What is a triple double in Basketball

Any kinds of sports are worth watching and when the sports name is basketball then the excitement is everywhere. But during a game, we may face trouble regarding some questions. What is triple-double in a basketball is such a question.

If you are here new to know about what is triple-double in basketball, then probably you are new in basketball. Not a big deal at all. We are here to make you understand. In general, there are five basic areas where you can score in basketball. These are points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. If somehow you manage to score a double-digit in any three of these particular areas, then it is called a triple-double. Sounds good right?

If you would like to know more about triple-double then this article is obviously for you.

What is a triple-double in Basketball

How to get a triple-double in basketball

As we have mentioned above that if somehow you manage to get a double-digit in any 3 of the 5 statistical areas then it is known as a triple-double.so for getting a triple-double you need to know about all of the statistical areas.so for our progression let's talk about Points first.

Points are being counted when you manage to throw the ball into the basket. Normally you can go for one point, two points, and three-point. The free throw is being given one point, if you manage to throw the ball into the basket within the three-point line then you'll get two points and if from outside the three-point line then you’ll get three points. That is how you can score the point. If you have understood the concept of scoring points, then let’s talk about Rebounds.

It is basically when the referee has given you a free shot or free throw and you somehow have missed the ball to put it into the basket and any player from your team if manage to recollect the ball then it is known as rebounds. Rebounds give your team another opportunity to score a point.

Then comes AssistImagine you are playing basketball and at one point in the game you throw the ball to one of your partners and he manages to put the ball into the basket. That is what assistance is, so assist is in general when a player passes the ball towards another player of his team and the player who has received the ball has managed to put the ball into the basket. Assist strengthen the team spirit. Although it seems like you are not the scoring point then again it is your achievement. The total number of assist that you have made in a game will be counted on your profile.

After that comes steal, In basketball, the team that has the possession of the ball is known as an offensive team and the team that doesn't have the possession of the ball is known as a defensive team. If now you are playing for the defensive team the stealing is obviously for you. Stealing means taking possession of the ball from the offensive team in a legal way.so now you may ask what's the legal way to steal the ball. That is, you should not steal the ball from your opponent by touching him or by any kind of physical contact. that's why it requires good skills and athletic performance to steal the ball. Maybe when the offensive player is dribbling the ball or throwing the ball in the air you can take the chance to steal the ball.

In the end, the last statistical part is Block.so what is the block in basketball right? For understanding blocking better, you need to be a defensive player first. Imagine that the opponent team had thrown a ball into your basket and you stopped the ball. They have failed to score. You have saved three points. Sounds interesting? Then you should know that you have done a blockage here.

so blocking is actually when the offensive team had thrown the ball into your basket and you manage to stop the ball from going it into the basket without any kind violation of rules. That is, you should not touch the offensive player's hand or any parts of the body except only the ball. Blocking is, of course, a defensive attitude that paves the way for your team success.

If you have read so far all the content, then you should not have any doubts about any of these categories.so scoring double-digits in any three of these five categories will ensure that you have done a triple-double. No doubt scoring a triple-double is not an easy task to accomplish.it needs hard work, consistency, practice. But as the fruit is always sweeter so as if you manage to score a triple-double then you will realize that scoring a triple-double is even sweeter.

In playing ground you should must know How To Shoot A Basketball, know this tips.

Top 10 triple-double pro basketball player

After knowing all this information if you missed out who are some of the best triple-double pro basketball players then probably you are going to miss your future mentors also, that's why we are here to suggest you some of the best pro-level basketball players.

  1. 1
    Oscar Robertson - 181 times
  2. 2
    Russell Westbrook - 146 times
  3. 3
    Magic Johnson - 138 times
  4. 4
    Jason Kidd - 107 times
  5. 5
    LeBron James - 92 times
  6. 6
    Wilt chamberlain - 78 times
  7. 7
    Larry bird - 59 times
  8. 8
    James harden - 44 times
  9. 9
    Fat lever - 43 times
  10. 10
    Nikola jokes - 39 times

If you are very much serious about basketball and scoring triple-double then you can collect their clips and learn from the expert.

Youngest player to get a triple-double

Okay, here we are providing some more information that can inspire you to get a triple-double. Who knows, maybe you are going to be the next youngest triple-double player.

So, as far as now Markelle Fultz (Philadelphia 76ers)is known as the youngest player to score a triple-double. He achieved this achievement on April 11, 2018. He was playing against Milwaukee Bucks and in that match, he managed to get 13 points,10 rebounds, and 10 assists.

Inspiring right? I hope you will also score a triple-double one day. In pendamic time you also practice basket in your backyard or home, see our article portable basketabll hoop.

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