Where can i buy wingspan board game

Staying home during the holidays and don't have anyone who can join you to have some gaming fun. So is there any option of playing a game by you and have great enjoyment? Wingspan board game is such a game, which allows you to play in single mode and you can also play this game between five players.

If you are interested in a bird's life, want to know about how to preserve them, you will surely enjoy this game. I have listed the top five wingspan board games after a long period of research. The list begins with Stonemaier Wingspan Board Game - A Bird-Collection. Gather the playing equipment and set up the game to start the fun. You need to know the game rules and you will get this here too. So stay with me.

Best Wingspan Board Game

Best Wingspan Board Games

1. Stonemaier Wingspan Board Game - A Bird-Collection


Brand: Stonemaier Games

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Play like a bird enthusiast
  2. Includes 170 unique bird cards
  3. 26 bonus cards and 16 automa cards are included
  4. The game time ranges from 40 to 70 minutes.

Stonemaier Games comes with a wingspan board game that lets you play like a bird enthusiast. Your task here is to seek to discover and attract the birds to your aviary. Here the best birds are the first choice. The game is playable between one to five players. It will take approximately 40 to 70 minutes to complete the game, including the setup time. The game set comes with all the needed equipment to play the game.

It has 170 unique bird cards, which will provide you with excellent knowledge of different birds of nature. The game set is also equipped with 26 bonus cards, 16 Automa cards. It comes with 103 food tokens, 75 egg miniatures, five custom wooden dice, five-player mats, one birdfeeder dice tower, two-piece game Trayz custom tray, one goal mat, eight-goal tiles, one first player token, 40 action cubes, one score pad and three rule books.

2. Stonemaier Wingspan European Expansion Board Game


Brand: Stonemaier Games

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. The first expansion to wingspan game
  2. Variety of new abilities that includes several birds with round end abilities
  3. Additional tray is included
  4. 81 unique bird cards.

This is the first version of expansion to wingspan. This game set comes with the opportunity to increase the world's scope to include the regal, beautiful and varied birds of Europe. The birds included in the game set feature various new abilities that have several birds with round end abilities. These abilities increase interaction between the players and the birds.

The game set comes with all equipment needed to play the game. It includes 81 unique bird cards, 15 egg miniatures, five bonus cards, four automa cards, one custom tray with lid, one score pad, one rules book, five-goal tiles, 38 food tokens and one reference tiles. The game is playable between one to five players. The additional tray included in the game set is used for storing the growing collection of birds.

3. Stonemaier Games Wingspan Game 2018 Version


Brand: Stonemaier Games

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Key Features

  1. All the equipment of this game set is made of paper
  2. Gain food token via custom dice
  3. Playable between one to five players
  4. Run time 40 to 70 minutes approximately.

Think yourself a bird enthusiast, researcher, bird watcher, ornithologist and collector. You are ready to grab this 2018 version of the wingspan game from Stonemaier Games. The game set comes with all the equipment you need to play this excellent classic bird game. The equipment of the game is made of using high-grade paper. It is playable between one to five players.

In the game, you will gain food tokens via custom dice in a birdfeeder dice tower, lay eggs using egg miniatures in various colors, draw from hundreds of unique bird cards, and continue the game. The game will run for 40 to 70 minutes approximately. According to the manufacturers, kids of 10 years or up are recommended to play this game.

4. Starling Games: Everdell Board Game


Brand: Starling Games

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Key Features

  1. The components included in the board game set are made of wood
  2. Playtime 40 to 80 minutes
  3. Dynamic tableau building and worker placement
  4. A detailed world realized through stunning artwork.

Everdrell board game from Starling Games comes with eye-catching table presence, round board and three-dimensional trees. The components included in the board game set are made of wood. So you don't need to worry about the durability of the game set. The game board allows one to four players to participate in the game at a time. The game will run for 40 to 80 minutes approximately and each player will get 20 minutes.

The gameplay is quite simple and you can make your kids understand how to play the game quite quickly. It comes with dynamic tableau building and worker placement. The game set features a detailed world realized through stunning artwork. Here players will build a city of critters and constructions, utilizing the tableau-building mechanic. According to the manufacturers, kids of 12 years or more are allowed to play this game.

5. The Broken Token Box Organizer for Wingspan


Brand: The Broken Token

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. A perfect organizer to store all components of the wingspan board game
  2. One bird market tray
  3. One card tray with automa card storage slots
  4. One food token tray with five internal compartments is also included.  

This is a box from The Broken Token to organize the components of a wingspan board game. A proper organizer is required to store all the birds and make a habitable, attractive place for them. The organizer comes featuring one bird market tray, one card tray with automa card storage slot, and one food token tray with five internal compartments.

