What to wear canoeing- Must accessories list during the canoeing

What you need to wear for canoeing depends on the weather condition you are going to canoeing. In normal weather conditions, simple dress is enough for canoeing, but in case of cold weather you should put on dry or wet suit. That’s the basic thing you need to keep in your mind before going to put on the suit for canoeing. Every contion you must wear life jacket (safety first).

What to wear canoeing

What to wear canoeing


Canoe is a kind of small, narrowboat that is paddled with a single-bladed paddle and this is called canoeing. You can enjoy canoeing in both warm weather conditions and cool weather conditions. But you have to make sure that you are wearing the right suit for canoeing regarding the weather condition. In this article I’m going to discuss about what to wear for canoeing in both warm and cool weather conditions.


Canoeing cloth 

For clothing there are few things that you need to keep in your mind. The most important thing is whether the condition for canoeing is warm or cool. Depending on this you have to make the right choice of cloths.

Warm condition

Top part

In warm condition, you can wear comfortable shirts or t-shirts which are made of polyester, nylon or blend of one these materials. But if you want something which will dry soon then you can go with the blend of nylon with Lycra spandex. These suits will make you feel much comfortable because you can stretch your body parts with ease.

Then you can use jackets, which are waterproof to save yourselves from unwanted rain. These waterproof or breathable jackets are designed such a way that it keeps the water stay from your body and ensures that you don’t feel discomfort during the ride. That’s all you need to wear at the top part in warm conditions.

Bottom part

Coming to the down part, most of the time people before canoeing choose to wear swimsuits or underwear as the first layer at the bottom part. But you have to ensure that wearing these things doesn’t make you feel discomfort during the trip. That’s why I will suggest you wear synthetic underwear or swimsuits, which will make you feel comfortable enough.

Then you can put on dry shorts or pants, whatever makes you feel comfortable. But don’t wear anything which is too much tight and made of super-thin fabrics, because this won’t help you in paddling the boat and you will never have a pleasant journey then.

Cool condition

There are mainly three types of conditions you are going to face here. One when the air is cold, other one is when the water is cold and during the last one both the water and the air are cold. There are two types of suits for these conditions, dry suit and wet suit.


It’s a type of raincoat that saves you from the water by not letting the drops of water touch your body. This suit comes with watertight seals, so the best way to use this suit is to wear non-cotton long underwear. You can also put on dry suit liners or dry suits that come with fleece lining. Then if you put on a thick fleece layer over the long underwear, it will definitely save you from colder conditions.

Wet suit

You can put on your wet suit over underwear or swimsuit any time you want. The warm water inside the suit makes you feel warm and better during the cold conditions. If the condition improves and you just want to take off the suit, you can do so easily without hesitation because you are already wearing it over swimsuits or underwear.

Then if the condition turns colder then you should put on an extra layer over the wet suit or look for a thicker wetsuit, which will provide you enough warmness. No further layer is needed if you are wearing a long sleeved wetsuit. If you are using a sleeveless or short wetsuit you might need help of rain or a waterproof jacket. These jackets will save your hand from getting freeze during colder conditions.

Canoeing Footwear 

Lightweight boots or shoes are always ideal for canoeing. And you can go with neoprene booties if the weather condition is cold. But there are few things that you should keep in mind.

  • As the shoes you are going to use will definitely get wet and dirty too. So look to put on old shoes for canoeing.
  • Tighten the shoes perfectly, so that it doesn’t come off your feet when you are stuck in mud. If you tightly wear the shoes this will also prevent the shoes from slipping off you feet.
  • To add warmth inside your shoes you can wear non-cotton socks.


To save you head from excessive sunshine you can use cap or hat. This will help to block the UV ray coming towards your face and thus you’ll be able to feel comfortable. You can also wear glasses in this regard.

Canoeing accessories during ride: Well I have already discussed the clothing you need during canoeing ride. But there are some other accessories you need during the ride.

  1. Canoe
  2. Paddle for each paddler
  3. Floatation devise for each paddler
  4. Extra paddle and PFD
  5. Seat
  6. Dry bags
  7. Weather updating radio or device
  8. Float bags
  9. Bailer or bilge pump
  10. Energy foods and drinks
  11. GPS/ compass
  12. Some repair kits & etc.

So you need these accessories during a canoeing ride. And you need to wear suits mainly depending on the weather condition, thus you can have a pleasant canoeing trip.

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