How many players on a lacrosse team- Know men’s, women’s and youth

Lacrosse is the oldest team sport in the world. After hearing the word team sport you must have understood that to play lacrosse a number of players are needed, and they need to work as a team. In the lacrosse game, there can be 10 players in the field for each team at the same time.

How many players on a lacrosse team

Lacrosse is mostly played in the USA and Canada nowadays. It started its journey in North America in the 1700s. At that time, there were no such rules regarding how many players should be playing in a team. But as time passed, this game got its popularity, and a few rules and regulations are introduced in the game. The number of players is such a regulation.

Lacrosse is played between two opposing teams. Each team can have 10 players in the field at a time. The players include agoalkeeper, 3 attackers, 3 midfielders and 3 defenders. But there’s a little difference in women’s lacrosse game.

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Men’s lacrosse team

A men’s lacrosse team consists of ten players in the field. Among them, 1 goalie, 3 attackers, 3 midfielders, and 3 defenders will play at a time on the field.

Women’s lacrosse team

There can be 12 players in a women’s lacrosse game on the field at a time. There can be one goalie, 5 attackers and 6 defenders on the team.

Youth lacrosse team

Youth player’s team often plays with fewer players on the field and the field used for the game is also a bit smaller in size.

Besides these, another thing makes differences in the number of players in one team. That is the field of the game. 

  • Outdoor:  If the game is played in a normal field then the players in the team should be as usual 10 in the men’s team and 12 in the women’s team.
  • Indoor: Indoor gameplay is well known as box lacrosse. In the case of box lacrosse, there will be 6 players playing in each team. It includes 1 goalie and 5 runners.

Let’s take a brief idea of the players of the lacrosse game at first.

The number of players varies in lacrosse games depending on which kind of field it will be used for the game and also depends on the gender.

1. Goalkeeper

In any team sport, the role of a goalkeeper is quite simple. His main duty is to stop the ball from reaching the goalpost. But there’s a bit more work for a goalkeeper in a lacrosse game. He has to communicate with the other players of his team to make them aware of where the ball is and gives information to his defenders that, from which position the offensive players of the opposite team are coming.

In lacrosse, the goalkeeper also has some facilities. Such as, if he has possession of the ball, none of the opposing team can check him in the crease area. He also uses the largest stick of 12 inches on the field.

2. Attackers

To win the game by more goals, the role of the attackers are most important. They play on the offensive side of the field. None of them can cross the midfield until another player from the midfield area of their team comes to cover that one position. The primary duty of an attacker is to try to feed and score.


 If attacker’s duty is to score goals for their team, then the defenders are made for preventing opposition players from scoring goals. They stay back on the defensive side of the field and try to stop the offensive players from the other team or to clear the ball from their area. They also can’t cross the midfield line of the defensive area until there’s anyone from the midfield to cover the area.

4. Midfielders

 The 3 most important players on the field for a team. It is because these 3 players have the right to roam all around the field. They can do the work of a defender and at the same time, can move their attention to the defensive side of the opposition just like an attacker. So their rule is very crucial in the game.

You have got the idea of the roles of the players on the field. But let’s not forget to have a clear idea of the numbers of the players playing at a time in the field.

So, with 10 players in the men’s team and 12 players in women’s team lacrosse is played between two opposing teams.

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