It also comes with one egg tray, one goal tile tray, one dice or first player marker tray and five bird tray. Each bird tray of this organizer features an optional divider, which you can use to separate meeple source meeple upgrades by species if you have acquired more than five styles.  

What is a wingspan board game

The wingspan is one to five players board game, where you will find everything about a bird's life. The game has numerous bird cards, which introduces a large number of bird species to you. You will build wildlife, which is habitable for the perseverance of the birds. One of the best things about this game is that it allows you to play solo. So you don't have to worry about playing this game, even in a partner-less condition.

You will get the idea of a bird's life and how it leads life by creating the nest, laying eggs, and collecting food. This game is not just a fun element for the kids; it also has excellent educational value. You won't know about these large numbers of birds at a time, except playing this game. So this game provides you with fun and some knowledge at the same time.

Buying Guides

To start the wingspan board game, you need to have a complete game set. But buying any game set is not a complete set. The game set, which includes all the components required to play the game, is defined as a complete game set and you need to watch out this while buying.

  • Bird cards: Depending on the version of the game, the number of bird cards varies. But the classic game set of wingspan includes 170 bird cards. Without enough bird cards, you can't start the game. All the cards will be shuffled at the beginning of the game and kept face down in a deck. At the start, players will have five bird cards.
  • Food tokens: Having adequate food tokens is another thing you need to consider before buying a wingspan board game set. A player receives five different food tokens at the starting of the game and keeps several tokens depending on the number of bird cards. The food tokens are accessible to all players participating in the game.
  • Action cubes: A complete wingspan game set includes 40 action cubes of five different colors. At the beginning of the game, each player gets eight action cube of the same color. As the game is playable between one to five players, you need to have enough action cubes to distribute between five players.
  • Goal board: You need a goal board to start the game and move the goal tiles on the goal board's black spaces as the game progresses. Decide which side of the goal board you are going to use before starting the game.
  • Player mat: A complete game set requires five-player mats. At the starting of the game, each player will get one player mat. You will place the action cubes on the player mat during the game.
  • A rule book: Though I'm mentioning this, at last, it is a vital thing to consider. To have a clear idea about the game before playing, the game set you are buying should be equipped with a rule book.

How to play the wingspan board game

Let's introduce you to this game's rules and make the task a lot easier for you guys.

  • Take the bird cards and shuffle them all. Make a deck of these cards and keep them face down.
  • Keep the food tokens and eggs in a place where any player can quickly get access.
  • Choose which side of the game board you will use and place four tiles in four blank spots of the board. You must return the extra tiles to the box.
  • You have to make another deck of cards by shuffling them. Take the bonus cards and rearrange them to make a deck. Keep this deck on one side of the table.
  • Now it's time to distribute the components a player needs at the starting of the game. Each player will receive five bird cards and five food tokens. A player can keep a definite number of cards and discard the others. And he also has to discard the same number of food token depending on the number of bird cards he has kept.
  • Every player will receive one player mat, eight action cubes and two random bonus cards from the deck. Each of them can keep a bonus card and discard the other one.
  • Decide randomly or by toss, a player to go first and give him the first player token.
  • On his turn, a player can do fours type of actions, but one in every turn. He can play a bird from his hand, gain food, activate forest bird powers, lay eggs, activate grassland bird powers, draw bird cards, and activate wetland bird powers.
  • If you want to place the bird card from your hand to any habitat spot, you have to pay the cost of eggs and food. It would be best if you played an action cube on your mat to do this action.
  • Instead of playing a bird car, if you want to do an action from the remaining three, you have to do the same thing in each activity. Choose a habitat on the player mat and place an action cube there. Then move the action cube from right to left. And as soon as the action cube reaches the furthest left position, your turn ends.
  • The game is played in four rounds and after the end of each round, you need to take away all the action cubes from the mat. The first player token will go clockwise to the next player.
  • At the end of these four rounds, the player with the highest number of points will win. But in a tie situation, the player having the most unused food tokens will gain victory.

Wingspan board game history

The wingspan is a board game, which was published in 2019 for the first time and the publisher was Stonemaier Games. Elizabeth Hargrave designed this one to five players playable game. After the release of the game, it gained a lot of popularity. Around 44,000 copies of this game were sold after the publishment within the first two months. Because of its fantastic artwork in showing birds' habitats and everything, it received the prestigious Kennerspiel des Jahres award for the best connoisseur game of 2019.


Feeling excited, right? Don't make any further delay if you have read the article carefully from top to bottom. The products I've discussed are the great in quality and the buying guide will make the buying a lot easier for you. Read out the section where I've discussed how to play this game before getting fully ready for the fun.

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