How much is a longboard cost, types and Longboard accessories cost

How much is a longboard? Tough question to answer as all the longboards in the market is not of the same prices. It depends on you what kind of longboard you want and what is your purpose. You can various types of longboards in the market, ranging from fifty to three hundred. If you are a beginner, then you need not buy a much high-quality longboard. A good quality longboard is enough for you. This type of longboard will cost you around ninety to one  hundred fifty dollar. But cheap longboards will not run as smooth as a good quality longboard.

How much is a longboard

Types of longboards and cost

I have already said that there are a few purposes like a cruiser, hybrid, maple deck, downhill longboarding, etc. of using a longboard. Depending on those purposes, there’s a number of types of longboard you will find in the market. Here’s the name of some longboards for you.

  1. Downhill longboards
  2. Drop through longboards
  3. Carving longboards
  4. Cruising longboards
  5. Dropdown longboards
  6. Hybrid longboards.

Now for your easiness in picking up the right and suitable longboard for your purpose, I’m briefly going to give you an idea about the prices of various longboards. I have divided this segment of the article into three parts: beginners’ longboards, experts’ longboards, and longboards for girls. 

Longboards for Beginners

Let’s have a look at the prices of some longboards suitable for the beginners.

1. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

This longboard is made of 8-ply Canadian maple. It’s 44 inches artisan longboard. It has got 7 inches of aluminum trucks. It also has durable 85A PU wheels with rock finish. 

2. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch Drop Deck

This 40 inches longboard is designed with the classic downhill drop model. It is made of 100% maple wood deck. 8-ply hard rock maple cold has been constructed in the deck. It has got 7 inches of genuine aluminum trucks. 

3. Yocaher Blank/Checker Complete Pintail Skateboards Longboard Cruiser

This longboard from Yocaher is ideal for the beginners. It is constructed with 9-ply maple. It has goy heavy-duty trucks made of aluminum alloy. 

Longboards for experts

Now, let’s check out the prices of longboards which are designed for the experts.

1. Quest QT-NSC44C, the Super Cruiser The Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44-Inch Longboard Skateboard

It is a perfectly shaped longboard for the experts with a 44 inches board. It is constructed with multi-ply hardwood maple. It has got 7 inches of aluminum trucks. 

2. Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

This longboard is specially designed for downhill carving purposes. It has got a unique perimeter shape. With full maple laminate deck, it ensures maximum stability. 

2. VOLADOR 42 Inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

It is made with 8-ply hard rock maple. It has got 7 inches of genuine aluminum trucks. 42 inches drop through camber deck offers super flex and shock absorber. 

Longboards for girls

Girls and boys Longboards differs a bit. Let’s look at some girls’ longboards.

1. Atom Pin Tail Longboard (39 Inch)

It is designed with classic pintail shape. It is a unique type of longboard for cruising. It has got 8.5 inches aluminum trucks and a maple laminate deck. 

2. Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

This longboard is specially designed for downhill carving purposes. It has got a unique perimeter shape. With full maple laminate deck, it ensures maximum stability.

Longboard accessories cost

There are a good number of accessories included in a longboard. Such as longboard helmets, longboard slide gloves, longboard bushings, riser pads, elbow and knee pads, etc. These accessories won’t cost the same every time. It will differ depending on the quality. But you can save your money by buying these accessories from Amazon.

Electric longboard cost

The cost of electric longboards varies a lot. Even the price range of this product starts at a high rate of two hundred and fifty dollar. And you can also find an electric longboard of $1500. So you can buy this product at a price range of $250 to $1500.

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What is the longboard

This question may have already risen in many of your minds. A longboard is a very similar kind of sports as a skateboard. But it’s not exactly skateboarding. Longboards are longer than skateboards and sometimes wider also. It is usually made of plywood like a skateboard.

Purpose of using longboards

Longboards are commonly used for cruising, traveling, and downhill races. That’s why it is not the same sports like skateboarding.

Construction of longboards

Construction materials of a longboard is almost the same as a skateboard. But the wheels used in a longboard is much harder than the wheels of a skateboard. There are decks, bushings, trucks, bearings, grip tape, wheels, etc. on a longboard.

I have tried to give a good bit of ideas regarding your question of the price of a longboard. I have mentioned a few longboard items that can help you understand the variety of cost in different products. Overall, you can buy a medium quality of longboard spending ninety – one hundred and fifty dollar.

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