When does hockey season start? Scheduling process of NHL

If you are here to know the information about the hockey season and how it actually works, then we are here to provide you the best of the answers and explanation about the hockey season.

Hockey season and the structure of the schedule are determined by the National hockey league popularly known as NHL. Based on the information provided by NHL, hockey season begins from the early October and ends at the early April.

A large number of match is played in one season. NHL is established with thirty teams, and each team has to play eighty-two(82) matches per season. They have to play forty-one matches at home, and forty-one matches away games.

After knowing all the information, are you interested in knowing more details about the hockey league season and the scheduling process of the NHL?

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When does hockey season start

How many games in the NHL season?

NHL means National Hockey League, Who actually fixes the schedule for the number of games that will be played in every season.

Approximately there are thirty teams under the NHL. In a season, every team has to play a total number of 82 matches before the playoffs. They need to play forty-one matches at home, and forty-one matches on away.

They need to play forty-one matches at home, and forty-one matches on away.

So, at the end of the season also with the Stanley cup, a sum total of around two thousand and five hundred matches are being played in one season.

A stranger in the game of hockey will be astonished for sure after knowing all this information.

These are not only the thing that you should be aware of hockey. We are bringing you some of the more information that maybe can help you in the long run.

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Scheduling process of NHL

As you know, the NHL have 30 teams. NHL divides these thirty teams into two conferences. One is the western conference, and the other is the eastern conference. Then they divide each of the conferences into two divisions. The western conference is divided into the pacific and the central division. And the eastern is divided into the metropolitan and the Atlantic division. For the pacific and the central division, there will be 7 teams each, and for the metropolitan and the Atlantic division, there will be eight teams for each.

Each of the teams from every division has to play four or five matches against each other from their division.

They again need to play three matches with the team who are not in their division but in their conference.

After completing all of the matches, the top three ranked teams will play for the playoffs instantly. Then, the next two teams having the possession of the highest point from each conference will play the playoff as a wild card spot. After the playoff, we will find out our two teams- who will compete in the Stanley cup.

How long is a hockey season

A regular hockey season usually starts in early October, and it finishes in early April.

That means a hockey season lasts for at least six or seven months. If we consider the Stanley cup, then it will last with an average of seven months.

After completing each season, we came to know the champion of the season, or the champion of the Stanley cup is the champion of the season.

The aim of NHL before scheduling the season is to set up the exact number of matches for each of the teams.

It’s quite a tiresome process scheduling the whole season. The strategy of the game and the schedule need to have a proportionate scheme.

Is hockey season long?

Yes, you can say that. It takes quite a long time to complete the whole season. Imagine, each team is playing eighty-two numbers of matches before the playoff. They are playing each of their matches at home and onboard. The NHL has to put a lot of effort into the scheduling and for selecting the field and game time.

So it is quite natural that each season of hockey will last for a long time. If not totally fixed, but for the completion of the total season, around six or seven months is required. If you want to know hockey rink dimention read this post.

So you maybe are wondering, thinking all the processes that NHL has to consider before completing a season. Arranging around 2500 matches is not an easy task to do. But guess the competency of NHL.

They are doing it for a long time without making a great amount of mistakes. Many hockey lover loves to play hockey in street, this street hockey stick are some diffrents in ice hockey.

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Final words

So, you should be thankful to them that they are doing their task with a great hand, and we are being able to enjoy all these matches without any effort. Most of the time by sitting in front of our television screen.

This article was all about the season of hockey and about the process of the schedule that NHL follows in the time of arranging the total schedule and game plan. In summary, we can say that the hockey season is a long time process, and the authority has to put a lot of effort into arranging a season properly.

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