What is a loose ball foul in basketball? Know Basketball fouls

A loose ball foul is committed when a basketball is free and both teams trying to get the possession of it or when the ball was thrown at the basket but missed it then both of the team trying to rebound it this is when a loose ball foul happen. When the players are trying to get the ball possession, they do something aggressive like push, grab the opponent players. A loose ball foul neither an offensive nor a defensive foul. If a foul like this committed a free throw goes to the opponent team who is far from the penalty if not, then the following team will get the ball.

What is a loose ball foul in basketball

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Basketball fouls

Basketball is a game that does not allow any kind of fouls or violations. But still in this game player often foul each other or get into illegal violations. So here are some fouls which are not allowed in this game. If players’ committee these fouls, than either they lose the possession of the ball or free throws are awarded or penalties given to the opponent team.

Personal foul

Personal fouls are the most common fouls in a basketball game. These kind of fouls are not that serious. When two players get in personal fouls at each other is called personal fouls. Any violations made when a player grabs, pushes, hold or charges the opponent is called personal fouls.

In defense, a player can only use his chest and move to sides to stop his opponent. They cannot make any kind of contact with the arms, shoulders, knees, or hips or deliberately move to the opponent.

While in possession of the ball, a player cannot push pass the opponent defender who is already in the position or a player who is already committed foul is a defender or an offender committee five foul gets out of the game.

Technical foul

A technical foul is not related to any physical contact. It is not between two players. A technical foul is committed when players seating on the bench, coaches or the whole team get into fouls against a player or a coach, referee, spectator by behaving offensive way like taunting, using offensive words, hitting, throwing chair, spitting, teams fighting or fighting with thecrowdconsider as a technical foul.

Delaying the game will also be called as a technical foul. If a team committee such foul necessary steps will be taken against them.

A personal foul committed by a player who is already fouled out but foul again will be also considered as a technical foul.

Flagrant foul

When a player gets into any unnecessary, excessive or violent foul then it is called a flagrant foul. If a player gets into an unnecessary fight with opponent player resulting punching, hitting, shoving, etc. and injures the player badly or any kind of physical harm is done then a flagrant foul is charged.As a result of a flagrant foul the player can charge fines and eject from the game.There are two kind of flagrant foul. Flagrant foul 1 and flagrant foul 1. Depending on the situation of the foul the referee has the power to call it a flagrant foul one or two.

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Double foul

A double foul is committed when an illegal interruptionmade in the basketball game. When two players of opposition foul each other at the same time then is it called a double foul. These fouls are recorded as the players’ personal fouls. No free throws are given and none of the team gets any penalty. The game resumes from where the foul stopped it. If any player found doing double fouls more than one time, then he or she get ejected from the game, and the game continues.

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