Why are pool tables green? How to remove the old felt

It is not always true that pool tables clothes must be green. But traditionally it is green.

The reason behind this is totally historical. Pool actually revolutionized from lawn game. This was totally an outdoor game. When it is brought from outdoor to indoor they did not want to change the traditional concept. Because people used to play lawn games in a pure green surface, that is why in the pool game also the surface of the clothes is green.

Would you like to know more about the historical concept and background about the origination of the pool game?

We have tried for you to gather some information about the topic. Proceed further to know more.

Why are pool tables green

Origination of pool game

The background of the pool game is interesting. If you are here to collect the information about the clothes color of the pool table then you should have some brief knowledge about the pool game’s historical background.

Pool games or billiards originated from lawn games for sure. There is no doubt about it. It was basically a Croquet type of game. This game was popular for playing outside on a pure green surface.

It was brought back inside for the upper-class community concerning the hit and weather. Though it is very common now, it was never the same before. This game was popular among kings, presidents, and aristocratic society.

It started evolving from the early 15th century and takes a perfect shape in the late 16th century.

For being so much popular among the aristocratic society, this was known as Noble Game of Billiards at the beginning of the early 18th century.

As it was brought from outside to inside for playing, the conventional attire of the game changed a little.

That is why it is now also very common to use green clothes on the surface of the pool table. Because they were used to play the game in a total green surface. For carrying the green environment they started putting the clothes of green color on the surface of the table.

pool tables green Is it mandatory?

After reading the article you can have a question inside your head as if it is necessary or not to put the green color on the surface or not?

Nope, it is obviously not mandatory to put the green color on the surface of the pool table.

Even now a day, different color of home pool table is available. Besides green- red, maroon, blue and gray color is also available.

But as there is a chance that the color of the pool ball can match the color of the clothes –they usually use a little light color on the clothes so that the color of the surface and the color of the balls do not match with each other.

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How to remove the old felt

Removing the old felt is not a kind of task that should be done by a beginner or by someone who never has changed a felt before.

It should be done by a professional.if you are not an expert then we will highly recommend you to do the task by the hand of an expert.

But if you would like to do it by yourself at your own risk, then we can show you the steps that you should follow for removing your pool tables old felt.

1.arranging all the equipment-for changing the old felt, collect all the necessary equipment(stapler, screwdriver, wax, glow, etc.) that will be needed for changing the felt.

2. Choosing the felt-if you are very much serious about changing the felt then the first thing you need to do is choosing a new felt for your pool table.

Whatever color suit your table the best, pick it.

3. Disassemble the table-after choosing the right color for your table now you have to disassemble the pool table for putting a new felt.

Do the task very carefully and consciously.

4.Remove the old felt-now remove the old felt very carefully. Do not make any scratch on the table in the time of removing the old felt.

5. Clean the slate-if it is necessary- clean the slate with a very careful hand.6. Measure your pool table cloth size-now measure the pool table size for adding a new felt.7. Cut the new felt-now cut the new felt with the perfect sizes for a different part of the table

8. Add the new felt-now it’s the time for adding up the new felt.be very much serious in time of adding the new felt.if you make any scratch then the surface will not be smoother, and you will not be able to play on the surface properly 9. Use wax and stapler where necessary-wherever it requires to use stapler and wax your pool table, use with a perfect awareness otherwise you will regret for sure.

But before you start, we will highly recommend you to watch some tutorials that can make your task easier.And obviously, it is a kind of work which is totally professional so think before you start.In conclusion, we can say that it is not always necessary that the pool tables cloth must be green.But as it was the trend and we love to follow the trend-so most of the time the clothes of a pool table is green.

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