What is 3 second rule in basketball game

The three-second rule in a basketball game is, if a player stays more than three seconds inside the painted area without guarding any offensive player then the referee will call a violation, which is called three seconds violation rule in basketball.

The rule is simple, if you want to stay inside the painted area, which is from baseline to the free-throw line, is usually called the 16-foot lane, you have to guard an offensive player within arm’s length not the basket.

If it happens then, the opposite team gets a penalty and then gets the possession of the ball.

In NBA, there are two types of 3 seconds rule in basketball. Offensive 3 seconds rule and defensive 3 seconds rule.

The defensive 3-second violation is call when you are inside your rim should guarding an offensive player instead you guard the basket then within 3 seconds if you do not change your position, then the 3-second violation is called.

On the other hand, an offensive 3-second violation is when an offensive player has the possession of the ball, and another player of his team stays inside the lane more than 3 seconds then the referee will call for an offensive 3-second violation.

basketball 3 second rule

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5 second rule in basketball

The five-second violation rule in a basketball game charges when a player who is holding the ball closely guarded by a defender does not pass, shoot the ball or cut the defender within five seconds then the referee will call for a five-second violation.

The five-second violation is a very important rule in basketball.

There are three types of five-second violation in basketball.

When an offensive player holding the ball is closely guarded by any defender, then the offensive player must pass the ball or shoot it or cut the defender within five seconds. If he does not do any such thing but hold the ball, then the referee will start the counting. This violation is being called as “closely guarded”. Penalty for this kind of violation is changing the possession of the ball. The ball will go to the opposite team. This violation is more likely to seem in NCAA games.

Another five-second violation is when an offensive player holding the ball turns their back at the basket and the defender. This violation is called “back to the basket violation”. If an offensive player holding the ball turn back to the defender and the basketball and post up at the defender, then the referee will start the count, and violation will be called. Penalty for this kind of violation is change of the possession of the ball. This violation is usually called in the NBA games.

And the last five-second violation is when a player receives a ball from the referee but fails to inbound it within five seconds then this violation is called. This violation happens when an offensive player is get into a very well defender. This violation also causes possession change.

10 second rule in basketball

A ten-second violation rule is when an offensive team has the ball in their backcourt, they have ten seconds to take the ball in half-court. If they fail to reach the half-court within ten seconds, then they will lose the possession of the ball, and the defensive team will get the possession.

This violation is mostly use in youth basketball. In the NBA they use an eight-second violation instead of ten seconds. That means a team have to get in the half-court within eight seconds or a violation will be called. Women basketball does not have this kind of violation rule in their basketball game.

14 Second rule in basketball

A 14-second rule is called in three types of violation.

When a team who made a goal or hit the rim gets back the possession again after the shot then the clock will count 14 seconds until they make any movement after that the ball will to go to the opposite team.

If a defensive team hit the rim or make a missed field goal but before that a loose ball foul was called, then the team will lose the possession after 14 seconds.

After a missed field goal or free throw if the ball goes out of bound and the offensive team gets the possession of the ball again then the 14-second count will start and the team will lose possession after that.

Basketball traveling rule

Basketball traveling rule is when a player holding the ball walk with one or both of their feet illegally then it is called a traveling violation in basketball.

There are few types of traveling violations in basketball but the main thing is using their feet illegally while walking with the ball or talking more than 3 steps without dribbling the ball is when this violation is called. It is illegal in basketball to travel with both feet while in possession of the ball. A player can take only two steps if not dribbling.

When this type of violation happens, the possession of the ball changes and goes to the opposite team, and they start from where the travel occurred.

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