What is a power play in hockey

What is a power play in hockey? Know Rules of power play in ice hockey

Okay, now let’s discuss the topic power play in hockey? What kind of sense it usually gives when you hear the term power play? Is it something that gives you the power to play? Or is it something about being pumped up or boost up?

Well, you can say that it is kind of the same. But not actually means that being pumped up and start hitting the opposing team because you have power. A power play in hockey is when a team commits any kinds of violation in the game, and as for punishment the team has to play with one less player or sometimes can be without two.

In the language of hockey, this punishment is called penalties. You can make a penalty by doing slashing, cross-checking, roughing, spearing, elbowing, kneeing, and tripping or by interference with any of the opposing team player.

In ice hockey, the penalty system suggests that if your team makes the punishment than your team has to play without one less player for about two minutes or until the opposing team manages to score a goal.

But in case your team is suffering the penalty, but instead, you manage to score a goal then the penalty will not be withdrawn. Your team has to suffer the full-time penalty.Now, you can ask what the benefit of having a power play in hockey is? 

Well, you can easily understand the matter with the suggestion of the term power play. It gives you the power to play.

In hockey, you have to play with two defensive players, two forward players, one center player and one goalkeeper.

Now imagine one of your defense man did some sort of mischief in the game and now with the signal of the referee your team have to play without one player for two minutes or until the team having the advantage of power-play scores a goal.

Your defense will be horrifying without one player, and your opposing team will have the chance to use the advantage of power play and to score a goal against you.

That is not good, right?

Indeed it is not good for your team but imagine you are having the power play.

Now it should be good. Because now you have the privilege to score a new goal against your opposing team as they are weaker than your team.

What is a power play in hockey

Rules of power play in ice hockey

There are no hard and fast rules of power play in ice hockey. Everything is the same. Power play means having the advantage of playing. It enables you to score a goal and provides the chance to play freely by creating pressure on the opposing team. Other than that, all the other thing is kind of the same.

Whether you are having the advantage of the power play or you the victim of the power play, you just need to understand the strategy of the game.

If you are playing for the team which is having the power play then you should concentrate on the way of scoring goal. You need to research with your coaches or with your team member about the strategy of the game.

On the other hand, if you are the victim of the power play, then probably your strategy should be how to defense properly or maybe sometimes doing some counter-attack can help.

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1-3-1 hockey power play

Now there are two ways possible of power play in hockey. One is you are playing without one player and the second one is you are playing without two-player.

Playing without two players is not that much common but playing without one player is quite common in hockey.

So we are nowhere discussing about the strategy of playing without one player in hockey.

The goalkeeper in hockey is always fixed. But the defense, forward and center player can move. Now if any of your team players are suspended from the game, then you have to play without one player. On this particular case which strategy the opponent team will take or how they will attack you is known as 1-3-1 strategy.

There are three zones in hockey. Your goal line is the defending zone of yours. The middle red line is known as the neutral zone, and your opposing team goal area is the attacking zone for your team.

Now, based on these three zones, how you will set up your player is the strategy.

There are five-way possible if you are trying to set and play in 1-3-1 position-

  1. 1Quick set low
  2. 2Quick set high
  3. 3Double screen
  4. 4Post up and
  5. 5Slap pass

These are the actual strategy that you should research about and if you would like to be an expert hockey player, then knowing all these strategies will help you a lot in the long run.

Power play in hockey is the advantage of one team in time of playing. While one team is having advantage the other team must follow some disadvantages. That’s how the game is fair.

If you are not aware of the whole concept and the strategy of the game, then there is a chance that the opponent team will dominate over your team. It is quite common in the time of playing that some member will commit some sort of penalties but what you should do on that particular moment is the main learning process that you need to research more about.

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