used in men’s and women’s lacrosse.

1. Men’s lacrosse: White, orange, yellow, lime green and pink color balls are usually used.

2. Women’s lacrosse: Yellow and orange color balls are used.

3. Boys youth lacrosse: White, orange, lime green and pink color balls are used.

4. Girls youth lacrosse: Orange, yellow and lime color balls used.

Despite these color variations, white balls are mostly used balls in men’s games and yellow balls in women’s games.

Now let’s discuss about the dimension of a lacrosse ball. To play a lacrosse game we need not know the dimension of a lacrosse ball. But as a lacrosse player or a player of any team sports, you should have a minimum idea about the playing materials. In this regard, knowing something more about lacrosse ball or specifically about the dimension of the balls is needed for you.

The dimension, color, weight of the lacrosse balls varies depending on the rules of each lacrosse leagues. But there’s a certain weight, diameter, circumference of a lacrosse ball.

I’m going to give you information about the dimensions of the lacrosse balls according to the NCCA.

how much does a lacrosse ball weight

1. Weight: The weight of a lacrosse ball is 140 grams to 147 grams. In ounces, the weight is 5 ounces to 5.25 ounces. 

2. Circumference: Circumference of these balls is 7.75 inches to 8 inches. 

3. Diameter: The diameter of lacrosse balls are 62.7 mm. to 64.7 mm.

Which materials are used to make a lacrosse ball or what is the dimension of a lacrosse ball is now known to us. One important thing is, a lacrosse ball must be made according to the instructions of NCCA. That means it has to be a certified lacrosse ball.

How to made laceross sticks

Another important element of the Lacrosse game is lacrosse sticks.  Traditional lacrosse sticks are made of a single piece of wood, bent to form the head of the stick. A lacrosse stick has two parts. One is the head part and the other is the shaft part. Players can buy a fully readymade stick or individual sticks. But experience players buy individual head and shaft.

Three types of lacrosse sticks we will find. Wooden sticks, metal sticks, and carbon fiber sticks. Weight of wooden sticks is 10 oz, metal sticks weigh 5-6 oz and carbon fiber sticks weigh 5 oz. Among these three types of sticks, wooden sticks are mostly used.

How to made lacrosse helmet

Lacrosse helmets are another important equipment of this game. It is used as a protective element. Helmet wasn’t part of this game from the early period. In the past, players didn’t use to wear helmets or this kind of protection. With the rising popularity of this game, these types of equipment are added for ensuring the safety of the players.

The shells of lacrosse helmets are made of injection-molded plastic such as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic. Some helmets are also made of the same plastics as motorcycle helmets, such as polycarbonate plastics. A lacrosse helmet weighs 2 pounds to 6 pounds. These are such elements that you need to have to play lacrosse game. 

Final words

Lacrosse is a kind of game that is played with the help of a stick and a ball. So lacrosse ball is a must to play the game. After reading the whole article you have already come to know how a lacrosse ball is made or what is used to make a lacrosse ball. In one sentence, just following the rules and regulations of NCCA a lacrosse ball is made and it is made of solid rubber.

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