When was and who basketball invented?

Basketball  game was invented in the late 19s. The inventor of the game was James Naismith, who was a physician. It was invented in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The idea of the game came from the thought of throwing a ball inside a basket hanging from the balcony to improve the physical conditions of the young athletes. The inventor came up with the idea of this game to invent such a game which has less injuries than football.

Naismith himself became the coach of this game for Kansas University in 1898 and played a game with the win-loss record of 55-60.

When was basketball invented

Who invented basketball

The inventor of basketball was James Naismith, who is an American- Canadian, who was born on 6th of November, 1861, in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. He was raised in Canada but became an American citizen in 1925. He was a physical instructor in the profession, A coach, and a Christian chaplain. He also was one of the designers of the first football helmet.

The idea of creating basketball came into his mind when he was a physical teacher at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was instructed by his boss to create a game that has less injury possibilities than football and can be played indoors during the cold winter of New England to keep the athletes in form. With this thought, he created this game.

At first, it was a game of throwing a ball into a fruit basket hanging from balcony. But the game shaped like a massive game with rules in time to time.

Eventually, the game became so popular by 1893, and YMCA started promoting the game internationally, and The game was played as a demonstration sport at the Summer Olympics in 19o4. By the year 1936 in berlin, the sport became official in Summer Olympics.

After that, Naismith became the coach of this game at Kansas university. The first basketball game with rules was played 1981 in Kansas university with the direction of the inventor of this game.

At first, there were only 13 rules, and the game was played by 9 players using a 10 ft—high peach basket as the ring for the ball.

NCAA basketball history

The history of NCAA started from 1895 with the first college basketball game of and after that in1896, Iowa and Chicago played the first college basketball game with five players per side despite the Naismith rules of nine players team.

In 1904 when the Summer Olympic called basketball as a demonstration sport in St. Louis, the tournament held at the game was the first entirely college teams’ basketball tournament where the Hiram won the game with gold medal defeating the Latter Day Saint University.

In March 1922 was the first National intercollegiate basketball tournament held in Indianapolis. After that, many rules were included and cut from the NCAA game.

Woman’s basketball history

Woman’s basketball came into history in 1892 when the University of California and miss heads school had played the woman’s basketball for the first time. Eventually, woman’s basketball became popular in woman’s colleges and universities throughout the world after that. After hockey, volleyball and rowing basketball became women’s first team sport. It was invented for a woman to develop their physical health.

The first intercollege woman’s game was played on 4 April 1896. The first woman NBA player was Lusia Harris of delta state university. She was one of the Two Woman Hall of Fame Inductees in 1975-77. The other one is Lily Margate wade; The WBCA wade trophy was named in her honor.

Basketball invented in Canada

James Naismith, who was a Canadian and inventor of basketball, and it was invented in Canada. When he was the physical teaching at YMCA, Springfield, Massachusetts, he invented the game, and now it is worldwide known as basketball. After he left Canada and shifted in America, the game had started practicing there too, but Canada held the history of playing basketball for the first time as a sport.

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final words

Basketball is aworldwide known game and has millions of fans around the globe. It is usually played by young, athletic peoples. Because playing basketball takes a lot of pressure on your body. One needs to have a great health and possession over their body to play basketball. Above you know the history of basketball invented.

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