Triathlon Lengths (Chart) – Triathlon Distances and Time Duration

Triathlon is such a type of race where three different sports are included, swimming, cycling, and running. With a combination of these three sports triathlon is now considered as a popular multi-sport around the world. To complete the race, the athletes have definite areas to switch from one sport to another and thus they continue the race.

Triathlon lengths

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Triathlon length

If you ask me what the length of triathlon is, it would be difficult to provide you with a definite answer, because there are few classifications in triathlon. But the length of standard triathlon is, 51.5 kilometers or 32.13 miles in total. If I divide the length in different sports, it is 1.5 km or 0.93 miles for swimming, 40 km or 25 miles for cycling or biking, or 10 km or 6.2 miles for running. 

Triathlon length chart

This standard triathlon is actually Olympic triathlon. There are other types of triathlon and they have different lengths. To have a clear idea about the length of triathlon, I’ll provide you a length chart below.

Type of triathlon

Swimming length

Cycling length

Running length

Olympic triathlon

1.5 km (0.93 miles)

40 km (25 miles)

10 km (6.2 miles)

Full Ironman triathlon

3.8 km (2.4 miles)

180 km (112 miles)

42.2 km (26.2 miles)

Half Ironman triathlon

1.9 km (1.2 miles)

90 km (56 miles)

21.1 km (13.1 miles)

Sprint triathlon

750 m (0.47 miles)

20 km (12 miles)

5 km (3.1 miles)

Super sprint triathlon

300 m (0.19 miles)

8 km (5 miles)

2 km (1.2 miles)

ITU long distance triathlon

3 km (1.86 miles)

80 km (49.6 miles)

20 km (12.4 miles)

Double ultra triathlon

7.6 km (4.7 miles)

360 km (220 miles)

84.4 km (52.4 miles)

Triple ultra triathlon

11.4 km (7.1 miles)

540 km (340 miles)

126.6 km (78.7 miles)

Quadruple ultra triathlon

15.2 km (9.4 miles)

720 km (450 miles)

168.8 km (104.9 miles)

Quintuple ultra triathlon

19 km (12 miles)

900 km (560 miles)

211 km (131 miles)

Deca ultra triathlon

38 km (24 miles)

1800 km (1100 miles)

422 km (262 miles)

Double deca ultra triathlon

76 km (47 miles)

3600 km (2200 miles)

8844 km (524 miles)

Triple deck ultra triathlon

114 km (71 miles)

5400 km (3400 miles)

1260 km (780 miles)

Triathlon distance and time duration 

You guys might also have the desire to know more about the triathlon distance and how long a triathlon race continues or the duration of triathlon. That’s why I’m going to discuss about the distance and the time duration of a few main triathlon races.

Olympic triathlon

 It is considered the standard type of triathlon race. If you already did a good job in sprint triathlon then you are ready for the Olympic triathlon. Here you are going to face some world-class competitors, which makes this race a bit difficult than the sprint triathlon.

In Olympic triathlon, you have to spend approximately 3 to 4 hours to finish the race. It depends on the ability to take the pressure. The total distance of the Olympic triathlon is 51.5 km or 32.13 miles. You have to swim 1.5 km or 0.93 miles, and this will take around 30 minutes to finish. Then going for cycling for around 2 hours, and the distance will be 40 km or 24.9 miles. The last stage is running, and you are going to run for 10 km or 6.2 miles. The duration of running will be around 1 hour and 30 minutes. So the total triathlon time duration is around 4 hours here.

Sprint triathlon

Sprint triathlon is the first type of triathlon and as a beginner or starter in triathlon, you must go through this type first. The distance of sprint triathlon is 25.75 km or 15.57 miles in total.

The swimming distance for this triathlon is around 750 meters or 0.47 miles, and the duration is around 15 to 20 minutes. Then you have to go for cycling, and that will be for around 1 hour. The cycling distance is 20 km or 12 miles. And at last, you have to run for 5 km or 3.1 miles, where you’ll have to spend around 40 minutes. So in total, the time duration here is around 2 hours.

Half Ironman triathlon

 Before going for the ultimate triathlon level, this is considered the primary level of triathlon. Your energy level will be tested greatly here with a total racing distance of 113 km or 70.3 miles.

Here you have to swim for 1.9 km or 1.2 miles, and this will take around 40 to 60 minutes. Then going for cycling or biking, and that will be the longest phase of the race, which will last for around 3 to 4 hours. The cycling or biking distance is 90 km or 56 miles. Then the last phase of the race comes and you have to run for 21.1 km or 13.1 miles, and the duration will be around 2 to 3 hours. So a half ironman triathlon race lasts for 7 to 8 hours approximately.

Ironman triathlon

The extreme level of triathlon race is ironman triathlon. The total distance of ironman triathlon race is 226 km or 140.6 miles. You have to swim for 3.8 km or 2.4 miles, and the duration will be around 2 hours. Then comes the longest part of the race, the cycling or biking part.

You have to go for a ride for 180 km or 112 miles and the duration will be around 6 to 9 hours. Lastly, run for 42.2 km or 26.4 miles and that will last for 4 to 6 hours. So the total ironman triathlon race will take around 14 to 16 hours to finish and that’s why this level of race demands extra energy.

So these are the different distances and time duration of different triathlon races. The length chart will also give you a clear idea about the length of the triathlon.


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