What is hat trick in hockey? Top hockey hat trick players

If you are familiar with watching any kind of sports, then probably or you must know the term called or known as a hat trick.

Hat trick is everywhere in every piece of game. From cricket to football, from baseball to basketball and from hockey to ice hockey hat trick is everywhere and there.

A hat trick in hockey is basically when a player scores three-goal during the course of one game.

A hat trick in any type of game is quite an achievement for any type of player. You maybe now are thinking as the term starts with hat then maybe there is a chance that the player is rewarded with a lot of hat.

Well, if not true for all games, it is true, at least for hockey.

Interested to know about history and from where the term came from?

Stay tuned with us.

What is hat trick in hockey

History of hockey hat trick

The origin of the term hat trick in hockey is still a mystery. Nobody can quite surely answer the question from where the term hat trick in hockey came from.But for your better confirmation, we are providing you some more information about the term hat trick.The common incident that history tells about the hat trick is that the term hat trick came from the sports cricket.

When a cricket player named Stephenson made three out in a consecutive three deliveries, a man greeted him with a bag of hats. From that incident, hat trick is familiar in any sports.Another conception is that a player from Chicago black hawks Alex asked for a hat from a businessman. But instead of giving him a hat he proposes him to score three goals, and he will give him a free hat. From that incident, the term hat trick in hockey can also come.

The last conception is that the Bilt more hats and Henri Henri company made a deal to provide hats to the player who will score three goals in a particular game. Hat trick in hockey can also come from those incidents.From wherever it came, the term hat trick is a fascinating incident for a player and for the audience also. It’s quite an achievement for a player to hit a hat trick.

Natural hat trick

You can score two different types of hat trick in hockey.

The first one is when you manage to score three goals in the course of one game. That is with what we all are familiar with.

But there is another type of hat trick in hockey. When a player manages to score three consecutive goals before any player from any team manages to score a new goal is known as a natural hat trick more often.

You need to be a consistent and perfect player to score a hat trick. It’s not a hand of sweet for everyone.

Top hockey hat tricksplayers

The number of hat trick done by now is quite a large number. But we are now listing here some of the best players who have done the best number of hat trick so far.

  1. 1Wayne Gretzky-50
  2. 2Mario Lemieux-40
  3. 3Mike bossy-39
  4. 4Brett hull-33
  5. 5Phil Esposito-32
  6. 6Marcel Dionne-28
  7. 7Bobby hull-28
  8. 8Alex Ovechkin-27
  9. 9Maurice Richard-26
  10. 10Cy denneny-24

You can always follow them for having a perfect mentor and from where you actually can learn to be a perfect hockey player.

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Hat trick is mess in hockey?

If you have ever witnessed a hockey match, then you should know the rest about hat trick in hockey. In all other game, a hat trick is well enjoyed, but in hockey, a hat trick usually creates a total mess.

When a player hits three consecutive goals in the course of the game, all the people standing in the gallery or watching the match starts throwing all over the court. Then a condition appears that all the players have to take a rest for clearing out all the mess, and all the groundsman has to put a great effort into sweeping out all the hats.

Now a question may appear in your mind what the hell they do with all these hats that have been thrown in the court?

Okay, after collecting all the hats, the player is rewarded all the hats in a big bag. But if he refuses to take all these hats, then the hats are used for charity.

Hat trick is also known as when someone hats off a person and bows down him for his great achievement.

It’s about giving respect to the player or the person or to let him know that they appreciate all his effort.

Now there is also another trend which is known as rat trick. It came when a player before playing killed a rat and in the match he did a hat trick. Then he is rewarded with the rat. From that incident, people sometimes tend to come with a large number of plastic rat, and if any player hit a hat trick they starts throwing all those rats into the field.

That’s when we call it a rat trick.

Isn’t it fascinating and rewarding to know all the information about hat trick?

Maybe when for the next time you will sit for watching a hockey match and a player from your team will make a hat trick, you will remember all the information that we provided here. And you will feel good that you know all the information about hat trick and from where it came from.

Enjoy the game and enjoy being sportive. In the end, it is actually what matters the most.

video: NHL: Hat Tricks

source: https://thehockeywriters.com/nhl-hat-tricks-history-fun-facts/

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