FTM (Free Throws Made) The Freebie Points Boosting Fantasy Basketball Scores

FTM stands for Free Throws Made, which refers to the total number of successful free throw attempts made by a player during a game, season, or specific timeframe in basketball. Free throws are awarded to players as a result of certain fouls committed by the opposing team.

FTM is a crucial metric in fantasy basketball as it contributes directly to a player’s scoring output. Since free throws are uncontested shots from the free-throw line, they provide players with an opportunity to score “free” points, hence the term “freebie points.” FTM reflects a player’s ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities when they are awarded free throw attempts. It is an important component in evaluating a player’s overall offensive contribution and fantasy basketball performance.

Integrating FTM into Roster Management

Fantasy managers should consider a player’s FTM alongside other relevant statistics when making roster decisions and strategizing for matchups. By leveraging FTM and its impact on scoring output, managers can optimize their team’s offensive efficiency and increase their chances of success in fantasy basketball leagues.

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