FGM and FGA The Shooting Metrics Shaping Fantasy Basketball

FGM stands for Field Goals Made, which is the total number of successful field goal attempts made by a player during a game, season, or specific timeframe. In basketball, a field goal is a shot made from anywhere on the court, excluding free throws. FGM is an essential metric in evaluating a player’s scoring efficiency and effectiveness on the court.

FGA represents Field Goals Attempted, which is the total number of shots a player attempts during a game, season, or specific timeframe, including both successful and missed attempts. FGA is crucial for assessing a player’s shot volume and aggressiveness in attempting to score points for their team. It provides insights into a player’s offensive involvement and shooting tendencies. In fantasy basketball, both FGM and FGA are significant metrics as they contribute to a player’s overall scoring output and efficiency, thereby influencing their fantasy basketball performance.

Leveraging FGM and FGA in Roster Management

Fantasy managers should consider a player’s FGM, FGA, and shooting percentages when assessing their fantasy basketball value. By incorporating these metrics into their roster management strategies, managers can build more well-rounded and competitive teams capable of achieving success in fantasy basketball leagues.

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