When was the skateboard invented-History of skateboarding

Skateboard was probably invented in the end part of the 1940s or beginning part of the 1950s in California. Although skateboard was invented then but at that time, the sport was not known as skateboarding. It began its journey in California, basically for surfing purposes. So at that time, it was known as sidewalk surfing.

Skateboard is a kind of sports item which is used for skateboarding. The modern-day skateboard is a short narrow kind of board with two small wheels attached to the underside of either end of the board. Riders use it in a standing position or crouching position, compelling themselves by pushing one foot against the ground.

When was the skateboard invented

History of skateboarding

When the first skateboard was invented, it was not like the modern-day skateboards. It was then only wooden boxes or boards with roller skate wheels attached under the board. With the rising popularity of the sport, the shape and design continued to improve and this resulted in our modern-day skateboards.

You have already known that skateboarding was first introduced in California. The surfers of California got a different idea of surfing at that time. They were planning to do something when the waves were flat. It means that they wanted to surf on pavement type area or where is no wave. This different idea gave birth to skateboarding. So that time they began skateboarding by calling it sidewalk surfing. With the invention of sidewalk surfing, the sport of surfing got great popularity. Thus skateboarding was invented.

Skateboarding started its journey with wooden boxes or similar kinds of boards with roller skate wheels attached to the bottom. But with the increasing popularity of the sport, different companies started using planks instead of roller skate wheels and the boards or wooden boxes turned into decks, which are made off pressed layers of wood. So with the rising popularity, the skateboard materials also changed, and it got stronger than earlier.  

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who invented skateboarding

You guys may have got a question in mind who invented the real skateboard or who is the original inventor of the skateboard. Larry Stevenson is the original inventor of skateboard. He started the real skateboard journey in 1963 with a new skateboard company established by him. He built Makaha Skateboard Company to mass-produce his surfboard-shaped skateboard design. His newly shaped skateboards offered a great ride on the waveless surfaces. Makaha was one of those skateboarding companies that used clay wheels over metal wheels for smoother riding experience.

Larry Stevenson’s Makaha Company sponsored the first skateboard contest in the same year. It was the first skateboard company that sponsored a skateboard exhibition team. That’s why he is the original inventor of skateboard.

It is a sport of skateboarding and there is no trick? Oh, that’s not possible. The idea of imposing tricks in skateboarding was sketched by John Rodney Mullen. He is known as the godfather of street skating. He was an American professional skateboarder who used to practice freestyle skateboarding and street skateboarding. In the history of this sport, Rodney is considered as the most prominent street skater. He invented the most influential trick in skateboarding. His invented trick was named Ollie. It is supposed to be the best trick in the sport.

No doubt he is the best street skater in the world. He invented so many tricks in his lifetime. Such as the heelflip, the kickflip, the 540-shove it, the 360 flip, helipop heelflips, the no handed 50-50 kickflip and 15 more such kinds of flips. In the field of inventing tricks in skateboarding he is just a genius. That’s the reason he is called the god father of street skating.

In the 1950s, skateboarding started its journey in the name of sidewalk surfing. At that time, the skateboard was introduced in two places in the world. One is California, and the other one is Hawaii. In the ending part of the decade, skateboard had the first peak.

In the 1960s, the status of skateboard upgraded to sports equipment from toys. In this decade, Larry Stevenson founded the first skateboard company Makaha. It was a great milestone in the progress of this sport. This Company sponsored the first skateboard contest in the same year. There were about 100 competitors found in Hermosa Beach in this contest. One of the most famous skateboard shoe brands also established in 1966. So this was a significant decade for skateboarding.

In the 1970s, noteworthy changes were noticed. Changing the trend of using roller skate at the bottom of the skateboard, Cadillac Wheels were started to be used with better materials than ever for a smoother ride. Skateboarding reached Germany in the middle of this decade. The shape of the board changed, and it became a bit wider.

In the 1980s, Rodney Mullen introduced the Ollie trick in the sport. To add more fun to the sport this was a great thing. He also invented many more tricks in this field.

 In the 1990s, modern skateboarding began its journey. Different companies started making skateboards and its products. From this decade till now the popularity of this sport has reached a great height.

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world skateboarding championship

World skateboarding championship list: World skateboarding known as vans park series world championships. There are more championships. Such as, SLS super crown world championship, street skateboarding championship, park skateboarding championships, x games, skateboarding at summer Olympics, street league skateboarding, Kimberley diamond cup.

So skateboard was invented in the end part of the 1940s or beginning part of the 1950s in California. As time passed, it got its popularity.

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