When was lacrosse invented- History of lacrosse game

Native American Indians first played lacrosse in the 1630s. The Europeans saw them playing this game in the St. Lawrence valley with sticks and ball. This is the very first time that someone visually had the experience of this game. Thus the game was invented in the 1630s.

When was lacrosse invented

It was a very popular game in northern America at that time. People loved to play this game in their free time. They enjoyed playing this game. The people of the northern region of America also had a firm belief that god gifted this game to them for his enjoyment. That describes how serious they were about this game.

Now let’s briefly discuss some aspects of this game.

The invention of men’s lacrosse

Men’ lacrosse started its journey in the early of the 17th century. People of Europe first saw this game being played in the 1630s. The American Indians were playing this team sports. So it was the 1630s when the men’s lacrosse was invented.

Where it was invented

The indigenous people of Northern America used to play this game in the St. Lawrence Valley area mostly. The Europeans saw them playing this game in that region. That means the St. Lawrence Valley is the place where this popular team sport was first discovered.

The invention of women’s lacrosse

First women’s lacrosse game was played in 1890. Louisa Lumsden, the headmistress of St. Leonards School, Scotland first introduced this game to the girls of her school. Miss Lumsden, watched a game played in Canada, in 1884, between the Canghuwaya Indians and the Montreal Club, in Montreal. She described the game as a wonderful, beautiful and graceful. Being pleased with the game she introduced this game in her school doing no more delay.

Where was it was invented 

Women’s lacrosse was invented in Scotland. It was first played between the girls of St. Leonards School, St. Andrews, Scotland in 1890.

The naming of the game

The Europeans first name the lacrosse game. They named the game “La crosse”, after a bishop’s crosier. As there were many tribes at that time who used to play the game, the game was also known as “Baggartaway” and “Tewaarthon”. The Europeans though sometimes called it Racket because of the sticks used in the game. The major elements to play this sport were the stick and the ball. That’s why at that time, it was also known as stickball. But at last, the game got its official name. Now this team sport is known as “Lacrosse” to everyone.

Where Lacrosse was played

: At that time, the players of lacrosse were indigenous of North America. They had few tribes who used to play this game. The Algonquian tribe, followed by other tribes of the eastern part of North America, the western part of great lakes and southeast part of North America were mainly the players of lacrosse at that time.

Beliefs of the indigenous people

They considered lacrosse as a great game for amusement at that time. They used to play this game during their pastimes. Interestingly, they had a strange belief about this game. They believed that god gifted this game to them to make their creator feel amused. So they had a different type of respect for the game too. During the faceoff of the game, the players used to raise their sticks and yell the name of their creator. That refers to how they felt for the game.

Primary rules of the game

That time, there were no such rules or regulations imposed for the game. It was played with sticks and a ball. There were a few primary rules for the game then. One of them is, a player can’t touch the ball with the hands with a few exceptions. And this rule was for all kinds of lacrosse.

The number of players

Nowadays, in a lacrosse game one team can have 10 players in the field. But at that time the number of players was not definite. A lot of players could easily participate in the game. Sometimes the number was so unbelievable that a modern-day lacrosse player can’t even imagine.

Duration of the game

Modern lacrosse game lasts for 60 minutes in general. But the old lacrosse game had no such length. A game could even last for 3 days. So there were no regulations regarding the duration at that time.

Very popular old team sport lacrosse was invented in the 1630s, near the St. Lawrence valley. Again, the women’s lacrosse was invented in 1890 in St. Leonards School, Scotland. It was mostly played in the northern part of America. But now it has earned its popularity around the globe.

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