When is lacrosse season start-Know high-school,cllege and major league

The Lacrosse season mainly starts in the spring.The season of lacrosse starts according to the weather of the USA and Canada. So the main season for lacrosse is spring.

When is lacrosse season

When is lacrosse season

We know that the spring season in the USA starts from 1st March and continues till 31st May. Between these 3 months, a lot of games are played worldwide. Seasons for football, soccer, golf, track, swimming, baseball, etc. sports starts during the spring season. Lacrosse is such a kind of sport. The season of lacrosse begins in the spring.

Before the beginning of the main season, a primary season, also known as the practice season starts from January. Then the main season begins from the late part of February or the very beginning of March and continues till May. 

During the spring season, lacrosse game is played in different leagues. Lacrosse has a few levels. The seasonal games are played according to the level. High school level, college level, youth level, professional level, national level, etc. are some levels of lacrosse games.

According to the levels, the start of the season differs a bit, but not a lot. Besides, the style of playing and the accessories used in the games also vary because of the level. This is why we can call this game a complex sport with a lot of playing versions.

 Although it has a lot of levels but the games of the main seasons are mostly played during the spring. The season starts just before the start of the spring or with the start of the spring and ends up in the last part of the spring.

Now I will discuss the season of lacrosse according to the levels.

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when is high school and college lacrosse seasson

The beginners of the game mainly are part of high school lacrosse. The high school lacrosse season starts during the spring season and also ends up before the spring is over. High school lacrosse is played for 48 minutes for men players. But women players’ game’s duration is 50 minutes.

Young players from college and universities play the college level lacrosse in the USA and Canada. Both men and women players participate in this level of lacrosse. The college-level lacrosse season begins in the middle of February. The season ends in May. College-level lacrosse games are played for 60 minutes. There’s no difference in the duration of men’s and women’s games.

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Major league seasson

This level has a lacrosse league, known as Major League Lacrosse (MLL). This level of lacrosse is a bit different from the other level of lacrosse that is mentioned above in the case of starting a season. Because the season of major league lacrosse from late May and continues till late September. Well, we all know that these months are called the fall season or autumn. So the fall season is the beginning of the major league lacrosse. From this, we can also say that a few lacrosse seasons start in the fall. The length of major league games is 60 minutes as usual.

 National lacrosse league season

National level lacrosse is played under the control of National League Lacrosse, known as NLL. This league is also considered a professional level, just like the major league. The NLL plays its most games in the winter and spring, from December to June. But the box lacrosse leagues are played at different times. It is played during the summer season. The regular season of NLL starts in December and ends in April. One team has to play 18 games in a season. Among those games, 9 games are home and the other 9 games are away. NLL games are played on Friday and Saturday nights. These levels of games also have a duration of 60 minutes.

premier lacrosse league season

This is a level under the control of the Premier lacrosse league, simply known as PLL. It is a kind of professional league in the USA. It is also field lacrosse; box lacrosse is not a part of this level. The rules and regulations of premier lacrosse league are similar to Major league lacrosse. The season of the premier level begins in the fall season. The season starts form the late of May and ends in September. The games of these seasons are also 60 minutes in length just like the Major league lacrosse (MLL).

Women’s Professional Lacrosse League

So far, I have discussed the professional level of men’s lacrosse. But there’s a league of women’s professional level. Women’s Professional Lacrosse League, simply known as WPLL. The season of the women’s professional lacrosse league starts in June and continues approximately till September. Women’s professional league games are lengthy too. The duration of this league’s game is 60 minutes.

Youth lacrosse season

The season for the youth level starts a bit late. It starts in April and continues until the early of June. Players from this level can upgrade their skills and make them prepare for the next level, the professional level of lacrosse. For girl’s youth, the duration of a lacrosse game is 24 minutes, whereas the duration of the boy’s game is 32 minutes.

Final words

One of the oldest popular sports in North America, lacrosse is mainly a spring season game. Most of the professional leagues begin their journey in during the spring, from the month of March to May. But Major league lacrosse (MLL) is played during the fall season.

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