Zepp vs. Blast baseball swing analyzer

You have been struggling to swing and hit the baseball efficiently for a certain period. Now, you need something to fix the issues with the batting, and a baseball swing analyzer can do it in the best way.

Zepp and Blast are the two most prominent brands in this field that let you find out the lacking of batting. Through the 3D visualization and detailed stats, the batter can identify where he is doing better and lacking.

The accuracy of the data lets one find out the correct way to swing the bat. It can be helpful for both the players and coaches.

Zepp vs. Blast baseball swing analyzer

Comparison between Zepp and Blast baseball swing analyzers

There’s already been a lot of talking, whereas you need to know which one of these two baseball swing analyzers to buy. Therefore, we are providing a comparison chart below and letting you decide which one is the ideal choice.

Blast swing analyzer

Zepp swing analyzer

Round-shaped sensor

Square-shaped sensor

Fits to bat attachment casing

It fits into a plastic mount frame

Has charging cable

Charging cable included

Shows numerous stats

Shows swing angle through 3D visualization

Blast factor for overall scoring

No scoring function

Professional training program

Professional training program

Auto calibration to show different batters data

No auto-calibration is available

Shooting video isn’t possible

Video shooting is available

Blast baseball swing analyzer reviews

Blast swing analyzer comes as a user-friendly device. There’s a valid reason behind this because the functions are easy to operate. Moreover, you can attach it to the bat without thinking about falling off.

Ultimately, dislodging of the tiny sensor isn’t possible even during the longest-running training sessions. One of the main features of this analyzer is the blast factor. It provides a score that shows how accurately you have made the swing.

The score can be anywhere from 0 to 100. Now, before we move on to the details of this analyzer, let’s check out what it offers to the consumers.

  1. An easy-compatible round-shaped sensor.
  2. It fits the bat attachment casing.
  3. Blast factor that shows the weighted average of the measurements.
  4. Numerous stats on the smartphone screen via app.
  5. It connects the sensor to the phone or tab via Bluetooth.
  6. Charger with USB adapter to recharge the battery.
  7. User-friendly and convenient functions.
  8. Quick calibration for different players.
  9. Virtual training for swing improvement.

How can one mount the sensor on the bat?

Blast features a small round-shaped sensor that attaches to the bat without any hassle. It fits into the bat attachment casing perfectly. Therefore, it has the least chance of dislodging during hard swings compared to the competitive models.

However, the task is not only up to connecting the sensor to the bat. Take your smartphone and install the app. Then, connect the sensor to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and you are ready to go.

Is there any charger to recharge the battery?

It does come with a USB cable that helps recharge the battery quickly. However, it isn’t the feature that makes it unique. What makes it unique is the remaining battery percentage showing of the sensor.

What stats does it show?

Before you want to every stat offered by Blast swing analyzer, create an account and sign up. After downloading the app, provide the required information one by one sign up for the service. Here are some of the stats shown by this analyzer.

  1. The maximum speed of the bat’s sweet spot.
  2. Peak hand or maximum speed at the handle.
  3. The distance between the barrel and the hand.
  4. Time elapsed within the contact.
  5. The attacking angle of the bat.
  6. Measurement of bat’s speed, mass, and acceleration.
  7. The swing percentage of the plane.
  8. Shows the rotational acceleration.
  9. Compares the rotational acceleration to the other level.
  10. Shows the early connection.
  11. Shows the connection at impact.

How many functions are there in the analyzer?

Without any doubt, it’s a functional analyzer but a user-friendly one at the same time. The easy functions make it worth using for young users. However, the function that makes it different from others is the blast factor.

The scoring here shows whether everything went correctly regarding the swing or not. It takes the weighted average of bat speed, angle, rotation, plane, etc. to get a score from 0 to 100.

Moreover, the auto-calibration function helps you take the data of different bats and ensure correctness in the stats. Even you can show the stats of a full team only by adding different bats. It doesn’t require adding the additional info every time.

Another useful feature is virtual training, which allows one to contact professionals virtually. Therefore, he can compare his mistakes with a pro-player and learn the tactics for betterment.

What we liked about the Blast swing analyzer?

If you ask anyone why would he choose Blast swing analyzer over Zepp, there would be several reasons. We’d like to share a few of these with you guys.

  1. The ease of use.
  2. Hassle-free installation without worrying about dislodging.
  3. Numerous useful functions.
  4. It shows the correction of the swing through blast factor scoring.
  5. Enables showing several players’ stats.
  6. Improving the swing quality through virtual training.

Zepp baseball swing analyzer reviews

Attach the Zepp swing analyzer sensor to the bat and swing the bat a few times. It won’t take much time to let you know where the lacking is and what you need to do for improving.

However, you should be careful while attaching the small square-shaped sensor. The most astonishing feature of the analyzer is the 3D visualization and analysis. Let’s go through the features offered by it.

  1. It comes with a small, square-shaped sensor.
  2. It fits the plastic frame or mounts attached to the bat.
  3. Charging cable to recharge the battery.
  4. Connects the sensor with the phone via Bluetooth.
  5. Offers 3D swing analysis.
  6. Has personalized MLB training programs for improvement.
  7. Identifies the improvement sectors instantly.
  8. It shows the real-time results.

How can you attach the sensor to the bat?

In the package, you will get a sensor and mount to attach it to the bat. First, you need to attach the plastic mount frame to the top of the bat. Then, attach the sensor.

However, it always has chances of dislodging because of using a secondary mount.

What are the functions offered by the Zepp swing analyzer?

With 3D visualization, it has become one of the most useful swing analyzers at present. After swinging the bat, you can see the metrics and swinging angle in a 3D view. Except for this, you can get the following functions.

  1. The bat speed at impact.
  2. Maximum hand speed and quickness.
  3. The time you need to impact.
  4. Drive the bat on the right way to be successful.
  5. Impact on the vertical angle.
  6. Record a video while swinging.
  7. Keep stats of the season.

How the analyzer basically works?

After attaching the sensor to the bat, you need to connect it to the smartphone you have via Bluetooth. As soon as the device is connected, you are ready to go for the first swing. It will show the instant result.

Moreover, you can have a detailed result and 3D visualization that comes in handy to know the lacking. If the battery runs out of power, you can recharge it using the power cable included in the package. If you practice your baseball backyard with pitching machine see another article.

Is it good enough to improve the swing?

By adding the professional MLB training programs, Zepp has opened the way to improve any young player’s swing. It identifies the sectors of your improvement based on your data.

Later on, you can take help from the experts depending on these stats and work on your improvement.

What we liked about the Zepp swing analyzer?

When you are talking about the Zepp swing analyzer, you can’t ignore the 3D visualization. However, it’s better in other sectors as well, and as a buyer, you need to know these.

  1. Shows instant results with accuracy.
  2. The 3D visualization from the moment you swung the bat.
  3. Improvement with MLB training programs.
  4. It allows shooting video for a recap of the performance.
  5. Shows the improvement sectors based on the data.

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